Michael Bay Responds to ‘TMNT’ Alien Controversy & Villain Rumors

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michael bay teenage mutant ninja turtles aliens Michael Bay Responds to TMNT Alien Controversy & Villain Rumors

Infuriated fans swooped down on our report about producer Michael Bay’s comment concerning how the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live-action film reboot will change-up the title characters’ backstory by making them aliens. To say the very idea prompted a predominantly negative response from the Turtles-adoring masses, is to put it pretty mildly.

Bay has gone ahead and released an official statement in response to the controversy surrounding the new TMNT franchise installment. In addition to that tidbit, we’ve also gotten wind of some rumors (from a legitimate source) that help explain the planned change-up to the Turtles‘ origins.

While the very idea of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being extraterrestrials seems to directly contradict the idea that the title characters are… well, mutant turtles, many fans have already pointed out (in the comics) the mutagen which was the catalyst for our favorite reptilian martial artists’ “evolution” was created at the Techno Cosmic Research Institute (T.C.R.I.), a secret base of operations for an alien race known as the Utroms. So aliens are indeed pretty standard elements of the Turtles mythos.

It’s best you bear that in mind while reading Bay’s response to the whole TMNT/aliens controversy:

“Fans need to take a breath, and chill. They have not read the script. Our team is working closely with one of the original creators of [Teenage Mutant] Ninja Turtles to help expand and give a more complex back story. Relax, we are including everything that made you become fans in the first place. We are just building a richer world.”

Yes, we know all too well that Bay’s assurance about the TMNT property being treated with respect – and that the reboot will simply “expand” on the canon alien-centric backstory for the Turtles - isn’t going to mean much (if anything) to his detractors. All the same, he’s only a producer on the Turtles film – as we pointed out in our initial report on this matter, it’s the reboot’s screenwriting duo of Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) who are ultimately going to be responsible for making this idea work.


Krang in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot?

First Showing has been informed by its sources that a classic Turtles baddie – the Utrom-like Krang – might be making his live-action debut in the upcoming movie reboot. Furthermore, the plan is supposedly for the Turtles to be “inter-dimensional beings” (like Krang) who end up making their way to Earth (presumably).

Now, although having Krang appear in the TMNT reboot seems like an obvious direction to take, given the “Turtles as aliens” angle in the story, it’s partially for that reason that this particular rumor shouldn’t be brushed aside so easily. It might be tricky to make the character’s classic appearance (as a pink, slimy, brain-shaped creature) fly in live-action form, even in a movie that features extraterrestrial creatures that look like giant turtles – so, if Krang does show up in the reboot, he could have a completely new physical design.

krang teenage mutant ninja turtles reboot Michael Bay Responds to TMNT Alien Controversy & Villain Rumors

Will Krang appear in the 'TMNT' reboot?

A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that plays up the franchise’s classic sci-fi aspects like Krang isn’t (per se) a bad approach to take – though, that plan could lend itself to a comparatively more kid-friendly and readily marketable Turtles flick. In other words, the TMNT franchise reboot may end up being modeled after Bay’s Transformers movies, when all is said and done.

Passing over the fact that many fans are really not going to like that idea (and not without good reason, if we’re being honest), such a final product would also be a far cry from the grittier and more violent martial arts movie (yes, one with giant mutant turtles) that many fans were hoping to see – especially given that Battle Los Angeles and Wrath of the Titans helmer Jonathan Liebesman is probably going to be sitting at the helm. C’est la vie, it seems…

We will see how it all pans out when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot hits theaters in the U.S. on December 25th, 2013.


Source: Michael Bay, First Showing

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  1. Why change the origin story? Not having them mutate kind of kills the “Mutant” part of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They’d be Teenage Alient Ninja Turtles, and TANT is an awful acronym. Making them aliens doesn’t make the story any more believable or better.

  2. I’m pretty sure fans are only going to “chill” when Michael Bay is himself “chilling” at the bottom of an icy harbor with a couple of lead weights on his feet. There would be much rejoicing.

    • Why do people think it’s necessary to make such childish comments?

      • I’m just saying that most of the turtles fans I’ve seen are howling for Bay’s blood. Given his track record with beloved franchises, I’m not quite sure I blame them.

