Taylor Kitsch Excited To Give Us More Gambit

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x men origins wolverine gambit card11 Taylor Kitsch Excited To Give Us More Gambit

Taylor Kitch who played the Ragin’ Not-So-Cajun in X-Men Origins: Wolverine is stoked about the possibility of returning to his character in the Wolverine sequel.

Rotten Tomatoes caught up with the Canadian actor of Friday Night Lights fame at the Cannes Film Festival and discussed what’s next for the mutant character he portrays. RT asked him about the possibility of him returning in the Wolverine sequel which Taylor surprisingly heard nothing about. He laughingly responded:

“Man, good on Hugh for doing that to his body again… I hadn’t heard that was going to happen! You have my brain going now about what I’d love to do with Gambit!”

As for his character and what he’d like to do going forward:

“I’m just excited to go deeper into Gambit. It’s a flattering thing when people say that the only sh***y part about the character is we didn’t see enough of him. If that’s the case, bring it on. I want to go deep into Gambit.”

While Gambit certainly needed some more screen time in the movie, that’s not exactly the only [crappy] part of the character. If you’ve seen the movie, you probably noticed that Gambit’s trademark accent went from dark with a hint of Cajun, to just a southern teenager accent in the plane scene, to nearly no accent at all in his final scene in the movie.

“I have the tools now to do some larger fights and I’d be really excited to get a chance to do that, too. I have so many ideas in my mind right now!”

Taylor underwent plenty of physical training to use and fight with his staff, so he’s physically ready. If there’s to be more movies feature my favorite X-character, I want to see done with a little more attention to detail, especially the voice.

If Wolverine 2 is expected to follow Hugh Jackman’s character on his adventures in Japan, I don’t really see Gambit playing a part of that. Could he have a cameo in the confirmed Deadpool spinoff or X-Men: First Class? According to producer Lauren Shuler-Donner, Gambit won’t be one of the First Class roster members and her reasoning is that he wasn’t part of Xavier’s first class… but neither will half of the characters they choose so that’s weird.

The Deadpool spinoff was announced pretty quickly after Wolverine debuted to a strong opening weekend despite very poor reviews. That was expected and in an earlier post, I stated that Ryan Reynolds’ solo film would likely be the first to be confirmed as it is the most bankable. Taylor Kitsch doesn’t yet have the star power to lead his own big budget X-Film so we can expect to continue seeing him play smaller roles in other characters’ movies – Problem is, it doesn’t fit with them.

I love the Gambit character and I love Taylor’s passion about the character. If he dedicates himself to voice training like he does the physical stuff, we could be in for a treat.

Where do you think we’ll see Gambit next?

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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  1. Sorry. Nope.

    No more of this “Gambit”

    Move along, please.

  2. AWESOME, Gambit is definitely my favorite character of x-men…so I would love to see more of hime in the sequel.

  3. Really? your still complaining about is accent? He didnt have that much screen time but he played him the way he should be played(cocky and arrogant) and your gonna complain about his accent?

  4. Yeah, I definitely want to see more of Kitsch’s Gambit, Taylor is really passionate about him, and I thought the accent was fine, I didn’t like the cartoon accent to begin with, so I was pleased it wasn’t laughable.

    More Gambit ASAP!

  5. not a spin-off, if FOX can’t make a proper movie about their cash cow Wolverine what can we expect for gambit, they’d ruin him. He was great in the movie but he had like 7 minutes on screen, we need more GAMBIT in another Xmen movie, hire Singer to direct Wolverine II and bring Gambit BACK!

  6. I’ve sort of given up on the whole X-Men thing, I’m more focused on the Avengers.

  7. Boo to Him as Gambit, and his crappy Meet The Robinson’s Bowler Guy hat.

  8. Gambit is also one of my favorites… I didn’t read the comics but I watched the Sat morning cartoon and his accent is WHY he’s one of my favs so yeah…. I’m gonna complain. I was very disappointed.

