New ‘Tales From the Crypt’ Series in the Works

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Tales from the Crypt TV New Tales From the Crypt Series in the Works

HBO’s Tales From the Crypt served as one of the network’s more successful outings into original programming before the likes of The Sopranos, True Blood and Game of Thrones drastically altered the landscape of television. Now, the show is looking to make a comeback – thanks to Andrew Cosby, co-creator of SyFy’s Eureka, and original Crypt producer, Gil Adler.

Running from 1989-1994, the horror anthology – based on the 1950’s EC Comics book of the same name – was a way-past-your-bedtime staple of children taking advantage of their parent’s willingness to pay for premium content.

Though mostly associated with the series’ host, the Crypt Keeper, a six-man puppet who punned his way through the introductions of each episode, the Tales From the Crypt attracted a bevy of top-notch talent for some of its episodes. Stars like Steve Buscemi, Daniel Craig, Brad Pitt, Tim Roth and more, all made appearances during the show’s seven-year run.

The series was so successful, it spawned two theatrical films under the Tales From the Crypt banner – Demon Knight, starring Billy Zane, Jada Pinkett Smith and William Sadler, and the Dennis Miller-led horror-comedy, Bordello of Blood.

Cosby and Adler’s new vision for Tales From the Crypt won’t be a remake of the HBO anthology – nor will it include the Crypt Keeper. In fact, it won’t be an anthology at all, but a serialized program that, according to Cosby, “…will be an ongoing series that uses characters from the comic books in a more modern context.”

So far, the show exists only as a comprehensive pitch and bible that Cosby and Adler are hoping will catch the eye of a network looking for genre content during the current television development cycle.

The Crypt Keeper Tales from the Crypt New Tales From the Crypt Series in the Works

Right now, Cosby and Adler have been shopping Tales From the Crypt around to the big four networks and cable channels alike – with Cinemax apparently interested in finding a slot for the show. Crypt could fit in well amongst Cinemax’s burgeoning line up of original content, which includes such guy-friendly programming as Strike Back and the television adaptation of the Transporter films.

The producers may look into the financing model of Cinemax’s two new shows to get Tales From the Crypt up and running. Strike Back and Transporter are both financed through an international co-production deal, which, in the case of Crypt, would likely take the series from proposal to production rather quickly.

Certainly, for the now largely grown up (physically, at least) fans of the original series, hope lies in the unrestrictive land of a pay-cable channel like Cinemax landing the show – lest this new version pale in comparison to the more adult versions that have come before. Cosby says, “It’s all about continually elevating the genre, for both existing fans of the source material and mainstream audiences.”


Screen Rant will be sure to report, as more news from the new Tales From the Crypt emerges.

Source: Deadline

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  1. TFtC without the Crypt Keeper? Tis a sad day indeed…

  2. no

  3. Ew lol, I remember this show from when I had HBO in my room as a kid (I know, my folks were so innocent) but I never got into it.

    • this brings back mememories of of being a kid but if they dont have the crypt keeper than I dont know.

  4. These guys are geniuses. For years I’ve wanted Tales From the Crypt to return to television, but without the Crypt Keeper, much like I have always wanted a lemon snow cone that doesn’t taste at all like lemon and now my life long quest is finally over. How exactly is this suppose to elevate anything, except fan rage, when your hacking yourself off at the knees? It’s only certain things in life where less is more and this isn’t one of them. As an “existing fan of the source material” I do not support this at all and Adler should be flogged for the blasphemy he’s attempting to perpetrate. As an original producer he should know better.

    P.S. Demon Knight was awesome then, now, and shall always remain so.

    • Thank you, Nick

  5. Greetings Boils and Ghouls,
    I’d love a new Tales from the Crypt series and would be absolutely excited about a new version of the Crypt Keeper. But I wouldn’t watch the show without him. It doesn’t make sense. I hope they reconsider this.

