Second Teaser Trailer For Disney’s ‘Tangled’

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Rapunzel and Flynn in Disneys Tangled Second Teaser Trailer For Disneys Tangled

Just a week after they unleashed a short teaser for the animated feature Tangled, Walt Disney Pictures has now unveiled the longer teaser trailer for their 50th animated film.

Tangled – which was appropriately titled Rapunzel during early production – is a take-off of the timeless fairy tale about a long-haired princess (voiced by Mandy Moore) trapped in a sky-scraping tower.  This time around, instead of being rescued by a noble prince, Rapunzel finds her dull existence interrupted by a bandit named Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi from Chuck).

Despite Disney’s brief return to traditional hand-drawn animation with last year’s The Princess and the Frog, Tangled will be a 3D computer-crafted venture in the vein of their 2008 feature, Bolt.  Most of their future projects will be developed in a similar fashion, as 2D animation is regarded as more old-fashioned and lacking in terms of wide appeal with today’s moviegoers.

You can check out the second teaser for Disney’s Tangled below:

In addition to Moore and Levi, Tangled will also feature the voice talents of Donna Murphy, Ewan McGregor, and comedian Steve Martin.  Disney stalwart Alan Menken is composing the film’s score, while Bolt co-director Byron Howard and Nathan Greno share directorial duties.

Overall, this trailer left me rather unimpressed.  Disney seems to be trying to promote Tangled as an almost Shrek-like bent fairy tale (what with the pop song and emphasis on physical comedy), which made the teaser seem unoriginal, to say the least.

Rapunzels tower Disneys Tangled Second Teaser Trailer For Disneys Tangled

The Tangled footage does offer some lovely bits of background animation and a pleasantly warm color scheme.  However, the character design and movement looks pretty flat and uneven to me – nowhere near on a par with Pixar’s material – or even that of Dreamworks.

Personally, I’m a longtime fan of Disney’s animation and I enjoyed both The Princess and the Frog and Bolt when I saw them.  Sadly, Tangled looks more on the level with their lifeless 2005 flick Chicken Little.

What do you think?  Does Tangled look like it has that old Disney magic?  Or does the teaser leave you feeling less than enthusiastic?  Sound off in the comments section below.

Tangled is scheduled for a wide release in regular and 3D theaters on November 24th, 2010.

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  1. I really wish they would leave the computer animation and 3D to Pixar. I enjoyed Chicken Little actually, but does anyone remember Meet the Robinsons? Yikes! That one was terrible. Tangled doesn’t have the Disney feeling in my opinion. It looks like it’s trying too hard to appeal to today’s pop culture and mainstream. It looks like it’s trying too hard to be like How to Train Your Dragon or Shrek and it just doesn’t work. I really wish they would stay with hand drawn animation. I feel like a lot of the material Disney puts out wouldn’t make Walt Disney proud and it’s really sad to be honest. Hopefully we’re wrong though and Tangled will be great, but right now? Doesn’t look hopeful.

  2. Ugh, another Shrek!? Or I’ll eat my hat. Which will likely taste better than watching this.

  3. Uh, what’s up with the “Venom” hair?


    • Her hair reminded me of ninjas attacking . . . and I thought it looked pretty cool! I really don’t get the hate for this movie, it looks adorable.

  4. I’m actually really looking forward to this. Should be interesting what it turns into

  5. Dear Disney, please. please do more traditionally hand drawn animated movies. Yes, we understand that Princess & the Frog underperformed, but that’s only because it was released nationally the week before Avatar and parents were too busy taking their kids to see that piece of crap known as Alvin & the Chipmunks.

  6. I’m looking forward to this. The animation looks stunning and the characters more life-like as opposed to being too stylized, as in the “Incredibles” (my only minor complaint of one of my favorite movies). If they can keep the humor from being too topical and avoid the hit-to-the-crotch and fart jokes, they might have a hit.
    I recommend taking another look at “Meet the Robinsons”. I didn’t like it much at first but every time I see it I like it more.