        • I thought that only the second Transformers movie sucked, the first and last one was good, you cant hold one movie against someone, it doesn’t make sense to me…

          • The problem is that all of those movies sucked. The second one was definitely the worst (and blatantly offensive), but the other two movies are also pretty awful.

          • A bit offtopic but: I liked the first Transformers movie a lot. The second one was okay (actionwise) but had a lot of problems. Only the last 40 minutes was good of DOTM for me.

            The best Transformers movie is the cartoon one they made back in the 80′s imo :)

            • Just my opinion.


  4. lol, i’m surprised he even responded to the ‘controversy’ at all.

  5. “Fans need to take a breath, and chill.”
    Oh, okay sure Mr. Bay, sorry for all the rude comments.
    Wait a minute… NO! I’m not sorry. Screw you Michael Bay, you and your cronies.
    That said, I’ll still follow the movie’s production (there might still be a chance that not everything will suck completely.)

  6. Please please please for God’s sake if it goes this route that some being(Krang possibly) has been traveling to Earth for whatever reason and taking specimens back to wherever for experiments and that they took turtles from Earth. I can see it working like that. As far as Bay goes his “chill” comment probably just infuriated people further than they already are that all this is coming out as alien turtles. I know it did me.

  7. Aliens?… Is this guy rewriting the origin? Ild rather have Shredder. Hell! Ild rather have the turtles meet their sister.

    How about ANYTHING besides changing the origin… You might change the names to all four to Vic, Ben, Sandy, and Koffi…

    That wouldn’t bother me quite as much as them being aliens.

    • Ok seriously, Im getting tired of the rude and unethical comments people are making about Michael Bay as A HUAMN BEING. Yes you may or may not like his movies but some of these comments that I have seen and on other sites are getting WAYY out of hand. Attacking him personally, like you know the guy is so sick and disgusting. Most of you don’t even know the guy, nor have even met him in person. Same thing goes with George Lucas.
      This notion of “I hate Michael Bay” bandwagon is so annoying. I just thought i had to say something.

      • I 100% back you up there dude

      • Michael Bay has been insulting the intelligence of the public for years. The fan community is upset because he has gone out of his way to be disrespectful to things the fan community is passionate about. Do you not feel the need to protect what you care about, or to strike out at what threatens what you care about?

        I’m sorry you’re upset that the “fan community” would love to set him on fire or whatever but there is nothing even remotely unethical of the criticisms of him. If you find the well deserved disdain for him “sick and disgusting” perhaps you should take another look at where you are, the world you live in and also inward, at yourself.

        • The Internet is fun, you used to have to wait for comic book/sci-fi convention to hear these lively debates/fights to the death. While I am not of the actual opinion that Michael Bay should actually be killed for his cinematic ventures, I do think he has limited range as far as his work goes.

          His movies to me are long-version music videos (which was his background), with explosions and bad comedy skits in-between in some of them. They just happen to make money more often then not so he gets to make more of them. His Platinum Dunes brand has taken old horror movies and made them relatively on the cheap and turned a profit, again making him look like a money-maker. For me he’s like P-Diddy/Puffy/whatever he call himself, he’s a great salesman who can re-do other ideas and get people to pay for them again. Even this little exercise has gotten a dialog and free publicity for a movie that probably doesn’t have a script aside from some words scrawled on a Hooters place-mat.

          And as for childish comments, one just has to look to Bay himself for the inspiration behind much of it. He says and does things that seem more in line with a frat-boy then a man of his age, and he that is the kind of discourse he tends to create.

        • “The fan community is upset because he has gone out of his way to be disrespectful to things the fan community is passionate about”

          you have got to be kidding me right?? You actually believe that he has gone out of his way, just be to “disrespectful” You are sooo immature dude.
          And for the so called “fan Community”, you guys are COMPLETELY overreacting. Like wayyy over. Its pretty pathetic. You guys are acting like Bay is some kind of politician from the government set out to secretly put everybody in concentration camps. Like really, thats how you and the “fan community” are reacting to this. So yes, Bay is right, you ALL need to chill the F&*%! out!

          “If you find the well deserved disdain for him “sick and disgusting” perhaps you should take another look at where you are, the world you live in and also inward, at yourself.”

