Taylor Lautner Is ‘In’ For ‘New Moon’

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taylor lautner Taylor Lautner Is In For New MoonSo it looks like Taylor Lautner is in and Robert Pattinson is out. Don’t get freaked! Pattinson is out of another movie to make time for the sequel to Twilight – more on that second detail later.

For you Twilight fans wondering who will be playing Jacob in the sequel, New Moon, it turns out that it’ll be the same dude from the first movie!

That’s right ladies and gents, Taylor Lautner will be back for the sequel reprising his role as Jacob Black of the Quileute tribe. The character of Jacob who was a rather minor character in Twilight plays an increasingly bigger part in the later installments becoming one of the more main characters.

The author of the Twilight novels wrote on her website today the following message on behalf of the director of New Moon, Chris Weitz (who is replacing Catherine Hardwicke):

“I’m very happy to announce that Taylor Lautner will be playing Jacob Black in New Moon and that he’s doing so with the enthusiastic support of Summit Entertainment, the producers, and Stephenie Meyer.

The characters in Stephenie’s books go through extraordinary changes of circumstance and also appearance; so it is not surprising that there has been speculation about whether the same actor would portray a character who changes in so many surprising ways throughout the series. But it was my first instinct that Taylor was, is, and should be Jacob, and that the books would be best served by the actor who is emotionally right for the part. I think that fans of Twilight the book and the movie will be surprised by the Jacob Black that Taylor will bring to the screen in New Moon; and I’m looking forward to working with him and the rest of the cast in realizing the film.

very best

Chris Weitz”

Stephanie emphasizes that she was involved in this decision and is very happy with the choice. I agree and think this is good news – I always hate when actors are replaced by others in sequels and I’d feel bad for the guy if he lost his career-making role just before his character was supposed to get some serious screen time. Afterall, they chose him to play the role the first time around.

robert pattinson Taylor Lautner Is In For New MoonIt was rumored for a while that Taylor would possibly be replaced by the physically bigger Michael Copon who, after reading up on him in IMDB, was a blue Power Ranger a few years back. That’s not relevant at all but I watched Power Rangers when it first came on in the nineties and thought that was funny…

New Moon is scheduled to come out this fall putting it just a year after Twilight’s release so this may be a bit of a rush job as it will only start filming in March. That being said, there’s not a crazy amount of CGI and post production work involved for this film compared to other highly anticipated movies this year.

This quick and busy scheduling has had some negative effect on Robert Pattinson who of course plays Edward Cullen. Yesterday it was announced that the now-high-in-demand actor has had to pull out of his role in the upcoming indie-film Parts Per Billion which stars Rosario Dawson and Dennis Hopper.

Robert’s agent spoke to MTV and stated:

“Unfortunately, the prep time and production schedule on ‘New Moon‘ haven’t left enough time for Robert to work on ‘Parts per Billion‘ in the first quarter of this year.”

That sucks for that film as simply having Pattinson involved would of made it a financial success with the flock of girls following his every move from other projects, interviews and TV appearances.

New Moon is scheduled to hit theaters November 20 2009.

Sources: StephanieMeyer.com, MTV

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  1. YES MA’AM.

    I LOVE YOU TAYLOR<333333333333

  2. LMAO, i had to do it.

  3. Good news indeed. No need to replace actors that DON’T need replacing. All though some people could use some acting lessons, no offense *cough Kirsten *cough. Is it too difficult to show a little emotion?

  4. I wanted Copon, but, whatever. :-/

    Geh, I hope it won’t look all retarded; I know he can get the muscle, but he still has a squeaky voice and a baby face.

  5. hey robert is hott when he plays edward but if he wants to play in the next movie he better straiten up i mean come on u party to much and im only 12 years old i love the book and the movies but u better play the rest of the movies or noone will watch straiten up buddy

  6. Interesting point Whitney – Unfortunately, it’s so common amongst these young stars. Look at Shia LaBeouf, Lohan, etc. etc.

    Complete immaturity and lack of responsibility because they were tossed into the spot light and given tons of cash.

    I’m 23, and if I had that money & fame – I can think of such better things to do with my time, my family and my friends, then screw around like an asshat.

  7. Well, I think that Taylor is the best for playing Jacob, but he can NEVER be as good as robbert or kristen. The only thing that robbert did that upset me was that he cut his hair!{I hope your listening robbert! You looked much better with your old hair! what were you thinking?!}But other than that i think that all the crew is doing great and that the 1st movie twilight couldn’t be any better, all the actors are right, and the chemistery between robbert and kristen, WOW! but i think that new moon is going to be great but i also think that breaking dawn will be the best movie! {Has anyone read breaking dawn by stephenie meyer?}

  8. @Twilight Fan 101

    Its his hair let him do what he wants. I say it looks pretty good, its a nice change. I am a bit dissapointed about how he has been acting latly. Its a bit… annoying. We see it enough as it is why continue the cycle?

  9. @Twilight Fan 101

    Its Robert’s hair, if thats how he wants it then I dont see the problem.


    Could not agree more man.

  10. Asshat? Really? LOL…

    Really I get your point. I could think of a million and one other things for young stars to do with their fame and money then running to the next club sloshed over drunk or high as a kite.

    At least Taylor Lautner presents himself as person not to behave this way. He is coherent and friendly. But he strikes me a little naive. His youthful exuberance does show. It’s charming but he IS very young, still at home with his family. They seem to be making some efforts to keep the kid on track. However, after all spazzing over TWilight and he has to carry the lead role in New Moon.. I feel a little frightened this kid’s future. Is going to end up like Rob partying too much or like a Lohan — as a party idiot.

