First ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Posters Highlight the Turtles’ Weapons

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Logo First Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Posters Highlight the Turtles Weapons

A reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live-action movie series is arriving this summer from producer Michael Bay (Transformers) and director Jonathan Liebesman (Wrath of the Titans), but for the time being the contentious project is still very much a work in progress.

The first TMNT trailer dropped a couple weeks ago, yet the footage is light on action (not surprising as post-production is ongoing), while the effects for the CGI Turtles have yet to be finished. Likewise, standard reshoots are currently underway on the film, and we only just learned a week back that Johnny Knoxville and Tony Shalhoub will be providing voices for Leonardo and Splinter, respectively. (There may be additional voice actor changes/announcements down the line, when all is said and done.)

As such, it doesn’t come as a shock that the first TMNT posters – unveiled through the film’s official Tumblr account – skip on showcasing the incomplete digitally-rendered individual Turtles (brought to life by flesh and blood actors via motion-capture performances). Instead, the highlights here are the individual Turtles’ preferred weapons, including Leonardo’s katana-like ninjatos, Michelangelo’s nunchakus, Donatello’s bo staff, and Raphael’s sai, which you can peruse over below (click the posters to enlarge):

teenage mutant ninja turtles poster leonardo 690x1024 First Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Posters Highlight the Turtles Weapons

teenage mutant ninja turtles poster michelangelo 691x1024 First Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Posters Highlight the Turtles Weapons

teenage mutant ninja turtles poster donatello 691x1024 First Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Posters Highlight the Turtles Weapons

teenage mutant ninja turtles poster raphael 691x1024 First Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Posters Highlight the Turtles Weapons

These teaser posters are in keeping with a comparatively gritty and darker tone for the film, between the shadow placement and the minimal, yet serious design. However, it’s not altogether clear yet if that’s really the mood that the TMNT reboot will strike.

As was discussed during our editors’ video analysis of the first trailer, Liebesman’s movie looks very similar to a Michael Bay Transformers film (albeit, with Turtles instead of transforming aliens). The marketing has thus far struck the same no-nonsense tone as that for the TF franchise, with hints at goofier and more kid-accessible elements contained within the actual movie (mutant Turtles aside).

Bay’s Transformers series has flown high at the box office, by appealing to a younger generation of moviegoers with its slick aesthetics and eye candy, while providing enough substance to keep a number of older (and nostalgic) fans invested. TMNT appears to be using a similar formula for success, which accounts for why the project has already rubbed a number of Turtles lovers the wrong way – but is also an indicator that the film might be one “bet” that pays off for its studio investors.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles opens in U.S. theaters on August 8th, 2014.

 Source: TMNT Tumblr

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  1. The only possible way this movie could be good is if they shot it in weapons closeups.

  2. Knoxville voicing Leonardo?? yeah its done….

  3. OMG the haters never cease to amaze me.

    This movie will make bank and you all know you will see it.

    • Count me out of seeing it so you’re wrong there. Maybe you can go twice to make up for me not viewing the flick?

      I also have to know, why so aggressive? If you wanna see it, go see it. No need to hurl insults and act like a child over it. It’s like you’re determined to respond to every negative post about the film and it only makes you look pathetic for doing it.

      Just read the article, post your support for the film (without dragging other people into it because that will make it likely you’ll get a response and attacked in kind) and leave.

      Life’s too short to get yourself worked up over something when honestly, people have different opinions and nothing you say will change that.

      • Everyone’s opinions are wrong unless they are the same as mine. Sorry, but that is the way the world works.

      • Lol are you serious right now dazz? Ive seen you troll comment section after comment. Sometimes posting quality opinions to add substance to the article. More often than not though, you post responses that are snarky, unneeded, and ridicule others.

        Perhaps heed you own advice here?

        • No joke. He made my day. Can’t stop laughing at the BS he just spewed LMAO.

    • they all need help lol

  4. Did anybody else use to buy wood weapon sai or sword from a fair and pretend to be ninja turtles?

    • Now that I think about that, it was probably irresponsible of my mom to let me and my brother have those.

      • that reminds me of a classic south park episode….

    • ya which led to me pissing off my mom’s birds cuz i would use the cage as my striking place lol

  5. yes… its going to make money. For all the wrong reasons. I know im going to see it just to laugh at how terrible it is. I mean come on. There is a meme created on it’s trailer alone.

    • “I know im going to see it just to laugh at how terrible it is.”

      Do you have too much money?

      • Actually im unemployed other then a gig I get called to ask to help with every few months.