  9. The reboot in 20 years will do Gambit justice.

  10. Yes, Oscar

    Three separate scenes with three separate voices is something to complain about when that’s all we’ve seen (and heard) of him and when that’s all we have to go on, moving forward…

    Since his accent is his one of his most notable attributes from the comics and cartoons – it’s pretty important.

  11. I thought the accent was just fine and I am GLAD that it wasn’t a heavy Cajun accent. I actually want to understand what someone is saying in a movie. Honestly, I think some people look for ANYTHING to nitpick about in a movie.

    I also thought Wolverine was pretty damn good. I really enjoyed the film and I would love to see Wolverine 2. I thought the movie was a lot of fun and the 2nd best of all the X-men films thus far. Yes, I thought it was better than the first X-men film.

    I can’t see Fox doing a Gambit movie. I don’t think he’s a big enough character in the Marvel Universe for that. He’s not a “B” character like Iron Man that with the proper story can hold his own movie. He’s an ancillary character in X-men and should be left as such. Would I like to see him in another X-men flick? Sure.

  12. Sounds to me like he wants another movie so he can keep working..not like he really knows anything of the Gambit character or history..SO Rob his accent was a problem but Sabertooth’s size wasn’t? There were plenty of other changes from the comics mythos but FOX put up the 150 million to make it and another 50 million to market it so until I can afford to throw that kind of money around I will take this movie for what it was… an action flick with some flaws..but It’s better than 10-15 years ago when the only movies being made based on comics were Blade and Batman.

  13. Well I don’t have a favorite X-Men character really since I’m not a huge fan, the first two movies were good and this latest Wolverine movie was ok…..ish. But the Deadpool character and the Gambit character seem like cool guys who can kick some ass so solo movies for them would be somewhat interesting to me, I’d probably go watch it in theaters but if not then definitely rent it.

    I say somewhat because like I said I’m not a huge fan of X-Men, if the movie is good like the first two then I’ll watch it but I won’t be waiting on pins and needles. Now Batman is another story…:D

  14. I’m also a big Gambit fan and I agree with Rob Keyes. If he works on his accent, he should still be perfect for the character in a later installment. I somehow feel like the people making the Wolverine movie didn’t put enough effort in it, so it kind of spread out to everybody’s performances. Liev Schreiber was the only one portraying a mutant who I thought did a truly outstanding job in that movie. There’s a lot of room for improvement.

  15. @ greenknight

    Liev’s size was certainly noticeable but that’s the beauty of great acting… he still came off as a even better version of Sabretooth to me than Tyler Mane did, which I wasn’t expecting at all.

    When you get down to it, you could be picky about how Hugh Jackman’s too tall to be Wolverine, too. But he’s redefined the character in his own fashion… and in a positive way. He’s only added to Wolverine’s already tremendous popularity.

  16. I forgot to finish off my last point… but Taylor Kitch in comparison, at least to Liev and Hugh, didn’t really “live up” to the Gambit character of the comics. Liev and Hugh personified the characters but Taylor didn’t… yet. He has potential.

  17. I think the fact that monsieur Kitsch is Canadian is what bothers me the most about his ever so shoddy accent. I don’t know where in Canada he’s from, but we’re a bilingual country. French class is mandatory up to grade 10 here. I know that french Canadian is a far cry from Cajun, but it’s a step toward the french pronunciation of certain words that would have made all the difference in his performance. It’s not that hard to do, read Gambit lines in the comics, they usually write his accent phonetically so you get a feel for his dialect. It doesn’t have to be so thick that you can’t understand it, but a little french twist on a word here and there can go a long way.

    …but this is coming from an actors point of view, something that doesnt belong in movies these days.

  18. If they can approve a Deadpool movie, I don’t see why a Gambit one wouldn’t be possible. The only difference is Ryan Reynolds is a more known and bankable actor. Of all the characters they stuffed into four movies, I don’t see what the problem with getting him on screen is. He is one of the more popular ones.

