Michael Bay Responds to ‘TMNT’ Alien Controversy & Villain Rumors

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michael bay teenage mutant ninja turtles aliens Michael Bay Responds to TMNT Alien Controversy & Villain Rumors

Infuriated fans swooped down on our report about producer Michael Bay’s comment concerning how the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live-action film reboot will change-up the title characters’ backstory by making them aliens. To say the very idea prompted a predominantly negative response from the Turtles-adoring masses, is to put it pretty mildly.

Bay has gone ahead and released an official statement in response to the controversy surrounding the new TMNT franchise installment. In addition to that tidbit, we’ve also gotten wind of some rumors (from a legitimate source) that help explain the planned change-up to the Turtles‘ origins.

While the very idea of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being extraterrestrials seems to directly contradict the idea that the title characters are… well, mutant turtles, many fans have already pointed out (in the comics) the mutagen which was the catalyst for our favorite reptilian martial artists’ “evolution” was created at the Techno Cosmic Research Institute (T.C.R.I.), a secret base of operations for an alien race known as the Utroms. So aliens are indeed pretty standard elements of the Turtles mythos.

It’s best you bear that in mind while reading Bay’s response to the whole TMNT/aliens controversy:

“Fans need to take a breath, and chill. They have not read the script. Our team is working closely with one of the original creators of [Teenage Mutant] Ninja Turtles to help expand and give a more complex back story. Relax, we are including everything that made you become fans in the first place. We are just building a richer world.”

Yes, we know all too well that Bay’s assurance about the TMNT property being treated with respect – and that the reboot will simply “expand” on the canon alien-centric backstory for the Turtles - isn’t going to mean much (if anything) to his detractors. All the same, he’s only a producer on the Turtles film – as we pointed out in our initial report on this matter, it’s the reboot’s screenwriting duo of Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) who are ultimately going to be responsible for making this idea work.


Krang in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot?

First Showing has been informed by its sources that a classic Turtles baddie – the Utrom-like Krang – might be making his live-action debut in the upcoming movie reboot. Furthermore, the plan is supposedly for the Turtles to be “inter-dimensional beings” (like Krang) who end up making their way to Earth (presumably).

Now, although having Krang appear in the TMNT reboot seems like an obvious direction to take, given the “Turtles as aliens” angle in the story, it’s partially for that reason that this particular rumor shouldn’t be brushed aside so easily. It might be tricky to make the character’s classic appearance (as a pink, slimy, brain-shaped creature) fly in live-action form, even in a movie that features extraterrestrial creatures that look like giant turtles – so, if Krang does show up in the reboot, he could have a completely new physical design.

krang teenage mutant ninja turtles reboot Michael Bay Responds to TMNT Alien Controversy & Villain Rumors

Will Krang appear in the 'TMNT' reboot?

A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that plays up the franchise’s classic sci-fi aspects like Krang isn’t (per se) a bad approach to take – though, that plan could lend itself to a comparatively more kid-friendly and readily marketable Turtles flick. In other words, the TMNT franchise reboot may end up being modeled after Bay’s Transformers movies, when all is said and done.

Passing over the fact that many fans are really not going to like that idea (and not without good reason, if we’re being honest), such a final product would also be a far cry from the grittier and more violent martial arts movie (yes, one with giant mutant turtles) that many fans were hoping to see – especially given that Battle Los Angeles and Wrath of the Titans helmer Jonathan Liebesman is probably going to be sitting at the helm. C’est la vie, it seems…

We will see how it all pans out when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot hits theaters in the U.S. on December 25th, 2013.


Source: Michael Bay, First Showing

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  1. It’s not a reboot or a new way to look at the story, but rather Michael Bay himself that worries me. Lately, -nearly- everything he touches turns to ashes, which is what upsets me. Out of the 18 films he’s -directed- I feel that he has only gained my respect for 2005′s The Island, 2003′s Bad Boys II, 1996′s The Rock, and 1995′s Bad Boys. Otherwise I feel his work is too over-the-top and not fully completed. I highly suggest he not produce anything either. He basically is like Paul W.S. Andersen where all he does is make films and change/destroy the core ideas.

    • Out of the 9 movies he’s directed himself the only one’s that were decent for me were Bad Boys and the Rock. He has not evolved at all since those first two movies and to me the Island is actually the point when he just dove head-long into the mindless extended length music videos interlaced with product placement that he is so comfortable with.

