How ‘Taken 3′ Could Properly Conclude the ‘Taken’ Trilogy

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taken 3 liam neeson How Taken 3 Could Properly Conclude the Taken Trilogy

When you stop and think about it, the Taken series has, in a bizarre twist, charted the same course as the Hangover franchise (bear with me now). The audacity of the first installment took audiences by surprise, reaping the benefits through word-of-mouth, and giving rise to an unplanned sequel. Part 2 enjoyed a hefty uptick in opening weekend returns, but at the cost of plummeting critical stocks (read our review, for case in point). Money talks in Hollywood, of course, so that means The Hangover Part III – and now, Taken 3 – is on the way.

These trilogy-finales will stray from the formula of their predecessors, according to the filmmaking talent behind them. However, the proposition of another Taken movie is more enticing to me than a third Hangover flick, for reasons that will be divulged after the jump.

Taken was intended as a standalone release from EuroCorp co-founder/filmmaker Luc Besson, as co-writer Robert Mark Kamen discussed in a recent interview with The unexpected popularity of ex-CIA man Bryan Mills (brought to life by Liam Neeson with his gruff, yet monotone, voice) led the duo to write what Kamen describes as “not really a sequel, it’s a continuation story.”

Mill’s actions from the previous film fuel the proceedings in Taken 2, as Albanian criminals – led by Rade Serbedzija, whose sex-trafficker son was kiled by Neeson – enact a revenge plot (Serbedzija calls it “justice”) against the Mills clan, who are gathered for some vacation time in Istanbul. The sequel has a welcome European flavor courtesy of Besson and director Olivier Megataon, but it also feels somewhat tired – even with inventive sequences (ex. grenades as a means for echo-location) and satirical (or are they just hackneyed?) scenes that riff on what many would consider the current epitome of hip American action cinema, Drive.

Liam Neeson in Taken 2 How Taken 3 Could Properly Conclude the Taken Trilogy

Liam Neeson in ‘Taken 2′

In a way, though, the ‘been there, done that’ feel of Taken 2 is appropriate given the place where Bryan Mills is at in his life. The character looks more worried while shining his car to prep for driving lessons with his daughter than he does while shooting people. During a confrontation with Serbedzija, Neeson even delivers a monologue about how tired he is of the cyclical violence he has contributed to (you can probably make out the political subtext with ease). The point is, by the end of the film, Mills’ interest lies with getting to an even better place with his maturing daughter (Maggie Grace) and soon-to-be-divorced ex-wife (Famke Janssen).

Kamen has made it known that “We’ve taken everyone we can take [so 'Taken 3' is] going to go in another direction.” Taken 2, as suggested before, continues to progress Mills’ relationship with his family, while evolving the allegory of the first film – i.e. Besson and Kamen’s examination of ‘American diplomacy,’ as illustrated through Mills’ take-no-prisoners approach to rescuing his kidnapped loved ones. Hence, things are in place for Part 3 to bring the main character’s personal arc to a more satisfying conclusion, while also allowing Mills to reckon with the dark side of his past once and for all (albeit, without someone close to him being ‘taken’).

taken 2 trailer clip How Taken 3 Could Properly Conclude the Taken Trilogy

Liam Neeson and Maggic Grace in ‘Taken 2′

Taken 2 is as logically ridiculous and visually kinetic as… well, every other project co-written by Besson and directed by Megaton (Transporter 3, Colombiana). Still, there is potential for a third and final installment to cap off the political themes and character threads developed throughout the first two films (more so than with the setup for Hangover Part III, as we bring this article full circle). The watchability factor of this Neeson franchise, coupled with the promise of closure, is enough to keep me interested in seeing what happens next in ‘The Taken Saga.’

Did Taken 2 turn you off this series? Or are you willing to give Taken 3 a shot? Let us know in the comments section.

Taken 2 is currently in theaters.



