Taylor Lautner & Dwayne Johnson May Square Off In ‘Goliath’

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Here’s a question for you: Who would win in a fight, Taylor Lautner or Dwayne “Don’t Call Me The Rock” Johnson?

The answer is part of the reason why those two are being courted to star in Goliath, one of several Bible-based projects currently being developed in Hollywood. Scott Derrickson (The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) is set to direct, from a script by newcomers Patrick McKay and John D. Payne.

Twitch says that Johnson is officially in talks to play the titular giant in Goliath, though nothing is set in stone just yet. Lautner has reportedly received an offer to portray David in the film, which would reunite him with Twilight producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey.

In case you’re shaky on your Bible studies, here’s the gist of Derrickson’s Goliath (via Heat Vision):

The story is set in motion when the fierce warrior Goliath is sent to track down a foretold king of the Israelites. A young shepherd David is thrust into an epic chase and adventure fighting for his own life, the lives of his loved ones and eventually the lives of his people. The story climaxes in a battle of literal Biblical proportions between the young man and the giant sent to destroy him.

david goliath movie Taylor Lautner & Dwayne Johnson May Square Off In Goliath

Goliath will presumably be a cheaper undertaking than similar upcoming Biblical projects likes Alex Proyas’ Paradise Lost or Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, but it’s still expected to go the “epic” route. It’s a filmmaking trend that’s recently come back into vogue, but also one that stems from a historical Hollywood tradition – with Cecil B. DeMille films like The Ten Commandments or Samson & Delilah ranking among the more famous cinematic Bible retellings.

Early word is that McKay and Payne are designing Goliath as more of a modernized adventure that resembles 300 and The Bourne Identity, in terms of tone and (to a degree) style. That Lautner would be interested in headlining a film like that is no surprise, since he’s been positioning himself to become the next big action star, between his role in next month’s Abduction and impending collaboration with Michael Bay – not to mention, the rumors that he could show up in The Expendables 2.

Taylor Lautner Abduction movie image 560x245 Taylor Lautner & Dwayne Johnson May Square Off In Goliath

Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins in 'Abduction'

Johnson is sufficiently bulkier and taller (6’5”) than Lautner (5’10”), enough so that it wouldn’t be all that difficult to make the former truly tower over the latter in Goliath – with the assistance of camera angles and other filmmaking tricks, that is. Bit of trivia: the oldest Biblical manuscripts (ex. the Dead Sea Scrolls text of Samuel) actually peg the Philistine warrior as being about 6’9”, which means Johnson is technically a close physical match.

Whether moviegoers are willing to buy Lautner as the future king of Israel – as readily as they are Johnson as a thundering brute – is another matter (though it’s probably safe to say the answer is “no”).

We will keep you posted on the status of Goliath as more information is released.

Source: Twitch, THR

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  1. I would watch that.

  2. Please NO!

  3. I love it when they make movies about a Biblical account, only, they don’t really use any of the biblical account, other than the names of the people. It’s kind of sad because it says that they don’t really think that the real account is as good as some drummed up storyline.

    • I had the same thoughts reading the article. I wouldn’t be surprised if the word GOD isn’t even spoken in this film. I might see it as an action junkie but I doubt it will stay true to the biblical story.

      • Historical Judaism is actually a pretty action oriented and bloody time but to Hollywood, who made the Trojan war which lasted 10 years conclude in 4 months, facts only get in the way.

      • To true. There hasnt been an accurate re-telling of a Biblical account with the exception of Passion of the Christ. I think this just adds to the fact that hollywood is out of ideas…they are turning to the Bible. Thats just kind of humorous to me.

        • Yep, another comic book adaptation…

          • Well the passion was tampered with and fabricated as well. it was close but not quite right. Now i can see johnson as goliath using a few camera tricks to make him look the 9+ hight. but lautner?? david was supposed to be a good looking kid but weak looking. when the guys came to david’s father asking to see all of his sons, his own father didnt even consider bringing him out because of how pathetic he looked. (his father probably didnt know his little boy had beaten a bear and a lion to death with his bear hands) i imagine david being about 14-16 years old…not 20+ plus he has to be small to goliath. as in his head is at goliath’s knee cap

  4. First off, the Rock is not 6’5 (that’s his billed wrestling height)

    Second, I wouldn’t mind this movie-to-be staying in development hell for a long while.

    • I find it funny to question his height so I did some digging. Every credible internet source says 6’5″. There are a few low end sites that argue he is slightly shorter but I’m not going to believe them. Here is IMDB (not a wrestling demographic):

      Dwayne Johnson (I) More at IMDbPro »
      Date of Birth 2 May 1972, Hayward, California, USA

      Birth Name
      Dwayne Douglas Johnson

      The People’s Champion
      The Brahma Bull
      The Great One
      The Rock

      6′ 5″ (1.96 m)

      • John Cena is a very generous 6’1 and when they were standing side by side at a couple of events outside of wrestling the Rock had at most 2 inches on John Cena (sans wrestling boots). I’m not saying the Rock is short by any means but 6’5 is kinda of a stretch.