  6. Sorry for the lack of cohesion here, but I just want to touch on a few points as quickly as I can and then get to the gym lol. Just consider each paragraph completely different thoughts/points lol.

    Okay. I admit that there’s plenty of evidence that suggests the film MIGHT end up being awful, but considering the fact that MUCH more miraculous things have happened in this grand universe of ours there exists enough reason to have a little FAITH in the possibility that it may turn out wonderful no? Actually I’ll give a somewhat “tangible” example. Michael Bay did Bad Boys. Of course it wasn’t “Schindler’s List,” but it was an AWESOME AWESOME movie that the vast majority of moviegoers loved. Again. I’m not trying to make the case that there is overwhelming evidence that TMNT will be good, because it simply doesn’t exist. I’m just trying to drive home the whole “faith of a mustard seed” idea, and the fact that Michael Bay isn’t a 100% failure of a director should be more than enough to plant that seed.

    DISCLAIMER FOR THE NEXT PARAGRAPH: Most of the people that this next part applies to either don’t actually realize it applies to you or you will NEVER admit it and that’s fine. I’m not asking you to admit it nor am I trying to argue with you because you will simply say and do whatever it takes to be “right.” Or at least APPEAR to be right anyway.

    Some of you are doubting the movie simply because you are pessimist and I’m honestly sad for you because there’s probably nothing I could ever say to help you realize the err of your ways. However I know that there are A LOT of you who simply value the idea of being “right” so much that you’re just PRAYING the movie will turn out horrible (like most of the evidence suggests) JUST so you can bask in your smug little “I told you so” moment and feel superior to the REST of us who would MUCH RATHER believe that a feature length film based on a beloved childhood property using the latest and greatest technology to bring it to life MIGHT JUST BE END OF BEING AWESOME!?!
    Now really think about this for a moment? If I’m wrong and it ends up being bad then It will be a letdown for sure? But ATLEAST I had the pleasure of enjoying everything building up to it, enjoying the posters, trailers, nostalgic conversations with friends, etc. If that’s the case then I have NO problem with being wrong about it because in the end I atleast got SOMEthing great from it.
    You pessimist on the other hand are faced with this situation. You are whining, complaining, crying, and/or being depressed party poopers and ROBBING yourselves of the OPPORTUNITY to enjoy it BEFORE YOU’VE EVEN SEEN THE FILM!?! If it ends up being bad then yeah you get your “I told you so” moment, but what if it’s actually good!?!? I’ll tell you what? You will come up with every reason in the world to convince yourself that it was a bad movie and CONTINUE to deny yourself the joy of it because you can’t BEAR the thought of admitting that you were wrong?

    That’s a sad sad life.

    Also sad is the life of the grammar Nazi’s (the same people I wrote about probably) who will disregard the validity of the CONTENT I wrote and focus on the MANY grammatical errors lol.

    D**n I’m late for the gym? Oh well.

    • Best comment I’ve ever seen about this movie.

      People love to hate on internet comment sections more than they like to try to be positive.

      I used to be one of the ones in an uproar when I heard they were going alien turtles, but now I’m hoping that it will turn out surprising us and end up being good. I’ll be OK with minor changes as long as it’s a fun movie.

      At least, it can’t be as bad as TMNT3 :)


    i have no clue what happened there!?! lol

  8. Maybe Vanilla Ice will make a cameo…HAHAHAHA

  9. Anyone else think the way Rafael is holding the Sai in that poster completely negates the purpose of that weapon’s shape??

    • If you’re talking about how the side prongs are designed to catch and break swords, you’re absolutely right. Raph would lose his fingers holding a sai like that.

      • Glad there’s one person in this entire forum who notices that, lol.

    • I’ve seen him depicted as holding the sais like that before. Can’t remember if it was in the cartoon or the original films (I want to say the former). I’m guessing it’s because holding it that way is better for stabbing, or because it just looks more menacing, and fits his fingers well.

  10. Why is Michelangelo holding two hotdogs?? Are those even bun length??

  11. The Nunchuks chain is pretty short !

    • “Pretty short.”

      Very accurate.

  12. Ok, we have to admit, these posters kick major ass!

  13. I think everyone is forgetting that Michael Bay isn’t directing this movie. The actual director doesn’t really have the most impressive track record either, but he’s not Bay.
    Also, I was checking the IMDb page and they have 2 different actors listed as Leonardo and 2 different actors listed as Splinter. I’m confused

    • Perhaps it’s because different people are doing to mo-cap and voice.

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