‘Teen Wolf’ Renewed for Season 5; Will be 20 Episodes

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teen wolf season 5 comic con ‘Teen Wolf’ Renewed for Season 5; Will be 20 Episodes

The fourth season of MTV’s successful supernatural drama, Teen Wolf — very loosely based on the 1985 film starring Michael J. Fox — is well underway. MTV aired the fifth episode ‘I.E.D.’ this past Monday (read our review), and has seven episodes left before the fourth season concludes its 12-episode run in early September. Previous seasons of Teen Wolf have usually run for 12 episodes, with the exception of season 3, which was split into two 12-episode arcs — a total of 24 episodes (part one ran last summer, while part two earlier this year).

To promote the current season of Teen Wolf, multiple members of the cast attended the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con — its fifth in as many years. Creator and executive producer, Jeff Davis was joined by Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, and Dylan Sprayberry. They debuted a mid-season trailer and revealed some news that certainly pleased the fan-filled audience.

During the panel, it was announced MTV had renewed the supernatural drama about teenaged werewolves (among other creatures) for a fifth season that will run for 20 episodes. The recently greenlit season, like the third, will be split into two parts. Davis and the cast members did not reveal a premiere date for the fifth season, though Teen Wolf has customarily premiered in the summer. Based on the shooting schedule from last year — the cast started filming 3B roughly 10 days after SDCC 2013 — it’s a safe bet that season 5 won’t premiere until summer 2015.

Whether another extended season of Teen Wolf is a good or bad thing largely depends on viewers’ opinions of how the show has handled its most recent seasons. For the first two and a half years of Teen Wolf, the cast and crew — especially Davis, who is the head writer of the series — had plenty of time to rest and plan ahead during breaks.

Teen Wolf Renewed for Season 5 ‘Teen Wolf’ Renewed for Season 5; Will be 20 Episodes

However, the second half of season 3 as well as season 4 were created on a tighter schedule because there was less of a hiatus between finishing one run and beginning the next. Whether these seasons have been lacking is a matter of opinion. We have been a little disappointed by the lack of explanation this season concerning Derek Hale’s (Hoechlin) brief trip to the past and back to the future — as well as the berserkers — in episode 2, ’117′.

There are seven episodes left in season 4, which is plenty of time to wrap up loose ends from earlier this year. Additionally, some of the footage from the mid-season trailer (watch it below) revealed we would finally find out exactly who and what is Deputy Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley). Considering the show has been dropping hints about his supernatural creature status since season 3, it’s fair to say Teen Wolf occasionally takes its time with unravelling the mysteries the series sets up and answering the viewer’s questions.

Teen Wolf returns on Monday with ‘Orphaned′ @10PM on MTV.

Source: MTV

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  1. They need better writers if they want to do another extended season. WAY too much happens off screen or is never addressed and its means so much never makes any sense. Perhaps a better showrunner???

    • I agree…they lost me after season 2. It’s become a convoluted mess of a series.

  2. scott kills peter. calling it

  3. Season 3 was too much. If season 5 is anything like this season, then I’ll be okay with it.

  4. I don’t understand these complaints about the show being “confusing”. So far, I’ve watched every episode, I’ve payed attention and I know exactly what is going on. There are a lot of strands to keep track of, but they’re all explained pretty well by the end of their season.

    Anyway, I’m happy this got another extended season. Season 3 was fantastic and I’m hoping this new season lives up.

    • Its very over whelming, but in a good way, if you don’t get hooked into the show and keep up constantly though, i could see where the confusion comes in. Unlike most shows ALLOT happens in just one episode.

    • this show is not very confusing if u watch it over and over like I o I just gets less confusing

      • I mean do not o

    • She is right. I can’t wait for seasen 5.

  5. I don’t understand the complaints either. I think all the seasons were good. People who are complaining now are the ones that really get upset if the series gets cancelled. The only thing I’m not happy with is Scott’s new romantice interest. Don’t think she lives up to a replacement for Allison. Needs someone who has the same characteristics as Allison. The one on now looks goofy and some what immature for him.

    • I completely agree, Kira is in no way a good replacement for Allison. I’m mad about her death, and then they suddenly introduce a character and now Scott has completely forgotten about Allison and is moving on with some new chick who just happened to be a supernatural creature by chance and then nobody on the show has ever talked about Allison since, Scott is now like crawling all over Kira and no-one (except Parrish in the recent episode) has mentioned Allisons death. We never got closure, and that’s bad.

      Not to mention the unexplained stuff. What happened to these people? Isaac, Aiden, Cora, Malia’s supposed dad, Danny; and SOOOO many more. It just makes me mad that they’re rushing to get new characters and burning off the old ones without closure.

      I swear to god if Stiles or Lydia die in the finale (the cast hinted someone big was going) I’m going to stop watching.