          - yea right, and I’m the one who needs to look into at myself but you and a bunch of others on here and other sites want the death of a guy who makes movies…LOL wow. So yes it is UNETHICAL for wanting a person dead just because he has a idea for a film! and don’t give me that “ohh he ruined my childhood memory” BullS&%$! if that is the case, then you need some mental help. ASAP

          • your that guy i saw coming out from underneath michael bays table that night…

            tell me was it chunky? because your full of it

        • Are you for real?!? Bay is not the one to blame, if anyone is to blame its the public. They are the ones who supports his movies, they are the ones that make his movies billion dollars grossing blockbusters. So really who is to blame?

          • agreed but bay is also to blame for turning hi thoughts into reality, hes like a plague, but instead of crops its the film industry and all sorts of good old school things

      • Justin Kemp an internet comment is not meant to be taken seriously.Who cares if they don’t know him or haven’t met him, they judge him based off his films and saying they hate him or Lucas is just casual internet talk, they don’t mean it.If someone says they’re going to assassinate him or Lucas doesn’t mean they will, that’s just how they talk on the internet.You’re a douche bag, see what I did there?It’s just a comment.I don’t care if I know you or have met you.Poor Bay is gonna be sad a bunch of people he doesn’t know are saying they hate him.Deal with it and get over it.

    • and yes they could work as aliens. You obviously did not read the article.

    • Lmao!!!! You are killing me man!!! :)

      • the commen t was for big baby jesus

        • I never said I hated Bay, I enjoy his films, but if he makes TMNT into Transformers 2, then Ill be pissed.

          And my opinion is MY opinion, so dont jump all over me for expressing it when almost everyone here agrees with me. Like nawtnt’s comment below this one, go waste someone elses time, mine is to valuable for anyone who would rather turn off their brains then think… Might as well have ancient chinese warriors brought back to life… oh, wait, they already did that.

          Have a great day.

          PS, nawtnt, I dont mean to bring you into this, but your comment was below this one and I used you as an example, dont mean to drag you into what is soon to be a very big debate over the quality of TMNT with aliens.

        • I see you have nothing to say anymore, so let me say this one last thing, I have my opinions, you have yours, but don’t single me out when almost everyone here agrees with me, go bother someone else with your opinions, because I’m not having a battle of the minds with an un-armed person.

          Have a great day.

  8. Michael Bay is a idiot.

    What’s next? If Bay gets the chance to direct a Call Of Duty movie then he might make the main villains into aliens.

    I guess the title for the reboot would be called Teenage Aliens Nijia Turtles.

    I think the best thing that Bay can to destory the reboot and make the fans so angry is by casting Shia LeBeouf or Ben Affleck as one of the turtles.

  9. Would it be a lot better if the film was based MORE on the actual comics from the past and not the cartoon it was based from?

  10. i mean the turtles could be mutant aliens from another dimension… i don’t think it that freaking bad.. heck in some of the stories the turtles themselves went to aliens planets and other dimensions.. lol even through time lmao.. plus its just the beginning right now… people complain way to much… and don’t get me wrong some movies have failed some haven’t.. if you don’t like it don’t watch and read… if u dont like the change grab a crew and go to hollywood to make your own version… at the end of the day no movie is perfect some will hate it some will love it. i cant wait to see what develops

    • @lordthanosx It’s talks like that why Bay keep making crap a*s movies!! Don’t promote or motivate him to thinking such changes are fine and fans will stand by it!!

      • @ phurdrink i don’t see whats so wrong them being aliens just saying man i’m a fan boy as well.. but what about people who don’t know what ninja turtles are maybe changing a few elements isn’t that bad. like i said some movies fail and some don’t i will make my judgement at a later date..people always whining like 5 years old you don’t like it produce your own film and see how it works.

        • We’re talking about Michael Bay here! Plus using “how about” the new fans or people who haven’t heard about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, theory is ridiculous too. With the internet!!! LOL! After all is said and done, I’ll still see this movie! We’re either going to love it or hate it! Mutant, aliens and everything else in between, lordthanosx, lol! Peace! :o)

          • Atleast michael bay is good with special affects

        • uh yeah.. please show me one person over the agre of 8 that hasnt lived in a cave that would actually have access to see this movie, that actually doesnt know what tmnt are… come on one frakin person.. do it.. your not gonna be able to tho.. why? because they dont exist..

