MTV Orders ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 2

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MTV Teen Wolf Season 2 MTV Orders Teen Wolf Season 2

Proving once more that tapping into established franchises can afford a new series the leg up on the competition needed to succeed, MTV has announced they will continue with their modernized take on Teen Wolf by renewing the successful series for a second season.

Premiering in June, Teen Wolf has performed well throughout its first season – pulling in around 1.7 million viewers a week to become the network’s highest-rated new series of the season (one of its only new series). While those numbers don’t quite match up with the droves who tune in for Teen Mom or Jersey Shore, the success of Teen Wolf will go a long way in helping the network diversify its programming.

If that means we’re closer to living in a world with less Real World / Road Rules Challenges – then Teen Wolf could be up for a commendation.

It was an up-and-down kind of year for MTV’s scripted series. While Teen Wolf shined, the comedic stylings of The Hard Times of R.J. Berger performed at a level where its future is still up in the air. Then of course, the network had to deal with the sponsorship bailout surrounding their oversexed remake of the oversexed UK series, Skins.

After running afoul of the Parents Television council for its depiction of teenage sex and drug use – which MTV’s parent company Viacom reportedly feared might violate child pornography laws – Skins lost advertisers like Taco Bell, Subway, Proactive and General Motors.

Unlike the similar situation the network faced with advertisers pulling out of in the early days of Jersey Shore, Skins failed to connect with an audience. Ratings subsequently plummeted, and MTV was forced to cancel the show.

Skins MTV cancelled MTV Orders Teen Wolf Season 2

Thankfully for Teen Wolf and MTV, there was little outcry or loss of sponsorship after actress Holland Roden, who plays Lydia Martin on the show, was quoted as saying, “There’s a lot of nakedness, and we have a lot of sex. Yes, a lot of sex.”

In fact, instead of a mass exodus of companies advertising on Teen Wolf, the show has attracted a loyal group of viewers – who executive producer Jeff Davis credits with the season 2 order:

“I’m incredibly happy that MTV and our ever-growing fanbase have given us the chance to do another season of Teen Wolf and the opportunity to tell more stories. Most of all it means I get the privilege of working again with a cast and crew I love.”

Meanwhile, MTV’s head of programming David Janollari had this to say:

“We’re incredibly proud of this show. Jeff Davis has brought an exciting, cinematic story to life with a breakout young cast who our audience has wildly embraced. Picking up Teen Wolf for a second season marks another step towards the further diversification of our schedule, with this big, bold entertaining scripted series.”

Like NBC’s planned series The Firm, based on the 1993 film directed by Sidney Pollack and starring Tom Cruise, or even Cinemax’s Transporter series, networks are proving that remakes of older film properties needn’t be relegated solely to theaters.


MTV’s Teen Wolf will return with 12 new episodes in 2012.

Sources: Deadline, Zap2It

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  1. Still waiting for a worthwhile successor to Buffy. Maybe this is it?

  2. Really enjoying the show…has a bit of a smallville feel to it, hope it stays great

    • The dude playing McCall actually appeared in an episode of Smallville, so . . . Anyhow, the show isn’t that bad, but it’s certainly dragged in a few areas (possibly the biggest offender since DBZ). I look forward to the season finale, so I won’t have to watch Jersey Shore commercials any longer; those creatures are soul-crushing.

  3. Maybe MTV should diversify their programming by showing music videos every now and again.

    • MUSIC on MTV?…what a concept!!!

    • does any one know what month the seccond season of teen wolf starts

  4. wish it would revive celebrity death match. Would love to see Obama VS Osama :D

  5. I agree with Jimmy about Celebrity Death Match. Would love to have seen The President vs Osama Bin Laden. AS for Teen Wolf….I will stick to the FIRST movie with MJF as Scott HOWARD.

    • OH.

  6. me && my boyfriend watch this show every week! we love it! although i hate we have to wait a year to see it again after these last few episodes, it will be worth the wait! (: alot of our friends watch this show too! it is one of the best shows on mtv.

  7. I love this show my brother and I watch it every Monday, and we haven’t missed not one episode since it started. I’m happy to hear that there will be a season 2, season 1 is about to end and I had to research and see if it was going to continue! One of my favorite shows by far!

  8. I love this show.!!! I so happy to hear there is going to be a second season.! I have not missed one episode yet.!

  9. If this takes place of the Real World / Road Rules Challenge I’ll be furious, that is the only show I still watch on MTV. Also what ever happened to Music? MTV stands for Music Television and now we have crap like Teen Mom. I miss the old days where only Real World and Road Rules were on, a challenge, then music videos. I guess what I’m saying is don’t kill the last good thing you have!

    Also I’m a huge Celebrity Death Match fan…..they should bring it back again (just don’t do it crappy like the first time they reintroduced it!)

    • What?? please dont down talk teen wolf this is the best show out there!! Road Rules blows

      • Road Rules def. does not blow….Teen Wolf belongs on CW or something, if MTV isn’t going to play music anymore (hasn’t in at least a decade) at least still promote the classic shows like Real World, Road Rules, & The Challenges. It’s reality….but its the last good thing the station has!