      • I’ve been doing some looking into that actually (not that it helped all that much with all the secrecy behind the show).
        But…last I read, the actor who plays Danny was schedule tied with another thing he was doing, but should be back for season 5.
        I think the guy who played Isaac left the show and it was briefly mentioned in one of the earlier eps that he stayed behind in France when he went there with Chris Argent at the end of the previous season.
        Kira was introduced as a love interest in early season 3B though, and that was well after Scott and Allison broke up and she had seemingly moved on to Isaac.

        Malia’s supposed dad? Peter? Watch the finale, you’ll find out.(It was awesome, imo.)If it’s her mother you meant, that sounds like season 5 stuff.

        I think the reason nobody speaks about Allison in the show may or may not have to do with copyrights and legal technicalities (i.e. the actor is off the show so her character isn’t referenced…)same sort of thing happened with Jackson at the end of season 2…don’t think it’s coincidence. Who knows?

        • No, Malia’s supposed father as in the man that she thought was her dad who raised her. Where was he? He just got his daughter back after she was presumed dead for years and he is for some reason okay with her basically living at Stiles’ house?

          • i think it was mentioned in the show and i think i saw it. argent shot him with a bow and arrow in the abdomen and killed him.

    • actually Kira is a great match for Scott. She has an excellent sense of humor and she fits him just right. Allison was a bit controlling and i think without her in the picture the show has a real chance of making it big this season.

      • I think Kira/Scott is good. Scott and Allison had a naive first love chemistry, but expect that their romance/relationship wasn’t that developped.
        Kira/Scott is the opposite.
        They were attracted and interesting by each other from the beginning, but it’s taking them time to get to know each other, get closer, etc., and they can understand each other more than Allison and Scott did. I feel that Scott is more honest and more at ease with Kira. Scott also is a guy who likes joking and having fun, who takes important things seriously but can still relax, same as Kira.
        While I liked Allison, I never felt her and Scott were that great together, even if they had a real chemistry. (I really liked Allison/Isaac though)
        What I find a bit of a shame, though, is how Scott managed to make himself his own anchor to not turn that easily. I mean he just gets told “be your own anchor then” or something like that, and that’s it. A few seconds/minutes to show him do it wouldn’t have been too bad.

        The only problem I have with this kind of disparitions, is how even Lydia (who loved Jackson and was Allison’s best friend) doesn’t talk about it. She should be devastated, so at least talk a bit about it.
        I don’t think there’s any copyright issue. If there was copyright issue it would be on the actor’s appearance, since TW’s characters are the show’s properties, not the actors’.

        I don’t think Malia’s adoptive dad is dead, though ? I don’t remember him being killed, just hurt. At some point it is said that Malia does sneak in Stiles’ bed at night, so I had the feeling like she’s half living at her dad’s and half at Stiles’. But since she knows he isn’t the father, and still feels responsible and awful for killing her adoptive mother and sister, she’s avoiding her dad.

        Isaac and Danny not being here is kinda explained, Aiden it’s obvious he’s left after his brother’s death, but a simple “I’m leaving to some other place, bye Scott” so the viewers can say goodbye to the character wouldn’t hurt…
        I wonder where Cora is. Even Derek doesn’t know it, I believe. I don’t mind us not knowing where she is if she has apparently simply disappeared (but it’s strange to have her disappear and abandon her brother after all those years since now it’s “safe” to come back).

        The only big complaint I have is the couple Stiles/Malia. While I actually do like them together, their relationship was too forced and weird in my opinion. He “rescued” her, they barely know each other yet have sex, then go out together, and Stiles has totally forgotten about his crush since 3rd grade…

        And I also have a fear: that they add too many magical creatures… It being a “monsters/beasts festival” would be bad, because they don’t “clean” behind them much. If there are so many supernatural beings, hunters, and that they destroy things/that it happens in public/they can’t/don’t clean behind them, then the whole country would more or less know about it.
        Like the episods with the deadpool… Okay in Beacon Hills a lot of people pretty much know weird and supernatural things happen, but that’s too much.

        But I really love it and can’t wait for more :)
        I don’t understand why some people say it’s hard to follow either. We can guess most of the plots, I don’t think missing one episod from time to time would hurt that much… But in the other hand, if you want to be able to watch 1 episods in a while and understand the whole show, don’t watch something that has a real story with lots of hints and clues.

        • First off. Aiden is dead. Ethan left after his brother died and that is explained in the part where he breaks up with Danny in the finale. Don’t complain about the show if you don’t bother to pay attention.

  6. All the seasons in teen wolf were really interesting….I c no reason to complain….I am amused to hear that it has more seasins to come……um gladly looking forward to it

  7. Season 3 was great, for allison it wasn’t supposed to end like that and scott is not showing any action of an alpha we are waiting for season five maybe it will be better than others

  8. U thing season 5 will be better well yeah I think the same. Anyway in this seasons I just came across in the net about season 5 that it will have 20episodes in this season an yes it will be good an interesting like others.

