New 3D Animated Tarzan Movie In the Works

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Tarzan 3D animated movie New 3D Animated Tarzan Movie In the Works

Over the years there have been many versions of the classic Tarzan story, from the original Tarzan of the Apes book written back in 1912 to book sequels, movies, radio and TV series, stage plays, video games and comic books – all in all there’s been over a hundred(!) incarnations of the Tarzan lore over the years.

So it’s not surprise to find out that there’s yet another version of Tarzan on the way, this time in 3D animated form (it’s not clear if that means it’ll be in stereoscopic 3D). Variety reports that a German company, Constantin Film, are developing the new Tarzan flick after the studio acquired the rights to the Tarzan series from the estate of author Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Constantin’s Robert Kulzer and Reinhard Klooss will produce the Tarzan pic and it will be animated by the same studio who did Animals United, another 3D animated film due out in Germany this Fall that Klooss has written, directed and produced. To bring things around to films we’ve covered a lot here at Screen Rant, Kulzer is also a producer on both Resident Evil: Afterlife and The Three Musketeers.

There are no real details on which direction this particular version of Tarzan will take, although at this point there’s nothing to suggest that it would diverge drastically from the original story. Tarzan was, “born in the jungles of Africa to a stranded English aristocratic couple. When they are killed, the infant is adopted and raised by a clan of apes. He discovers his true origins when he comes upon the cabin of his late parents.”

This isn’t the only new Tarzan movie on the way – a live-action version has been in the works for a while, which originally had Guillermo del Toro attached to direct. The the last we heard, Stephen Sommers (G.I. Joe) was helming that project. Despite the two projects differing in form (3D animated versus live-action), this is still yet another case of two different studios attempting to make their own version of the same story. Will audiences favor the live-action or the animated version?

Tarzan animated and live action New 3D Animated Tarzan Movie In the Works

Tarzan - animated or live-action?

The last truly successful Tarzan project (in terms of profits) was the Disney 2D animated film from 1999. It grossed almost $450 million, which just goes to show that there’s still interest in the character. Yes, that was over a decade ago and it was Disney who made it, but it’s still an impressive level of success nonetheless.

Tarzan is one of those timeless characters who can be adapted a million times and there would still be potential for something exciting or interesting to be made. I don’t know if this 3D animated version will be the film to bring out the best in the character (I’m picturing more of a silly animated film only kids will enjoy) but I suppose, like most other projects, it deserves a chance to prove itself.

Source: Variety

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  1. Did you know Disney’s Tarzan can be linked to James Bond, Jack Sparrow, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

    • Been readin’ some Phillip Jose Farmer? His Tarzan Alive is fascinating stuff. I like the Doc Savage stuff too.

  2. Hey don’t step in that! Its poop.

  3. Oooh god! Will this really happen? I’M TARZAN and I would be happy to
    see a new Tarzan story. Unfortunatly the Disney version was cheesy and
    I would like to see good adult stuff. Something what was never seen
    before… Does any term exist for the animated Tarzan?

  4. as a collector I hope this is good. I’m looking forward to a live action film of Tarzan again , he is a timeless hero.

  5. As a life-long Tarzan fan and collector, my interest would be in the live-action version. There are 3 things I would hope for in a new Tarzan film. 1. A good, solid story based on one the original Burroughs’ Tarzan books. 2. Tarzan is a fantasy, so I would expect some great CGI special effects. Think the recent King Kong re-make. And 3. An actor that can fill the role. NOT another Christopher Lambert, Ron Ely, Wolf Larson, Joe Lara or any girlie-looking guy who looks like a model or a beach bum. Someone with strong, masculine features who stands 6 feet 4 inches with broad shoulders and a lithe, muscular build. They shouldn’t have his hair hanging halfway down his back. Think Weissmuller.
    The character is savage, feral but stoic, a man of few words yet speaks intelligently. He can growl like a lion and follow a scent trail as well as any animal. There wouldn’t be any 6 men who could take him down.
    Those are some elements I’d like to see in a Tarzan movie.

