How ‘Taken 3′ Could Properly Conclude the ‘Taken’ Trilogy

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taken 3 liam neeson How Taken 3 Could Properly Conclude the Taken Trilogy

When you stop and think about it, the Taken series has, in a bizarre twist, charted the same course as the Hangover franchise (bear with me now). The audacity of the first installment took audiences by surprise, reaping the benefits through word-of-mouth, and giving rise to an unplanned sequel. Part 2 enjoyed a hefty uptick in opening weekend returns, but at the cost of plummeting critical stocks (read our review, for case in point). Money talks in Hollywood, of course, so that means The Hangover Part III – and now, Taken 3 – is on the way.

These trilogy-finales will stray from the formula of their predecessors, according to the filmmaking talent behind them. However, the proposition of another Taken movie is more enticing to me than a third Hangover flick, for reasons that will be divulged after the jump.

Taken was intended as a standalone release from EuroCorp co-founder/filmmaker Luc Besson, as co-writer Robert Mark Kamen discussed in a recent interview with The unexpected popularity of ex-CIA man Bryan Mills (brought to life by Liam Neeson with his gruff, yet monotone, voice) led the duo to write what Kamen describes as “not really a sequel, it’s a continuation story.”

Mill’s actions from the previous film fuel the proceedings in Taken 2, as Albanian criminals – led by Rade Serbedzija, whose sex-trafficker son was kiled by Neeson – enact a revenge plot (Serbedzija calls it “justice”) against the Mills clan, who are gathered for some vacation time in Istanbul. The sequel has a welcome European flavor courtesy of Besson and director Olivier Megataon, but it also feels somewhat tired – even with inventive sequences (ex. grenades as a means for echo-location) and satirical (or are they just hackneyed?) scenes that riff on what many would consider the current epitome of hip American action cinema, Drive.

Liam Neeson in Taken 2 How Taken 3 Could Properly Conclude the Taken Trilogy

Liam Neeson in ‘Taken 2′

In a way, though, the ‘been there, done that’ feel of Taken 2 is appropriate given the place where Bryan Mills is at in his life. The character looks more worried while shining his car to prep for driving lessons with his daughter than he does while shooting people. During a confrontation with Serbedzija, Neeson even delivers a monologue about how tired he is of the cyclical violence he has contributed to (you can probably make out the political subtext with ease). The point is, by the end of the film, Mills’ interest lies with getting to an even better place with his maturing daughter (Maggie Grace) and soon-to-be-divorced ex-wife (Famke Janssen).

Kamen has made it known that “We’ve taken everyone we can take [so 'Taken 3' is] going to go in another direction.” Taken 2, as suggested before, continues to progress Mills’ relationship with his family, while evolving the allegory of the first film – i.e. Besson and Kamen’s examination of ‘American diplomacy,’ as illustrated through Mills’ take-no-prisoners approach to rescuing his kidnapped loved ones. Hence, things are in place for Part 3 to bring the main character’s personal arc to a more satisfying conclusion, while also allowing Mills to reckon with the dark side of his past once and for all (albeit, without someone close to him being ‘taken’).

taken 2 trailer clip How Taken 3 Could Properly Conclude the Taken Trilogy

Liam Neeson and Maggic Grace in ‘Taken 2′

Taken 2 is as logically ridiculous and visually kinetic as… well, every other project co-written by Besson and directed by Megaton (Transporter 3, Colombiana). Still, there is potential for a third and final installment to cap off the political themes and character threads developed throughout the first two films (more so than with the setup for Hangover Part III, as we bring this article full circle). The watchability factor of this Neeson franchise, coupled with the promise of closure, is enough to keep me interested in seeing what happens next in ‘The Taken Saga.’

Did Taken 2 turn you off this series? Or are you willing to give Taken 3 a shot? Let us know in the comments section.

Taken 2 is currently in theaters.



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  1. I will be seeing Taken 2 since NONE of my local movie theaters got DREDD >:( I loved the first movie and Liam Neeson is one of my favorite actors, But I would end the Taken franchise with number 3.

    • Theaters around here don’t have Dredd either. :(

      • It´s a shame really, that movie it´s awesome (DREDD) and i feel bad ´cause they promise a trilogy if the movie past trough his budget, but in this ocasion i don´t think that´s gonna happen and it will be really bad…..

        • That’s why you see it on opening weekend instead of waiting 2 weeks where it bombed and of course it wouldn’t still be in theaters

      • our movie houses ran Dredd for a week or less…got so disappointed because Resident Evil is still playing til now.

  2. Obviously in Taken 3…. He HIMSELF must be TAKEN!!

    • There’s only so many people that can be TAKEN beofre everyone starts avoiding this guy right? Perhaps he should be TAKEN in number 3 and never found again for all of our sakes!

  3. I really wanted to like this because I’m a big fan of the first one and fan of the vigilante and revenge movies in general but this sequel went too ridiculous, it’s just watchable for Liam kicking ass but it was a big let down. Saludos de Mexico

  4. I really wanted to like this because I’m a big fan of the first one and fan of the vigilante and revenge movies in general but this sequel went too ridiculous, it takes itself to serious and it’s just watchable for Liam kicking butt but overall it was a big let down. Saludos de Mexico

  5. I’d be up for a third one. Hopefully they can come up with a decent story.

  6. Taken 3 is very easy to write.

    The president or someone important is ‘Taken’ while near Mills. Mills goes to work.

    Now, where is my fee.

    • Heh I was thinking the EXACT same thing!

