‘Ted’ Trailer & Images: Basically ‘Family Guy’ with a Teddy Bear

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Seth MacFarlane is known for his irreverent animated sitcoms – Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, American Dad - which, in and of themselves, have created a love/hate divide amongst audiences. Hence why there is going to be a lot of curiosity surrounding MacFarlane’s feature film debut, Ted, the coming of age tale of a man (Mark Wahlberg) and his foul-mouthed teddy bear friend (voice of MacFarlane).

Today we have the red-band trailer for Ted to share, and it pretty much looks like a movie version of MacFarlane’s animated shows, mixing live actors with the eponymous CGI talking teddy bear.

Check out the red-band trailer, images and a poster for Ted:



The problem with this film is in the character of Ted himself – specifically the decision to have MacFarlane voice the character. Granted, MacFarlane has proven to be a versatile performer – stand-up comedy, singing, voice acting several characters on his shows – but in the hands of another performer, the character of Ted may have been brought to life on its own terms. As it stands now, Ted sounds like a composite of Peter, Brian and Stewie Griffin on Family Guy (all of whom are voiced by MacFarlane), and that is just very distracting.

Compounding the problem is the fact that this concept has been done before, several times. In a lot of ways Ted looks like a cruder version of Drop Dead Fred, only with the comedic stylings as any (or all) of MacFarlane’s animated shows. In faux mathematical terms, it means this movie is doubly derivative – and leading actors Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis are definitely hit or miss when it comes to comedy. A lot of this movie’s success will likely depend on the level of devotion that MacFarlane can muster from his fan base. What that level is, is anyone’s guess…


Ted movie poster 2012 271x430 Ted Trailer & Images: Basically Family Guy with a Teddy Bear-

Ted will be in theaters on July 13, 2012. What impression did you get from that trailer?

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  1. I actually lol’d at a few times during the trailer, this could end up being quite funny…however, I am a big Family Guy fan so i may be a little bias.

  2. I have to see this. I just have to no question

  3. After “Paul” and “Ted”, certainly expecting a Drop Dead remake just entitled “Fred”.

    • Russel Brand is… Fred.

  4. I thought the trailer was really funny! I’ll probably see it more for Mark Wahlberg than Mcfarlane.

  5. That’s pretty funny. I’d watch Mila Kunis in anything though to be fair.
    And is it possible, that Mark Whalberg has found his calling, comedy, not drama?

    • Channing Tatum is in this same category. They both should stick with funny.

    • I like mark walhberg in dramas and comedies. He was great in the fighter and I love the other guys

      • i thought The Other Guys was great too.

        • He was solid in Four Brothers, which was a drama.

          • four brothers was great. i thought max payne was ok enough, and he did a good job in the fighter. the other guys, however, what a piece of crap. it was stupid. it was trying to be a spoof in the vain of airplane and scary movie, but i felt that it failed. this looks silly, but i’m a family guy fan. and it’s like family guy in a way, it seems that some people can see ted and others cant, kinda like some people hear stewie talk others cant.

          • ‘The Shooter’ was also a pretty impressive action/drama IMO.

            I think Walberg can do comedy and drama: he’s good at both.

  6. It’s not what was I was expecting. From reading about it, I didn’t expect them to be such close friends. I was under the impression that Ted came to life during Walberg’s character’s childhood, and was still around being a drain on Walberg while he tries to be an adult. This looks good, too. It comes out during a heavy summer – a week before The Dark Knight Rises – I hope doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

  7. first trailer to make me LOL at work in quite sometime, deff gonna watch this

  8. Anyone remember Mr. Floppy – the cynical talking stuffed bunny rabbit on the comedy UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER WB/1995-99…?

    This movie just remainds me of a hard core version of that.

  9. reminds me of wilfred a little too much

  10. Funny. I like Family Guy, so I’ll probably like this.

  11. shut up and enjoy the laugh. shoot

  12. Not too bad. May be able to sit through this unlike Family Guy.

  13. F##kin’ A!! This looks awesome. In particular the thunder song…

    “F##k you thunder…….”

  14. I wish they would’ve shown Laura Vandervoort in the trailer :(

    Oh well, looks real silly.

  15. actually looks kinda funny. i dont really like teds voice though.

  16. I would definitley watch this as well

  17. Is Mark Wahlberg really 35? i think he’s older no?
    who cares im only interested in Mila Kunis hehe

  18. Wooo, talk about dropping the F bomb there. I can only imagine how many times it will be used in 90+ mins. I’m sure the thunder song will be making it’s rounds today in the public schools.

    I also agree it feels a bit too derivative of a number of other shows. Considering everyone treats Ted like any other member of society (regardless of him being a talking sentient stuffed bear?!), it feels way too much like Family Guy’s Brian the dog.

    • I agree. I thought Ted would something that Walberg’s character would keep hidden at home and show up at inappropriate moments for comedic effect. I still think this looks good; but I can’t help but wonder if the idea for the movie evolved from a live action Family Guy.

  19. Loved everything but the excess profanity.. too Eddie Murphy for me! Too bad though.. Superhero pictures have been too timid to go R.. yet. Doesn’t seem to be a problem for comedies! That’s so twisted.

  20. I’ll see it. Regardless if those are the only funny parts or not.

  21. this is gonna be something i am gonna enjoy hahaha

  22. I think I’m going to have to disagree with you there, Kofi. Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis hit or miss when it comes to comedy? Kunis works almost exclusively in comedy and launched her career from a successful sitcom and Mark Wahlberg shines in whatever little comedy roles he decides to take on (I Heart Hucksbees, The Other Guys, Date Night…The Happening?). I agree with you about Ted’s voice being distracting but Macfarlane wrote it and I suppose knows best how he wants Ted’s lines being delivered. I think it will be enjoyable as far as summer comedies go.

    • lol @ the happening!

    • Let’s not forget mark was histarical in the departed haha I loved it

  23. so this is what happened to teddy ruxpin, man he let himself go.

  24. I thought the Thunder Song was funny but was it me or was the video off-track from the words?

  25. Made me chuckle a few times but Seth’s comedy is either hit or miss with me. A lot of his stuff is drawn out and sometimes I just don’t get the joke or the joke is just lame. I probably just wait for redbox on this one.

  26. Ted should have been a different voice actor. Would have come off more original. Still looks fun tho.

  27. As another poster said, it reminds me of Wilfred. Especially the scene where Ted is smoking on the couch. Having said that, this made me laugh quite a few times & I’m going to watch this for sure.

  28. I’m glad the Snuggles bear is still finding work. Hopefully he has beaten his demons and stays clean this time.

  29. This looks like a waste of Marky Mark’s talent and what talent Mila Kunis has. I like Family Guy but that may be because it’s on television and has to be funny without stupid frat boy vulgarities. I don’t see myself spending money for a ticket to this. A cute bear smoking pot, drinking and smoking…won’t be getting my cheap laughs.