  6. no crypt keeper, no viewers…no wonder HBO didn’t even attempt to think about this…If this is done the execs would be crazy to follow the fool hardy mission of no crypt keeper…Thats like having the transporter series with the transporter…just watching each episode through the eyes of the people he was suppose to pick up but he never shows…bad idea adler…i expect better from an original producer of the show, then again who knows, he might have even been the reason it was cancelled in the first place…

    Adler:”Hey guys how about we spice up the show and ditch the crypt keeper, we could make it a continual horror series with vampires and werewolves and have them be all brooding and pawning after a barely attractive female lead who doesn’t know how to act…and here’s the catch, the vampires dont burn in the sunlight, the turn into zombie skeletons who tell stories around a campfire…”

    HBO Execs: “Adler…you’re fired…we are cancelling this show before you get the chance to ruin it for everyone…”

    Adler: “You’ll see one day the world will be begging for shows like this, there will be teen girls lining up at box offices to see sparkling vampires and young boys with cut bodies turning into over grown dogs…and they will remake teen wolf where he is a lacross player and completely revamp the story so he is bitten by a werewolf instead of born that way…and it will be a hit show on MTV.”

    HBO Execs: “Ya Adler…you ever consider retiring…maybe commiting yourself to a hospital until these voices in your head start telling you to go on a killing spree too…”

    Adler: “Wait and see…mark my words…”

    Then adler vanished from site for almost 2 decades only to reemurge as his warnings became a reality…

    Sorry…I am in a bit of an odd mood and this is my true response to this whole nonsense…


    • it could be awesome. what do you know?

      • apparently more than you!!!

  7. I’d say not Crypt Keeper, no show!!!!!!!!! He is what made the show fun to watch.

  8. TftC without the Crypt Keeper? I could forgive it if they brought in the Old Witch or the Vault Keeper, but this? And it’s not even an anthalogy? Definitely sounds like Tales from the Crypt in name only. I think I’ll stick to my DVDs of the original series.


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  10. Well everybody paid attention to the “No crypt keeper” thing. You producers and editors don’t know what your doing to a vision that was fine and always will be. If the crypt keeper is not in the new one, then don’t expect good ratings because your not getting the old fans, only new ones and that’s a small ratio compared to your big old fans. Thanks a lot (Sarcasm)

  11. Oh come on! Bring back the crypt keeper! :(

  12. Nope gonna be a big waste of time and money. Without the crypt keeper the show will be noooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!! i repeat noooooooooo good!!!

  13. No cryptkeeper, not interested!

  14. No crypt keeper? That will ruin the whole concept of tales from the crypt.. if it happens? Lol. Lets hope not!

  15. No! They’re making a huge mistake if they don’t bring back the crypt keeper!

  16. It’s almost like they’re trying to get booed off stage. No Crypt Keeper?? A f-cking stupid idea. One that will FAIL miserably and definitely get panned by fellow Crypt fans. Hello? Most Crypt Keeper fans are in their mid 30s and up. We’re not dead yet and we haven’t forgotten of the good ol’ Keeper. Either you bring him back or can the idea or simply rename your shenanigans to something completely different and leave TFTC alone.

  17. Okay. There is so much wrong here.

    FIRST IF ALL, the original Tales from the Crypt comics from the ’50s were anthologies, not a continuing story. It doesn’t make sense to have it continuing, I mean if they go through with this idea, why call it ‘TALES from the Crypt’ ? It’s going to be one big story, not one TALE per EPISODE.

    SECOND, why even name it ‘Tales from the CRYPT’ if there isn’t a CRYPT-keeper?? They are probably omitting the Crypt-keeper because he was probably destroyed/damaged over the years in storage, I know this because I’ve seen the poor excuse for a Crypt-keeper they’ve been using since the 2000′s. ( He was in the third Tales from the crypt film “Tales from the crypt Presents Ritual” in 2006, and in the season DVD releases menus, 2005-2007). I mean why not make a new Crypt-keeper and ditch the poor excuse of a Crypt-keeper they’ve been using lately? Then they shouldn’t want to completely ruin the whole format of the Tales from the Crypt series!

    I think they should either revive the ORIGINAL HBO series, or just leave the series alone and end it on a good note.

    Tales from the Crypt doesn’t deserve this.

    THIRD, if they still go through with thi

  18. I agree.

  19. The Crypt Keeper is what fans love and his stories. He is still loved till this day, and can make a comeback in 2014 with old fans as well as new. If you don’t have the return of the crypt keeper, the show won’t make it. We want the Crypt Keeper back.