    In season 2 jackson was some sort of lizard well I enjoyed it a lot but in season 3 when I watched that stiles said his gone to London I was okay his not coming back. The reason y he left was I guess he was just adapting in but when u see the other series Arrow u would see him he comes in the seires there as roy

  9. THEY NEED A SEASON FIVE ALL OF THIS WAS PERFECT ! Screw the negitivity these teen wolf shows are the best !

  10. Yeah exactly! I don’t get all the complaints about the show being confusing. They don’t need new/better writers, everything is perfectly written. There’s always something to look forward to in the next episode. No matter how much new creatures or situations that come in an episode nothing is never left unexplained and If it is? It ends in a cliff hanger and it just makes us make up our own little theories of what happened but everything gets cleared up in the next episode and I love every single minute of it and I cant wait for the NEXT SEASON!!!!! W

    • I still think season 3 and especially four was a convoluted mess !!! I fell in love with this series with the first 2 seasons…and then it went off the deep end. I am willing to give this series another shot with season 5…but I do think some new blood is needed in terms of the writing.
      Look at the Transformers films….yeah…they make a shitload of cash….but only 1 and 3 was any good…hopefully they get some better writers on that film. I don’t think it’s really micheal bay’s fault because the man knows his action. nuff said.
      Back to WOLF…If this show continues for a few more seasons… ( permitting the ratings improved. Look how many viewers left the series. That should tell those who think the series is just fine something.)…They should be setting up something for a potential spin off series.
      I for one think the whole Hale storyline is the best on the series. A HOUSE OF HALE prequel series would be great. Ian Bohen kills it as Peter Hale in the series. And how many people really think Scott can really beat Peter ?Yeah…I didn’t buy it for a minute in the season 5 finale…and I tuned in for that only because of the hype surrounding it.
      I wish they’d kill scott…he’s just not interesting…period. The show should’ve been Derek’s from the get go.

      • k

  11. teen wolf is a nice show i actually enjoy it,but sme tins ought to change ppl are losing interest its no more as mind griping as before,becoming almost predictable .the villians of t he teen wolf series either revolves around the hale house or has got smetin to do with them, there should be new forms of villians coming up more like a new unknown history,that haunts beacon hills and shakes the entire movie pls no vampires allowed the world has seen enough of them they ve begun to bore tv shows other creatures of night its enough pls make season five interesting and watch it when u eliminate prominent characters to avoid trying to bring them back ,the ressurection theme can ruin shows vampire dairy made sure of it, and it got abused i guess the script writers of the theme are running short of ideas,pls teenwolf script writer should take as much time needed to make a spectacular new series .dont rush too much or ull end up ruinning everything ….

  12. There was nothing confusing about this show.
    It`s brilliant! It`s amazing! And I want much more of it than it has been made.
    Need more ideas for episodes? I think if you would let fans come with some ideas you would get great episodes.
    I have a few ideas myself!
    And please, don`t cancel the show.. there are some of us that can barely wait to see what happends next!!

  13. I don’t understand their complaints. I mean yes there are things that need explanation but it’s not like teen wolf is over, there are still a lot of seasons (crossing my fingers that it hurts) to follow. Let’s not judge the show, the writers and Jeff Davis please. At least not now ’cause the curtains aren’t closed yet. But the show is sooo awesome so far. 10/10

  14. stop complaining that u don’t get it its like a book sometimes at the first time u won’t get it… and i think kira isn’t much of a replacement sure she has flashy kung fu moves but i think allison was more useful in a fight compared to her plus scott and her together doesn’t really fit a together forever image… also hope they dont insert vampires into the series it might turn into a twilight thing and vampires are cliche i love how they add other culture myths etc… excited abt season 5 ^^

  15. Season 3 was actually my favourite. I loved the whole Echien House stuff with Stiles (not to mention he grew his hair from that buzz cut).

    I watched the first 2 episodes of Season 4 and got bored so took a break. But I came back to it (mainly for Dylan O’brien) not long ago and finished the entire season in 2 days.

    Season 4 lacked anything interesting for me personally. I’m just hoping Season 5 brings more Stiles + Lydia.
    Lydia’s Banshee powers are /very/ interesting.

    As for Kira + Scott it just doesn’t work. They don’t look good together and there doesn’t seem to be much chemistry.

    (ALSO DEPUTY PARRISH HAS GOTTEN SO MUCH MORE ATTRACTIVE THIS SEASON LIKE DAMN) Can’t wait to find out what he is in the Bestiary.