      • Yeah the Island was pretty s***** but The Bad boys series, the Rock and Armgeddon were great fun. I liked TF1 too but disliked the sequels.

    • Micheal said we haven’t read the script he hasn’t read the comics or the title of the series and he is putting that rapper on it thank god it’s not Justin bieber still we gave him three chances with transformers

  2. Ahh we all know megatron is gonna be the villain

    • lol that’s what I was thinking

  3. I swear that this is some BS.. Maybe I’m wrong but I remember the ooze being made by T.G.R.I., not T.C.R.I. So I’m not sure about his explanation..

    • You’re right. It was Techno Global Research Institute (TGRI) in the old movies but Techno Cosmic (TCRI) in the comics and the new cartoon (not sure about the old one).

  4. Bay himself needs to fall into a dimensional portal, or be eating by a horde of Zombies, or just flat out rot in pieces.

    Over paid, over hyped, over rated, Hack ruins everything he touches and has no original concept in what little brains he has.

  5. Michael Bay took the beloved Transformers and gave Optimus Prime a flame job, had Jazz calling teenagers “bitches” and had Bumblebee urinating on peoples heads. Not to mention placing genetalia on Devastator in the third film, which made jump up and shut off the tv when it was on Cartoon Network a few weeks ago.

    You could not pay me enough money to take my kids to one of his films EVER AGAIN. Please someone take this franchise away from him before he ruins the Turtles like he did Transformers.

    • Without the first Transformers live action movie that was released in 2007, it is the very reason I became a fan of Transformers in the first place. Even of the older cartoons. In my opinion, the flame job is kinda cool. The first live action movie’s humor was not as bad as Revenge of the Fallen, which was the 2nd film, just in case anyone didn’t know. Revenge of the Fallen is the second live action movie. And I highly doubt that cartoon network would even show that movie. But unless I get proof, then yeah, lol. Of course they play different kinds of movies, but I doubt they would play that movie. I honestly don’t know.

      Transformers and Transformers: Dark of The Moon, truly shows how awesome the transformers can be. I only watch Revenge of The Fallen, if I want to to see explosions, and things blowing up.

      • Seriously? You felt like those movies show you the true potential of the Transformers franchise? What are you twelve? Cartoon Network did show that movie, they have BEEN showing that movie, and I know exactly what the other commenter is saying. Michael Bay ruined Transformers, and if the production team and the creators of TMNT gave two shits about this franchise at all, they would fire his ass and find someone who will truly do it justice. Dark of the moon was one of the worst movies i have EVER SEEN, and yes, I am including AVATAR, the movie without a soul, and Mariah Carey’s Glitter in that Category. Megan Fox was smart to stay as far away from it as possible, I only wish Michael Bay had done the same.

      • Ok now that you have proven your mental deficiency, please return to the short bus.

        • The live actions should be stricken from history much like The crystal skull

  6. WTF?! Michael Bay doesn’t do scripts, he does (see Transformers)

    • We do.

  7. Turtles are a species based on EARTH therefore the TMNTURTLES are terrestrial.

    • Actually they can just resemble turtle and be called that. Superman is not human but is still has man in his title. Also, if they go the inter-dimensional route then the turtle could all look like that in their universe :).

      • I get what you’re trying to say but, no.

  8. Oh, great. So they are going to ruin another movie from my childhood. Awesome. First they screw up Transformers, then GI Joe, now they’re going to ruin TMNT? The third film was bad enough, please don’t ruin a remake. Why don’t you remake your bed, and go crawl in it. The Turtles are terrestrial, not aliens! “From a pet store, lost into a sewer drain where they were exposed to the “ooze”…” Its a rivalry between Splinters old master, and Shredder, hello! Duh. The Foot Clan. No one wants Krang, we want Casey Jones and Rocksteady n Bebop. I guess this will be another movie I dont see.

  9. I can understand how people felt when they kinda messed with the origins first time around, but it was the idea of makin the original film realistic in the first place. I think some parents even thought it was too violent for kids & thats why things were toned down in the sequels. I think my mother was one of them,lol. as i only remember seeing the original in theaters but not the 2nd film. As for the reboot, in the word’s of Obi-Wan “I have a bad feeling about this”.