    • cept there are tons of perfect movies, and people shouldn’t rely on the crutch of, people will always hate something no matter how good it is.. well let me tell ya something, those people.. we don’t care about those people, you wanna know why? because they are wrong.. btw i state facts not opinions…

  11. This is history repeating its self again. I bet this is gonna be as bad as the old Super Mario Brothers movie. Just Horrible and way off base.

  12. If the Turtles are aliens, I bet Krang is a human…

    • lol

    • Or just a human brain in a jar…

      • Obviously not Bay´s brain…

        On another note, the Turtles have something to say about this as well:


        • Love that pic Scapegoat

  13. Are people really upset about TMNT? It’s fiction. I mean, I like the original movie and all that jazz, but is it really THAT big of a deal?

    I guess I’ve never really been a “die hard fan” of TMNT though, so what do I know…

    • YES.

  14. yeah Krang isn’t an Utrom at all, he only looks like one. He was created for the cartoon and is a being from dimension X. He never appeared in the original comics.

    • I’ve corrected that bit about Krang being an Utrom, my bad.

    • He may not be called an Utrom in the original cartoon, but I think it´s more than obvious that he´s based on them. The producers just changed his backstory.

  15. Just out of curiosity, if we removed the name “Michale Bay” and replaced it with “Chris Nolan”, “Joss Whedon”, or “J.J. Abrams” would there be this much backlash? I mean I was a fan of the turtles from way back in the day but it’s not like this change drastically alters anything. Whether they’re mutants or aliens (is there really a difference between aliens and space mutants?), they’re still the same turtle looking ninja warriors.

    • hey hey Total recall had alien mutants lmao so like i said i don’t see what wrong

    • Whedon and Abrams wouldn´t come up with such ridiculous changes. And Nolan… Well, if he made this movie, they´d be probably four guys in turtle costumes getting trained by Liam Neeson.

      • Really? I seem to recall a lot of concern over “The Avengers” not having Antman or the Wasp (founders of the team in the comic) back when things started there, but it’s all forgotten about now because from everything we’ve seen, “The Avengers” looks fantastic.

    • You’re probably right, the reaction wouldn’t be as violent if Michael Bay wasn’t involved. But, you see it’s Michael Bay, the guy already violated one beloved franchise. Bay has fought hard to earn the disdain he receives, he’s proven that he does not care what sort of garbage he puts on the screen.

      More to the point him telling the fans to “Chill out” is a little insane.

  16. Michaelangelo Live Action Voice Actor, Robbie Rist, speaks on Micael Bay.


    • I was about to post the same thing…
      It’s nice to see that it’s not just the fans who are upset, but also the actors involved with the first movies.

      Man, I wonder what the TMNT’s creator would have said about this… I’m not sure if he’s still alive, but if he is, he’s probably pretty PO’d at the moment ;)

  17. I can’t believe there actually are “die-hard fans” of this childish cartoon and movie series. Yeah, I liked the original movie as well. Good old 80s fun, in the vein of movies like “Howard the Duck” and others…

    Come on…this is not “Star Wars” or “Lord of the Rings”…not even “Superman” or “Batman”…It’s about a bunch of pizza-loving, KungFu-fighting mutant turtles named after Renaissance artists… I don’t care if they are alien or the mutated zits of a pubecent fanboy. Sorry, but really…

    • The “die-hard” fans probably read the comics, which are extremely violent. So making fun of the fans is stupid when you compare them to other comic characters that people love (and not all TMNT fans were exactly happy about the kiddy version that became popular).

    • This could actually be the stupidest coment ive ever read on here. Were all aware that its not Batman, Star Wars or Superman. As hard as it may be for you to believe some of us adore the ole shellheads as much as some people adore Supes, Bats, Lord of the Rings etc. There is a fantastic origin already in place for over 40 years and a wealth of characters, stories and elements to borrow from the source material that unnecessary cosmetic changes just for the sake of putting your own stamp on something are completely unnecessary. TMNT was a HUGE phenomenon during my childhood and for you to say you dont know how people can be die hard fans of the show makes you either facetious or ignorant.

    • Using that line of logic, if it is so stupid then why spend millions to try and do a copy of it? Name recognition, because it did have a strong following and it might draw some original fans in, lack of any original ideas, or all of the above…….

    • Why can’t the TMNT not be as revered as a grown man in spandex who gets magical powers from the sun and is weakened by a rock? Or another grown man who dresses up in a halloween costume, fights a clown and has severe mental issues?