    • I think he’s a fox like kira because his eyes were orange like hers

  16. I LOVED season 3!! Can’t believe people are complaining about an extended season! The more episodes the better, I say!

    I started season 1 when it first aired, but only recently watched them all the way through. It’s not hard to follow if you pay attention, they even explain it to each other in the show to make sure we get it!

    I for one, hope Season 5 is as good as season 3. If anything I feel season 4 is a tad rushed at the moment (but I haven’t seen all the way to the end yet, so things could be explained later). The longer the season the easier it’ll be to expand on story lines, and also create more and exciting new ones! So roll on Season 5!!

  17. I for one actually liked Kira a lot. However, I wished to see her actually learn to make use of her powers more. Hey, she can control electricity! She ought to make use of that skill more. I hate to see her get knocked out in just a punch. She needs kick butt scenes or else she just seems more useless compared to Allison.

    Oh and I really enjoy the idea of her joining the lacrosse team, its pretty cool and funny.

  18. I see where people come from when they say too much is happening in the series and they can’t keep track. but i watch every single episode and never miss a chance to watch behind the scenes features. i also watch the new commentary show `Wolf Watch.` it helps me keep everything in order and keep everything right on track. maybe if you were dedicated instead of watching the show once in a while then it wouldn’t be so confusing and even if you do miss an episode or two you can still use contextual evidence to figure out what has happened. overall this a great show and i can’t wait for another extended season 5 i love this show!

    #Dedicated Fan

  19. I think the show was fine but in order to under stand everything you can’t miss a single episode or miss any part of an episode but it’s a very good show and I love the plot twist also please more s shirtless scenes if you could that would be great

  20. I so much love this programme, I like Scott and Kira’s relationship due to what Allison did(flirting with Isaac) I even liked it when Allison died so that it would perfect Scott and Kira’s relationship and also I like it when there are many episodes in the show, but I’ll really be pissed when a major character I like such as Stiles, Lydia, Derek or Kira die

  21. Teen wolf has gotten so much better as the seasons have continued. At first when i watched season 1, i lost interest easily because i thought it was just another naive teenage show with a story line going no where. However when i saw trailer ads for season 2 i became interested again, watching season 1 again against my better judgement. But then something great happened, i actually became obsessed with the show. The story line flowed greatly, the characters were built perfectly and yes Allison’s death was sudden but how are you meant to write someones death subtly? when the actor wants to leave? … I thought they did her death scene justice. The main actors & supportive actors are really great in this series.

    I haven’t really gotten into Liam & Kira’s characters yet, still getting used to them. However am totally in love with Malia!

  22. I personally enjoy Teen Wolf. I’m in love with Stiles, Dylan O’Brien. I can not wait for the next season I think it will
    be great!!!(:

  23. Malia won’t come back- called it

  24. My own s dat, if derek s nt cumin bk in s5, am so nt seein ds series again

  25. Holy frikin fudge crackers! I can’t wait! I don’t see why so many people are complaining about the show being confusing because if you actually pay attention to what you’re watching pretty much everything is explained by the end of the season. I’ve watched every episode, kept track, and am seriously loving every minute! If we have to wait till this next summer though, well i’m not really that patient… But it’s worth it.

  26. I recently started watching teen wolf.. and finished it. In about a week. I think the show is overall good. Season 3 till now is my favourite, especially the Nogitsune storyline. great acting my dylan o’brian. while the show does great in introducing the suspense-thriller-mystery storyline themes, sometimes the way it is solved is a bit rushed. also sometimes the status quo of some characters change in the span of an episode. and although in the beginning the endings were unsatisfactory for me, i have come to realise that is so because I have become used to ending where the hero/heroine fights the villain and decimates him/her to the ground. Scott doesn’t follow that rule. he believes in forgiveness and not taking lives and stuff like that. also i feel season 4 shud have ended with solving the deadpool mystery. it was a fitting end. there was no point in the last two episodes. cud have put that in season 5. werejaguar Vs werewolf.

    i like the current relationships in the show. scott-kira are a fun couple. it’s exactly her dorky nature, if i may put it so, is what makes her so endearing to me. while i liked allison as a character, i just never liked the relationship she and scott shared. it was too heavy( i dont have a better word for it). stiles and malia are great too. and stiles needed to move on from lydia. she just didnt see him that way and it made me kinda irritated when he was doing all those things for her by going out of his way. the friendship they share now is nice. also no complaint for the character malia (but that maybe because i like shelley hennig). though i dont like the character leaving the show. isaac, ethan. i wud have liked them to stay and form a big pack with scott. so that the villains think twice before attacking becaon hill. because scott mccall’s pack guards the place. i miss danny though.

  27. I really like the show! really really a lot, but it’s now Tuesday 14 October and they are in episode 9. Why does he only then out in July?

  28. Season 5 should be about last year of hight school