    • Bob, I couldnt agree with you more

  6. Im pleased to hear about this NEW animated TARZAN film thet isnt a Disney production. It should be based upon a more mature and realistic themes taken from concepts of Burroughs’s novels. Too many people when they hear “”CARTOON”” they automaticlt think “Children” or immature. If you think this go see the animated WONDER WOMAN film—-INTENSE!!! Also go and see JUSTICE LEAGUE:New Frontier —-INTENSE!!! go see the animated film BATMAN: MASK OF THE PHANTASM—-Heavy stuff for a cartoon. Its sheer prejudice to think along these lines because you can have a live action film thats below the standards of Scooby-Doo or have an animated film thats above the standards of the TEN COMMANDMENTS its what goes into the film and the quality of it that makes it great and not because one is live action or the other animated. I would like to see a Tarzan film on this level. Ive been working on a script myself,the Sequel to Greystoke, “”GREYSTOKE 2: THE TREASURE VAULTS OF OPAR”” For those of us who are not readers of the Tarzan novels,OPAR was an outpost of ancient Atlantis. My script combines Burroughs’s 2 novels THE RETURN OF TARZAN[Book 2] and TARZAN AND THE JEWLES OF OPAR but I have such obsticles in getting it completed.

  7. dear friends i have read all of your comments they are all good and to the point to i am an tarzan person me and my sister when we were younger we had good actors for tarzan like gordon scott and jock mahoney and mike henry and last but not least ron ely they were the last good tarzans they had not sure if they even have an actor that can pull of the roll for these guys all filmed in the real jungle and they all did thier own stunts as well gordon scott even refused a stunt actor for his roll what can i say more they will be lucky if they can find one good luck to them any way i have all of gordon scotts as tarzan and he went on to play rolls as hercules he was gorgeous as well and i am a big fan of his movies. sincerely virginia

  8. Virgina, Im in FULL agreement with you about the latter TARZANs of the 1960s particularly GORDON SCOTT who is my favorite Tarzan particularly his 2 latter adventures TARZANs GREATEST ADVENTURE and TARZAN THE MAGNIFICENT [[The same title of one of the Tarzan books but not the same story]] Thses 2 films were very close to the reality of the Tarzan novels particularly the last 10 volumes where we find Tarzan as a lone wanderer-adventurer. The 2 Scott films like the books refers to Tarzan as “”APE-MAN”” and like the books he carries a bow and quiver of arrows at his back. I can only give these 2 films MINOR criticizisms, in the books there NEVER was a Cheetah the Chimp,Tarzan’s Monkey companion was called N’KIMA [Na-Kee-Ma],it was a small monkey with a long tail that would sit on Tarzan’s shoulder. The FILMATION cartoon of the late 1970s-early 80s portrayed this acurately. The readers of the Tarzan novels will notice Tarzan’s resistence to the advances of women,particularly LUSTFUL women,yet in GREATEST ADVENTURE,Tarzan has suggestive intimatecies with ANGELA “Angie” LORRING If it were up to me that would have been deleted from the film because thats not what Tarzan does. He would NEVER cheat on Jane. Where “”MAGNIFICENT”” is concerned,there was a scene where Tarzan was escorting the White fugitive COY BANTON [played by Jock Mahoney who later became Tarzan], Tarzan was also leading a Safari through trackless jungle and there was a point where he fell asleep and they took the key for Coy’s handcuffs that hung around Tarzan’s neck,Believe Me!! Tarzan’s jungle trained senses were so sensitive that NO ONE would have ever been able to take the key from his neck much less without waking him as they approached him. Its little things like this in the film that should have either been corrected or deleted but other than that these to great adventures are the best among Tarzan films of that time up to GREYSTOKE

    • You are right, Gordon Scott was a great Tarzan, not perfect though. An inch too short, a little too bulky, and he didn’t have the right kind of hair, although the colour was right. Tarzan actors with the right kind of hair were Johnny Weissmuller, Lex Barker and Ron Ely. I realize that I’m nitpicking a bit here, but all in all Scott was a much better Tarzan than Christofer Lambert,Wolf Larson, Joe Lara, and (ugh) Travis Femmel put together. I had the pleasure of meeting him and my picture taken with him at a convention, great guy in real life, too bad he’s gone.
      And the Filmation Saturday morning cartoon actually got things right (N’kima etc.) for a kiddie show. He was drawn like Burne Hogarth or Russ Manning drew him, the RIGHT way. Not like the stupid Disney version,with the knarly body, pointy nose and dredlocks.
      I love the character,and want to see him depicted correctly, most of them are dissapointing . It’s time for a great one again!