    • The first live-action movie didn’t tone itself down for the sake of the kiddies. That is why it’s still well loved today by many and its sequels are nearly forgotten.

  10. The internet has made it hard to do these type of reboots. fanboys rage at even the slightest change. One would think execs would stop trying to reboot old franchises and do new ones…then again people would just complain and compare new stuff to old stuff. So it’s like a rock and a hard place I guess. Oh well. I’m a big TMNT fan but I’ll wait and see before I condemn Bay and co.

  11. Does anyone here, any fans of the Transformers have any clue where and why they were established? They were toys…The cartoon was made to SELL TOYS! It was either that or the other way around. One was made to sell the other. We all know the cartoons were mindless. you can not sit there and tell me those cartoons had any substance to them whatsoever. What all you fanboys are bent out of shape about, are the comics. Yes, I’m sure the stories in the comics were great, and gritty, and whatever, but when it comes right down to it, the Transformers are just 2 factions of robots that fight each other. That’s what the Transformers movies are… 2 robot factions fighting each other. I went to see those movies so I could see Optimus Prime kick some Decepticon butt, and that’s about it. All I want is GI Joe fighting the forces of Cobra, and the Ninja Turtles fighting Krang, or Bebop or The Shredder or whoever else I remember from the cartoons (although I will admit that changing the Turtles’ origins doesn’t seem right). All the complainers on here want some sort of Oscar worthy motion picture, and that’s just not gonna happen, I’m sorry.

    • the old toons were good for their time but are somewhat dated now.
      What isn’t dated is the first cartoon movie. Leonard Nimoy as decepticon leader Galvatron, robert stack as Ultra Magnus, judd nelson as Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime, and finally Orson Welles last role ever, as the ultimate transformer: Unicron.

      That transformers movie is better than anything Bay has produced and had amazing animation that makes it hard to believe the film is over a quarter century old. And I’m not a Bay hater (I’m a huge fan of his explosion sequences), I thought the first film was a good film overall despite some gripes, most notably Jazz’s treatment or lack thereof before killing him off. And I thought the third transformers movie’s 2nd half was amazing. But to write off the cartoons as trash shows you probably havent seen the original 1986 movie, Beast Wars, or several of the cartoons that do stand the test of time well.

    • I don’t need oscar-worthy, but could it at least be competent? That’s all some of us want, a good story mixed in with all that wonderful action… Not useless potty jokes. I swear to god, Michael Bay thinks we’re all in middle school.

    • The problem with Transformers is that 3/4 of the movie is dedicated to developing the human characters. The other 1/4 is the actual stuff we wanted to see.

  12. My chief beef with Bay is that he has virtually no respect for the fans. Always addressing us condescendingly….“Fans need to take a breath, and chill”

    Wrong…fans need to step up and b**** so that he doesn’t ruin this too.

    He was the same way with transformers when all he did on the commentary was talk about how “all the nerd fans cried” over the Optimus change from a flat nose rig.

    I don’t want to see Bay anywhere near this project.

    • understandable. Hopefully his alien premise isn’t that they’re from another planet as aliens how they are, simply that the Ultrom’s Ooze is alien in origin or that they have turtles on their planet too. Revenge of the fallen was awful, but he did well to redeem himself in the 3rd. Thinking this could be hit or miss, but at least we always have the old live action ones.

  13. Nobody’s going to agree whether Bay is lying about his claim or not. I wish we could just quietly get along and wait to see movies before judging them, but that can’t be. Bay’s Transformers movies were not bad in my opinion, but it’s tough living in a world where saying that you disagree could bait you into a flame war.

  14. yeah if bay is gonna stay on in this movie looks like i may have to get my first murder charge.. yeah id spend my life in jail before seeing him ruin more of my childhood… man he says that thing about the nerds…. uhh you wouldnt be making this movie if it wasnt for those nerds loving that series for years.. why? because no one would be watching and it wouldnt exist in a manner that would be suitable for a motion picture adaptation.. so i guess the smart move would be to alienate every single turtles fan that has been gained in the past 30 years to get some new 7 year old fans that they manipulate into thinking its a good movie so he can save his job and get some cheddah

  15. um – “richer and more complex backstory” and “Michael Bay” do not fit in the same sentence.