  7. The worst thing you can do at the movie theater is build yourself up for a huge let down…bad sequel! They turned a potentially good thriller into low budget action movie. Walk away from the third one Liam!

  8. The third one they should kill his wife and daughter right away at the beginning. It will be called ‘Taken: Forever’ and then Neeson will go on a one man killing spree.

    Or they can capture his pregnant daughter or infant grandchild.

    The thing that sucked about Taken 2 was the way Mills fought hand to hand. In the first one he delivered convincing military style death blows, in this one it was standard punch and kick action movie fight crap.

  9. I’m on enough high to see where dat Taken franchise is going, if it rehashes dat formula again it ain’t gonna be a good movie so why not have the President taken in the third flick or something centred around him being recruited by a secret agency for a world peace mission. Oh and we need more action stars, how about Ray Park as a villain? It would be interesting to see them both on the screen together again possible in a major action sequence.

  10. Taken 3 should eliminate the family story altogether. Just Mills and his buddies, or as the article suggests, a past coming back to haunt him. And the studios shld make it happen fast, as Neeson is not getting any younger.

  11. Maybe Jamie is one of them? If you get what I’m trying to get at.

    Anywho….I don’t see how anyone who liked the first one not like the second one. It’s the same thing, done on the same level. He kicked ass. He kicked ass again. And my God what else would you expect? Atleast I enjoyed it as much as the first :)

  12. ^^^ people want to pretend they’re a part of the screen rant editorial team. People should not have expected anything more from this movie except Liam being clever and kicking ass, which he did.

  13. It could be a crossover with Columbiana.

  14. I’ll take a sequel over a remake any day.

    Obviously I’d prefer a whole new film which is as good as the original Taken but has a different story and different characters, though I could do with some more Liam Neeson (why did it take him this long to get his career into high gear?)

    Failing that, a sequel sounds good.

    What I DON’T want to see is a crap remake of Taken starring Shia LeBouf as a younger “more hip” Bryan.

    • lol

  15. I told everyone that I talked to about the film how I felt they were setting it up for a third one. Which is not a bad idea, they pulled this off pretty well. I really think that the film would be set in LA and that it would somehow invovle the new boyfriend because they gave him such high billing for such a small part it really made me feel that this was more character introduction then anything else.
    I do have to say that I felt like Neeson’s “tired of this” line was what he told the producers until they flashed a ton of money in his face.

  16. Now I’ve not seen the sequel and little did I know a third movie was planned until reaching this website. I really liked the first installment and I was ecstatic to hear the news yet left in wonder at the same time on what could the second installment possibly be about. I mean, does she get kidnapped again? Haha.
    Sooo, I thought back to the first movie a bit and the rich guy that Famke married could actually turn out to be the leader of these kidnappings that were happening in Europe and all along they’ve been under the same roof! Quite the twist, I thought!

  17. I think Taken 3 should be (called Taken Again) and it should be based on the kidnapping of Kim and her boyfriend. The storyline should be that the movie begins with the wedding of Kim and her boyfriend. They go somewhere for their honeymoon and it is there that they get taken by the other two sons of the bad guy. then daddy Liam has to come save them before it is too late. Great story!!! :) Loved all of the Taken movies thus far. Wicked!! :D

  18. I will watch Taken 3 even though I thought Taken 2 was not as good as the first, but it should end there.

    • Haha I was thinking the same thing leaving the theater.

  19. Taken 3 should be where Kim’s boyfriend is somehow related to the family that Bryan killed. Then dramatise the whole story. Lol

  20. Loved Taken 1 & 2. Will definitely see #3 if and when it is made.

  21. Oh and I really think Sam and the guys should get WAY more involved in the 3rd one.

  22. I think they should do a Taken 3, it should be the last one though. You can only see so many movies about kidnapping somebodies loved ones. Sometimes you have to know when to go out on top.

    It would be nice to see the final one include his buddies a bit more. I would like to see the two brothers come after Liam (forgoing the daughter and mother route) as a way to say now it is over and like us your daughter no longer has a father around. Since this would be new, it would allow for his buddies to try and piece their way back to Liam and we get to see how bad ass they are as a team (think Act of Valor).

    Then if you wanted you could spin off of the Taken franchise and go with something modeled around Liam’s buddies who are equal in badassery as Liam but maybe since they are all single they have the ‘got nuthing to lose’ attitude.

  23. Taken 3 should be interesting that the kim’s boyfriend was one of the 2 sons of the bad guy and came for revange or after afew years some body kidnap his grandson. :-)

  24. Taken 2 was amazing! These two movies are my absolute favorite! It would be a great idea to make a third one&& make it in a different direction.

  25. Taken 3 should be about all the people who complain about part 2 get taken and he just let’s them.

  26. I believe Taken 3 could be about Liam and his ex CIA buddies and how they ended up where they are at now and getting back with his ex wife could be incorporated in it

  27. I think a 3rd movie would ruin the thrilling first movie, the second part wasn’t that great and with liam neeson sounding like he isn’t keen to do a third i think it will be a flop unless they can pull one out of the bag, and dredd was showing in NZ for ages it looks good!

  28. I enjoyed Taken 2 but there is always a closer attachment to one that started it all. Taken was epic and gritty and sealed Neeson in my mind.
    As for Taken3, I think the story can go full circle. Instead of having Neeson or family taken, why not link him up with his buddies and have them do the taking in order to seal off the chapter. they could try to end the Albanian’s reign. At least that’s just my thought.

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