        It reminds me of how, in the heyday of Arnold Schwarzeneggar,that there were people (myself included–but I was a kid) that thought Arnold was 6’5 – 6’6, billed as 6’2, but in reality he barely breaks 6’0. All of which is still tall compared to average height of men.

  5. Well some people would just want Taylor Lautner to be just as unsuccessfull in life as they are. So it want matter what movie he’s in their going to be negative about it. Then there’s people like me who wouldn’t care if his character was a serial killer. I would go see the movie. This caught me by surprise! Younger David, I can totally see it….older David?! Oh, ah where’s Richard Gere?!ha, ha Yall young folks will get it later.

    • I’ll admit, I thought he was completely wooden in the Twilight movies (well, the only one I saw, Eclipse, anyway). But the trailer for Abducted looks interesting.

    • Cuz everyone who has a typical career outside of hollywood and also happens to dislike twilight and its horrible cast is unsuccessful….

      • Not that I like Twilight but to say that team of actors and actresses is horrible is just stupid. When millions of people flock to see your movies and sequels that means you not horrible. I’m just sayin…..

        • Have you SEEN their acting?? I’m just sayin……

        • Millions of people flocking to see a movie doesn’t mean the acting is good. It just means lots of teenage girls and the sort flocked to see Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner with their shirts off and wish they were Bella. Acting skill is not measured by the populations stupidity to become obsessed with mediocre writing portrayed by mediocre actors.

        • Uh, Transformers? Checkmate. :-D

    • I think Stephen King summed it up best….”Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner … Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.”

      The movies are not much different.

  6. i would see this as well, hopefully they use the Biblical account of this story and do not make it some hollywood storyline.

    • Don’t hold your breath. This is Hollywood we’re talking about. When was accuracy or staying true to a source deemed more important than titillating the mindless masses with simplistic, black-and-white, dumbed-down, right-or-wrong entertainment?

      • yeah that is a very good point, one can only hope i guess.

  7. no

  8. This has fail written all over it.

    • It wont fail. It just wont be accurate.

  9. gawd no i might see it if Lautner wasnt in it

  10. The words “action star” shouldn’t be fit with wussy taylor launter.

    • That wussy has a black belt ! Has championships in extreme marshal arts!

      • I heard he got the blackbelt in 2 years. You don’t become a martial arts expert in 2 years. Sorry bout it

      • Blackbelt at age 8. I rest my case…

        • Your case has been thrown out. Chuck Norris’s beard would defeat him in 3 moves.

          • He’d piss himself scared before he got close enough for the beard to kill him.

          • @No:

            Stupid, reread what my case is trying to prove. Learn to read, Thanks.

  11. dwyane johnson is not the problem with this movie…it all goes to taylor lautner why this movie should not get made, anyone who plays in twilight or in any of the twilight movies should not be allowed to act in anything else

    • I second that

  12. What I don’t understand is why they need to augment the story to begin with. The actual Biblical account of David and Goliath is actually dope. You have Goliath challenging and chumping an entire nation of people until David actually stands up and fight him.

    Just stick to the story, in fact. You could easily write a story on the biblical life of David. You have, murder, adultry, war etc..I mean, its one of the better stories of the Bible.

    • i can totally see a david’s life drama tv series on tnt and being a bit hit

  13. Please let this get a rewrite, I’d love to see a David vs Goliath film but the story will kill this.

  14. Lautners movie on 9/23 is going to biomb-he just doesnt have a following beyond twilight…wish hed come out-that woudl be his greatest contribution-some day i guess

  15. Holly Crap! Whoever came up with this idea should leave the film industry now!

  16. Cannot wait to see this movie get made

  17. Omg! That sounds horrible! This is laughable. It’s hilarious!

    Leave it to Hollywood to take a Biblical story and twist it into something completely ridiculous, and to include horrible actors who don’t fit the parts either. Dwayne sort of fits Goliath, but his acting is just sub-par. And Lautner as David? That’s such a horrible idea. Is Hollywood so desperate for ideas that they not only have to use more Bible stories and remakes, but that they have to get people they think the populous likes just to sell it? Why not tell the actual story and cast people who make sense. I’d go see it then. But like this? I hope it bombs, which it inevitably will.

  18. I think the guy who’s playing Spider-Man is actually a much better fit for David.

  19. For the love of #teamJacob and #therock. I will watch. I know, it is a terrible film concept. The acting will most likely suck. The story-line predictable. However, I cannot pass on a opportunity that one of them will go shirtless.

    Team Jacob baby. Gotta see what the Rock is cookin.

  20. I think Logan Lerman would be a perfect David… he’s skinny AND he’s Jewish!

  21. @Sandy Schaefer: Speak for yourself sister! I’m really liking this idea of Taylor Lautner as young King David.He may not look like Michangelos famos 15 foot tall interpretation – but he is a physical marvel in his own right.

    Lautner is a gifted athlete and martial artist.He’s cute and has a boyish charm.

    The Rock – Is a gifted athlete as well.He is very quick and lite on his feet.You wouldn’t expect someone as big and muscular as he is to be so explosive and agile.And the Peoples Champ has undeniable charisma too :-)

    This film needs to get the greenlight real soon.It should be out around Christmas time next year.

    That would rock :D