  10. I am so happy that there will b another season of teen wolf but i am very sad that there wont b another season of skins. i am 15 and i really like skins but i do understand that is was a bad example for kids and teens but it was still a really good show.. the actors did a great job…. teen wolf wooohoo

  11. Best show out there!!! When my power when out in my house for 2 hrs on episode 10 i went crazy could watch it until now august 3 wish mtv would stream it live so just in case this occurs again!!

  12. Loooovvvvveeeeee teen wolf! My favorite show! Can’t wait for the final episodes and the 2nd season! Never miss an episode! :)

  13. What?? Well, I love Mtv. It’s what I most watch. Jersey shore, The real world, True life, Sometimes teen mom, and now Awkward and Teen wolf Just Blew my mind. Love the show! I’m Obsessed, Don’t miss one episode. Soo bummed season 2 comes out Next year:/..But It’ll be worth the wait. And for those who don’t Know, They do still play Music; In the mornings on weekdays. And there’s always Video previews after a show ends. I think Mtv’s fine.

  14. I am excited about the return of the show, although I really hope Scott stays a wolf…because they season finale said that everyone comes out human. But I’m sure he will stay a wolf because that would contradict the entire title…but I’m excited to see how Alison reacts now that she know he’s a wolf!!!!

    • Actually it says Not everyone comes out human meaning there might be another person bitten and in the sneak peek it appears it will be stiles

    • Umm… no it said NOT everyone comes out human.

  15. LOVE THIS FREAKIN SHOW. They couldn’t of got anyone better to play in it. I really hop Allison stays with Scott cause they are just to cute

  16. im absolutly in love with this show! best show on mtv!!really does suck that i have to wait a year for another 12 episodes! this show and the show awkward are the best shows on mtv! hurry up with the next season!!! (:

  17. Amazing show i hear alot of people bash it but i can’t get enough of it. Im disapointed i have to wait until next summer to watch it again but it’s worth the wait. I also am disapointed it’s only 12 episodes next year as well i wish MTV would run longer seasons on there shows. Well i can’t wait until next Monday for the Season 1 finale !

    • No… you only have to wait until Winter, MTV would be beyond stupid waiting a year to show the next season

    • i kno this iz late & everything but they said that instead of diong jus 12 episodes, mtv is xonsidering doing 24 instead of jus 12. How great is that!:)

  18. I am guessing that either Allison or Scott’s Mother will be turned (although Stiles would also be a great addition to the pack). I think with Allison being a Teen Wolf it would be an interesting twist due to her family. How would she be able to tell them or would she keep it a secret?

    Very excited for the season finale and season 2!! Woo hoo!

  19. I LOVE this show. I’m going to be so sad when it ends. But all you people saying you have to wait a year untill the next season, you don’t. Season 2 will come out in 6 months. Every show that has season comes out with a new season every 6 months. So you will be able to watch it in like February or the end of january. :D

  20. I love this show soooo much!<3 I'm officially obsessed..:D I'm so happy there's a season2!!

  21. I am so thrilled with this show! It’s the best show I’ve EVER seen! I’m super excited for the season finale tonight but super depressed that there won’t be any more episodes until 2012! :( Does anyone know what month it starts up again? I love the cast! Especially Tyler Hoechlin (Hawwwt!) and Dylan O’Brien (Hilarious!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. i have been in love with this show since it frist aired! so excited for another season cuz i cant wait to see how all the characters evolve and grow….it just sux we gotta wait a whole year lol. but there are always reruns to keep us company until the new :-). thank you for picking up another season mtv!

  23. i too cant wait for the season finale tonight! i will be watching the clock all day lol

  24. why would you go a hole yr with no teen wolf i think the next season should start within 8 weeks not in 2012 thats how you get less viewer in the next season they get tyried of whieting

    • Ditto

    • well theydo need time to make ALL 12 ep.s :/

  25. Hey I just thought This is dumb you should play more before 2012 I mean the worlds going to end are you guys really going to deny my right to finish some of the greatest episodes before the world ends don’t do this

    • LOL i think the world is supposed to “end” in december 2012

  26. I love this show but now its over ;( i just saw the season finale and now im going to buy it on itunes <3 but 2012 wont be THAT far away, just watch other shows and then as soon as you know it, teen wolf season 2 will premiere! Yay :) I'm so excited!!!

    • Me too:) amen to that

    • hahah i guess. im just really impatient :)

      • Same :o I would just blow up if i cant get my mind off of teen wolf :]

  27. I don’t think I want to wait till 2012. While the show was great, I think I’ll most likely loose interest over the year. I mean I can understand two months with 2 1/2-3 months tops but this is ridiculous.

  28. season finale was amazing best show on tv i hope season 2 knocks season 1 out of the water

  29. Teen wolf is great, one of my favorite shows i hate that it ended tonight. I can not stop trying to figure out what happens next lol,teen wolf your awesome :)