  7. Looks ok to me. I have a hard time not picturing “Chuck” every time he speaks, though.

  8. What? Chicken Little was good but Meet the Robinson was bad??? Did I watch the same Meet the Robinsons movie as you??? Out of all of Disney’s CG flicks, THAT one was the only one with heart and a satisfying, surprise ending!

    Now, on the subject of Tangled. I am sorely disapointed, like many here, with the trailer. I won’t voice my true opinion until I’ve seen the entire film, as the trailer was made to attract the macho gender. (I find it hilarious that Rapunzel was hardly even in the trailer! Talk about being one-sided.) But even then, I don’t like the smart-aleck humor (calling the woman a “blondie”), the action, or the stiff animation. Back when Glen Keane was directing this film, he wanted it as an old-school effort, more serious, more musical, and beautiful animation that looks like a moving oil painting. Now, all we have is something worse than Shrek or the designs in UP. (Sorry if you happened to like those two particular films.) I am just disappointed…

  9. I don’t understand the dislike for this. I found it funny and enjoyable.

  10. You’re kidding. You didn’t LIKE it? I watched it three times in a row. I can’t wait to see this one.

  11. Disney, here we go with another idyllic princess story…oh boy – what fun!? Sure the characters were cute but they could’ve been something more formidable not a thief & princess but maybe an unemployed “green peace loving” construction worker type meets the heiress of an architectural conglomerate bent on forest devastation? Now that would be interesting. Let’s think about everyday people Disney!!!!

  12. While the story doesn’t really feel too fresh, visually this film looks great. Looks to be the best Disney 3D animated film yet. I really dug Chicken Little, Meet the Robinsons and Bolt. I also agree that Meet the Robinsons is probably the most heart felt Disney 3D flick to date and the more I watch it the more I like it. Chicken Little is okay but it doesn’t have the heart MTR has. Bolt is pretty enjoyable each time I watch it as well. As for the guy that thought there was something wrong with UP. You have lost your mind. you’re probably a Twilight fan aren’t you? Shrek was pretty fresh when the first one came out but has become less and less appealing with each film.

  13. Saw the trailer last night. In front of “Toy Story 3.” That’s like seeing a trailer for Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” in front of “The Exorcist.” All it does is point out how truly, deadly awful it is. Possibly the worst title cards EVER in the history of trailers, and that says a lot. There’s a soul-crushingly awful pop song underneath the action, which is not centered around Rapunzel, but around this clod of a prince/thief/whatever. To say this looks awful is to do a disservice to awful movies.

  14. As I will not see this till January [I’m in Australia], I can only voice my concerns with this teaser trailer:

    1. Flynn Rider seems like a re-tread of Disney’s own Phoebus. He also has a mildly [if not outright] misogynistic streak that makes me worry that this will be sold as “hip” or “cool” [a la Han Solo, a macho character from 1977, now light years away from the 21st century] instead of the troubling status quo of subtle repression that it is.

    2. The “fractured fairy tale” thing has been, IMO, done to death already. We get it. Fairy Tales are outdated. The original ‘Tarzan’ novels have not dated well either, and yet Disney managed to update both Jane [as an independent-minded, intelligent anthropologist] and Tarzan [as less of a brute] without the need to make either of them snarky. If the aim was to not have Rapunzel as a useless girl unable to climb down her own tower, surely this could be done without the tonnes of attitude I feel this will have [and of the rather empty and cheap “like” and “duh-huh” variety].

    3. I agree with all of the comments about the animation. It looks flat and rubbery. At this stage in the evolution of CGI, I shouldn’t be thinking of the rubbery humans of the first Shrek when I look at Flynn.

    4. I don’t mind the title change or Flynn as a co-main character… but I do feel leery of both of these things being done in a calculated move to pull in male viewers. Have Disney already forgotten ‘Treasure Planet’? Aimed at boys? Nearly sank the studio? I love ‘Treasure Planet,’ but if Disney think actively pursuing an audience first and foremost, at the expense of artistic expression, will bring them a better Box Office than PatF they’d do well to look to all the times that’s failed in the past.