      You have a hard time believing that people care about the TMNT? Pick something, ANYTHING, and you will find people who love it. Try taking something you like, something you have fond memories of. Now insert Micheal Bay who says “It didn’t happen like that, it happened like this…”. I find it hard to believe that you would not be mad too. I don’t see how anyone who likes Star Wars and LotR could condemn another for finding enjoyment in TMNT. You are either Trolling or have not come to terms with being a Nerd.

    • It’s ninjitsu, not kung fu. Not the same, not even from the same country in fact, but that’s beside the point. The point being that making them aliens, completely changes every single aspect of who these characters are( except maybe the teenage part), their motivations, their purpose, everything.
      And you saying “this is not “Star Wars” or ” Lord of the Rings”… not even ” Superman” or “Batman”. You’re minimizing it because you’re not into it, but a lot of people were.
      Personally I’ll take ninjas turtles over that star wars BS any day. And Lord of the Rings, while entertaining, was not the end all, be all, of movies, and I’ll take Superman or Batman over that,too.
      The fact of the matter is, that I and millions of other people, devoted a lot of time and attention on this ” bunch of pizza-loving, KungFu-fighting mutant turtles named after Renaissance artists.”, so it is upsetting to see some self-important, idiot come along and completely disregard everything that made these characters. Some people might be unappreciative of change that is unnecessary and unwanted, but having read your post I can see that such an idea might be a little outside your ability to grasp.
      Mutated zits of pubescent fanboy, indeed.

  18. “Hey dudes chill out, I’m gonna have crazy explosions and hot chicks in bikinis doing hot poses and one of the turtles will sport a gold tooth and tattoos so todays audience can relate…so chill out ok? ” Michael “Booyah” Bay

  19. bay is giving any fan service by simply telling us to “chill”… kinda of rude really.

    but seriously, BAD BOYS 3 needs to happen before a TNMT reboot…. give the people what they want.

  20. I personally won’t care that much about the changing – it’s not a good idea to change the origin story; it’s just something you don’t do, however I can live with the alien bit it’s the missing character I’m worried about. What’s gonna happen to the wise rat that teaches them karate – where in God’s green earth is Master Splinter?!?

  21. If Shia LeBeouf plays Casey Jones, I’m out. And if Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, or Rosie Huntington-Whitely is cast as April O’Neill, I won’t be surprised…and I’m out.
    Michael Bay PLEASE just leave the screenwriting to the screenwriters and the directing to the director. They’ll call you if they need something to go boom.

  22. Like or dislike the man, he makes a good point.

  23. If there are to many changes,I just won’t watch it…i said i did not like X-men first class’s total change of certain character’s personalities and other faults and have not watch…heck not even as a rental…so some of is mean it.

    As well I’d like to note,no matter where i go online nowadays there is always someone being an apologist or otherwise defending someone or a group of people who most likely don’t care about anybody…like they’re going to get a prize for their support or something…

  24. woud anyone else like sin city style turtles? think how awsome it woud be if those guys made the movie

  25. Oh fans should chill, even though he basiclly ruined Transformers, I would be worried if i was a TMNT fan.

  26. I’m not sure whats worse the people with the “DIE MICHAEL BAY DIE” attitude or the 1s who are defending his move to make them aliens while also pissing on the opinion of those who are against it.

    Personally I’m not a super fan of TMNT and I still think its a terrible idea to have them be aliens and I read the article and yeah I know its not totally farfetched but still, they’re mutants…call them mutants.

    Michael Bay is 1 of my least favorite directors. The absolute only time I watch a movie of his is when I wanna see stuff blown up (and yet I think his most enjoyable piece of work was The Divinyls I Touch Myself video.

  27. if anything quentin tarantino should be directing it and frank miller shoud be writting

  28. Notice how Bay inconspicuously left out the “Teenage Mutant” in Ninja Turtles, during his response. What a (insert random obscenity here)! If he even THINKS about touching Voltron or Thundercats, I’m gonna hurt somebody.

  29. My concern is that it seems like they want the turtles to come from outer space. The fact that they’re New York City teenagers informs so much of who they are. They’re goofy city kids who had to grow up in sewers eating nothing but pizza. Won’t changing that change who they are?