  19. @ greenknight333,

    Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth was really well done. He came off a strong and brutal villain and as a larger and more menacing opponent than Wolverine did (despite Jackman’s height).

    Similar to Jackman being a foot taller than his character, he still plays the character right which is what matters.

    Height isn’t the same as their most important attributes.
    Gambit’s notable attributes are his Cajun accent (hence his nickname), his outfit, staff and cards.

    What if the Green Lantern isn’t green in his movie? It’s almost like the Ragin’ Cajun not being Cajun, lol

    Why do you think they put Gambit in the film?

    It was to throw in as many of the popular characters from the comics/cartoon as possible for the fans of those. So if that’s why they’re including him (when he has no real reason or purpose of being there, especially in that timeline), then why wouldn’t they do that right?

    The real issue however that I see being skipped over in my article, is that his voice and mannerisms literally change from scene to scene. If you see the movie again, look out for that.

    The movie has a ton of problems and it got terrible reviews with bad word-of-mouth. While I liked it personally, the one upside to the film for everyone should be the cool additional characters they included for the fans – ‘cept, that didn’t do that very well either.

    Phil makes great points on this too.

  20. i liked the first half of the film. gambit was a weak character for me.and deadpool’s optic blast, well, i hated it. and im not even a deadpool fan… so i can just imagine what the fans went through during that scene.

    rob, i did notice the change in accent, gambit was still pretty “okay”. then everything went hollywood during the second half. boooooo

  21. I have to agree with Rob. As much as I love Gambit, it’s not whether Kitsch got the accent right or wrong that bothers me, its that the accent doesn’t stay the same throughout the movie.

    Had he stuck with one accent, even if it wasn’t the deep cajun one, I’d probably be fine with it. If the guy doesn’t know how to keep an accent the same from scene to scene, than I definitely don’t want him in a sequel where he might get more screentime, and therefore the changing accent might jump out more.

  22. In the Gambit spinoff first he needs to burn that hat, then get a decent accent or new actor who can handle a somewhat Cajun accent, and then get the adamantium staff.

  23. I would personally love to see josh holloway aka sawyer as gambit. He would def kick ass in the part and has the accent and build to play the rajun cajun

  24. Make the GAMBIT movie already!! Seven minutes wasn’t enough!!

  25. Green Lantern not green?

    See Sinestro, Star Saphire(Zamarons), Atrocitus,Agent Orange,Saint Walker and Indigo..

    Just being cheeky Rob but it’s been done to death , er actually to all colors in the spectrum..

    I get your point..you wanted the accent…I wanted a good movie.. ;)

  26. Heh, gotta admit there was one instance where you almost thought Hal Jordan was going to be the newest and only Pink Lantern.

  27. @Rob

    Gambit is my second favorite character after Wolverine. I thought that Taylor Kitch brought a lot to the character and I noticed that they didn’t give him a lot of dialog or long sentences where his lack of an accent would really stand out. I’m pretty sure they knew he wasn’t ready but they wanted him there and it was great to see him.

    I agree with you, he needs voice training for that character or else how he dresses, where he lives, how he makes his living will become a parody of the real Gambit. I’m glad he wasn’t wearing that head gear though.


    Josh Holloway would be great but this Gambit needs to get a little older first and I’d like to see more Taylor in that role. As far as facial features go, his was a great match.

    Did I miss any comments about Deadpool having more powers in the movie than he did in the comic? And unlike the comic, I hope that they’ll let Ryan Reynold keep his hair when he’s “out of uniform”.

  28. @Rob…

    I don’t remember them calling Gambit the Ragin’ Cajun in the movie at any point. I could be mistaken though. If not, it’s not the first time that Fox has taken liberties with a well established character.

  29. @Andy

    Who had time to call Gambit that? Everyone was to busy kicking each others asses. ;)