    The Transformers movies were weak on “backstory” and sure as heck were not “complex”.

    I worry about any icons that Bay gets his hands on.

    The TMNT are an ensemble cast – give it to the King of Ensembles…. Joss Whedon.

    Now I’d pay three times the normal movie price to see Whedon’s take on TMNT!

  16. Michael Bay has made enemies with an entire generation and must pay with his life.

  17. you created transformers the movie, wanted to watch voltes V the movie as well, please help. . =)

  18. They are not ‘inter-dimensional beings.’ They are orphans who had greatness and exile thrust upon them at the exact same time as sentience. That is the whole mythos of these characters, rebooting this universe as a 2014 blockbuster was idiotic at best from the get-go. This is why we’re all valid in criticising Bay. He’s the producer, he DECIDED to make this movie. Screw that guy.

  19. I hate this man he killed Transformers and now TMNT. F*CK this i will not see this movie.

  20. I agree with most commenters, this is ridiculous and Michael Bay must be stopped! HERE’S HOW: DON’T WATCH THE MOVIES. I’m being serious not facetious. If Michael Bay doesn’t get our money, he can’t make movies. Best we can do is refuse to go to the theatre to watch them and then “download” them later, just as another kick to the face. Let’s put our money to good use!

  21. Bay clearly has zero respect for this franchise. I’m not going to respect his take on it. Simple as that. If he’s seriously telling fans to “chill out”, when the fans seem far more in the right than he does at this point, then screw him. The guy sucks.

    First off, why are the Turtles so hideously ugly in this film? I mean, are they just trying to flat out ruin TMNT? It’s some of the worst sh** I’ve ever seen. They have lips, for chrissakes.

    Granted, I haven’t seen the film yet. The story might be good (probably not given the Mission Impossible guys’ track record for action-fests), but judging from the trailer alone, the character designs are hideous. This looks awful.

    I love TMNT. Everything about it. Virtually every incarnation of these characters has been awesome, in one way or another. Even the Coming Out of Their Shells tour has seemingly more redeeming qualities than this “blockbuster” reboot. That was unintentionally hilarious. This just looks bad. Not funny bad. Plain bad. This film will not profit a dime out of me.

  22. I have never seen so many adults in one place complain about a single franchise like I have here. Whether you like Bay or not, he rebooted the Transformers to be more urban and gritty than the cartoon of old. Even his upcoming TMNT movie looks dark, gritty and surreal compared to the late 1990′s movie. I don’t agree with the alien origin story, but what can you do about it? Sure, you can boycott the film, but there will be millions of other people who will still see it.

    • The largest issue with Transformers is that the story is essentially focused on the bland, unengaging, uninteresting human characters rather than what people came to see: the Transformers. Fans of TMNT fear that the same will happen in Ninja Turtles. Another thing that worries fans is the fact that some characters in Transformers weren’t portrayed faithfully to the enduring characteristics seen in the cartoons or comics. Again, this is a worrisome thing for Ninja Turtles. There’s also the possibility that the turtles will be dumbed down for the kiddies. The issue I have with that is the fanbase of TMNT is largely made up of 20-30 year olds. Sure, kids like the turtles, but they aren’t the ones with the money to spend.

      And let’s not forget that Will Smith’s and Shamalamadingdong’s movie “After Earth” did well on its first weekend, but fell rapidly as people got word out how horrible it was.

  23. Ok I’ll agree with a lot of u ppl he made very bad movies in the past and yeah the TMNT movie dose not go along with anything but let’s all look at it like this how we see the TMNT if we saw a turtle a big giant we would think the creature is from space as well I know a lot of u are going to hate me but I’m watching this movie how long has it been since a TMNT came out years and now we get an awezome movie lets not be closed minded. Let’s open our minds to better things I know a lot of ppl who can’t wait to watch it I’m goin

    • Please use your punctuation and proper spelling. Assuming that this is a “better thing” to keep one’s mind open to perpetuates the delusion that new means better. Micheal Bay is turning Shredder into a transformer, the Turtles into nose-less people (they should have beaks!) and making millions doing it. If you want quality movies you have to be discerning. Sending Gigli to the top of the box office would have meant MORE GIGLI. If Micheal Bay’s movies keep making money he’ll KEEP RUINING CLASSICS. So stop. Judge. And if you must see it: rent it from RedBox.