    I understand the attraction to this Hollyweierd life and $$ the wanting fame etc… What a crazy life to have all you ever needed at our fingertips at such a young age- It must be hard to deal with.

    I have to wonder about the parents have who shove their youngsters into this business so young. They always say it was the child’s dream to pursue it blah, blah. Yet children are NOT supposed to have everything they want, and there is something to be said for giving a kid a chance at normal upbringing (that doesn’t include millions of screaming fan girls to warp a young perons’s self-esteem into a huge EGO). Just my opinion.

    Hope Taylor pulls it off. Hope his family keeps him safe and he doesn’t get chewed up in the machine.

  11. @Twilighter Fan 101

    srry if it sounded like i was attacking u i thought my first comment didnt post so i just typed it over and there is both of them :P ittitaing internet lol

    I think he has been acting weird latly because the major attention hes been getting worse latly. Dont get me wrong im not makeing excuses for the guy but i was watching TMZ not too long ago and some random girl off the street just runs up and kisses him or something like that. If I was him I would have been pissed but he stayed cool and calm. I hope he cleans up his act a bit. Like i said we dont need to continue the cycle of snooty teenage stars.

  12. Lol, ALMOST kissed him…Oh, the shame. Celebrity or not, you don’t go around kissing people you don’t know out of the blue.

  13. I totally agree with you both, Insomnia and Jess H. Hey do you guys want to know when you can but tilight on dvd? You can but it the day they start filiming new moon, March 10th! Can you belive that? and please someone anwser my question, has anyone read breaking dawn? if no one has then I’ll tell you. (I’ll also tell you why taylor wont be so important after the 4th movie! It’s going to be the best movie EVER breaking dawn!!!!!!)

  14. @Twilight Fan 101

    Yes I have read Breaking Dawn and im looking forward to that movie adaption as well as the others :D

  15. i think talor is such a good actor and that he is and always will be jacob black!!!!! i love him

  16. i think the people who play bella and edward need to lay off all the stuff they are doing and talor is the best actor on that set!!!!! he was the one who almost got fired when he is the one trying to keep his part and the people playing bella and edward seem to want to loose thier role!!!! talor is the best!!!

  17. ok and also why do paople like rob he never washed his hair and it looked so greasy and the thing where he tracked all that mud on the red carpet he does not seem to have any respect…. kristen shows no emotions ever i have never seen her smile… but talor on the other hand is so nice an funny and cool!!!! he is so amazingly loveable and yes i do care more about how he is than how he looks but he is so hot and has such perfect teeth!!!!!

  18. taylor wasnt how i imagined jacob black, but now that i’ve seen (little of him) in twilight i am so glad they are keeping him for new moon -it just wouldn’t be the same without him!

  19. i really hope they do a breaking dawn film but Sm said they might not have CGI ready to do one of the characters (brown curly hair you know who i mean) (i just don’t want to give away names for peoplewho havn’t read it yet) so yh i’m glad taylor is staying and im soo glad vanessa isn’t in it! i know disney gave us jackson rathbone for jasper but i don’t want them interfeering with our beloved twilight especially with people like vanessa who seem to have no self respect!

  20. oh yeah i totally agree
    i felt like some of the worst acting in the film came from kristen(bella) and i was dissapointed because she seemed to have all the makings for a good bella but just didn’t pull it off in the movie! i’m also glad they’ve got a new director! i know catherine was eccelent at all theaction shots and scene like the car crash, the baseball, and the fight BUT i didn’t see enough of bella and edward together. they were never around eaach other enough to give the impression that they would die for eachother
    i know she cared for the books which is great but it just wasn’t the same view-i felt like she didn’t read thesame books as me!

  21. i think bella needs an acting lessons!!!but the vampires and the wolves are great!!!im so excited about breaking dawn i think its the best book among the twilight series!!and the midnight sun,i wish stephenie meyer will cotinue that book.i love the POV of edward!!hehehe

  22. lets see how it would turn out!and Bella,please,focus,dont mess things up oh and i hope the director will put some EDWARD in the movie?!?!

  23. No affense to all the people who love Jacob, but to be honest I think he is ugly and in all the books I think he is annoying and super gross!

  24. @ Jess H and @ Rae (or anyone who has a comment. But I must warn you if you have not read breaking dawn their are spoliers below. If you want to get spolied go ahead but you have been WARNED!!!!)

    I sorta agree with ya rae but Taylor is a good actor for Jacob. I mean they have the same color of skin but the only problem I think the new director will have is making Jake big. Anyway I think someone asked when Twilight was coming out on dvd. Well Twilight is coming out on March 10th, 2009 and new moon is sceduled to come out in theaters at November 20th, 2009! Exactly 1 year after twilight came out! But I have to ask you guys something (mostly for Jess. H but is you want to answer you can.) Anyway Jess h you know how in breaking dawn they go on a honeymoon but- I wonder if kristen and rob have read this book- what do you think their going to do with both the “midnight swim” if you know what I mean… anyway, and what aith bella’s belly!??????! They dicribbed it in the book as a ” mountin of skin popping out below her torso!” But what do you think their going to do for those parts AND the s…e…x parts?!!!!!!!?

  25. OMG im soooooooooooo excited for new moon!!!! i love taylor im so glad he is playing jacob he is so perfect!!!!!!

  26. Anytime Lautner, anytime ;-)

  27. That wasn’t really Lautner – that’s why I deleted the comment. :-)


  28. I know, I was just bored and decided to play along, lol (not that gullible ;-}).