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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed taken and taken2 action packed with personal relationships changing. Can’t wait for#3

  2. I can’t wait for TAKEN 3!!!:D …
    I know everyone pretty much says theres know one else to kidnap but i think the daughter and her boyfriend can be kidnapped again but show more of her point of view like they did with the mother in TAKEN 2 because in the first movie the daughter and what she went through was barely in it

  3. I will sock some kok for token 3

  4. I’d like to see Liam taken and Maggie has to help save him. I’d love to see her kicking ass until she can help Liam escape and then he can carrie the rest of the movie.

    • Marco’s dad said he had 2 more sons. What would make taken 3 the best is if his daughters boyfriend turns out to b the youngest of the 2 sons left and he kidnaps her again! ;-) I should produce movies I’m very talented tell me what u guys think about that plot

      • Her being kidnapped again is repetitive… If that were the case, they would have to spin it to make it interesting.

      • I thought the exact same thing! Great idea! Although it would have been better if Brian had figured that out before the last scene and just shot right there in the cafe LOLOLOLOL

      • Greattttt ideaaa dude …you should be a producer !!

      • well i was kinda thinking what you would be thinking but can there be A taken 3 now like if there is id like to know because i was thinking that the old man in the end of taken 2 said that he had grand kids when if the grand kids came and kidnapped bryan mills daughter for the third taken and let there be action like the first and second taken :] i hope u like the idea

    • I doubt the screen writers would write a second kidnapping of the daughter or the mother or the uhhh…grandparents OR GRANDKIDS (4 YEARS LATER). Most likely it will be the 4 friends who all have CIA connections. The bad guys (the two remaining brothers) will find out that Liam is a CIA operative and that so are his friends. Once they find out that he is a CIA alumni they will figure out that so is his friends. So… they kidnap the friends and torture them them so they tell the name of all the CIA agents (world Wide) that they know. The two brothers now plan to sell the list or arrange the killing of all 25 CIA agents world wide and the only one that can find them and stop them is Liam.

      One of them will call Liam to let him know they no longer want him (and of course liam has gone to extraordinary steps to protect his family so they can’t get to them. But the bad guy will call liam and and say something like “Once we found out that you were CIA, it WAS no longer about you!!”

  5. Taken is one of the best films ever made, so obviously the sequel had to live upto certain expectations and for me it did just that. I for one would love a third taken, simply because ‘Marcos’ father stated he had two other sons and I would love to see Brian Mills destroy them both. But as a happy ending let the guy have his family, don’t let hum save them both and he ends up with nothing. Please make a third.

  6. Kinda reminds me of the die hard series never a dull moment so i expect taken 3 to be like that looking forward…

    • Or they could take his pet dog?

  7. Cant wait for part 3. Love the taken series. By the way. Good idea for part 3. Anxious.

  8. I would love a 3rd instalment where Kim has also become an agent without her parents knowing. She needs to start kicking ass! And I think Lenore and Brian need to reconcile.

  9. I feel that Taken 3 should revolve around Bryan and his friends using their skills to help somebody else. We never really saw the friends use their skills.

    • Yes, use his friends because they all were & all skillful. Doesn’t matter who will be taken but involve his friends. Kim should be more involved too as part of the team because she has been through so much and learn so much from that world. She can be a great asset or great agent.

  10. From the ending of Taken 2, it would seem that the boyfriend could possibly be the grandson of the Murad (Marco’s father) whi Neeson kills at the end of the movie. They kept mentioning grandsons so maybe Kim’s boyfriend is a grandson who went to track her down? At last that’s what I kept thinking at the beginning AND at the end when he joined them for dinner. Maybe Kim will train with her father and kill Jamie the boyfriend when he tries to take her again!!

  11. I would love a taken 3 of the father killin everyone that can still come after his family.

  12. I say we need to move on now from the mother and daughter storylines and focus more on Bryan and his 3 buddies from Taken 1 which we never saw any of in Taken 2 apart from a fleeting glance of Sam I think it was sat at his computer looking into Kimi’s boyfriends’ background (never quite got the point of that whole sub storyline tbh) as I think Sam could bring more to the table in conjunction with Bryan.
    Maybe one or more of the old crew are taken for some revenge plot dating back to their CIA days and Bryan with the help of Sam has to find them and sort out the bad guys. Maybe Kimi or Lenny could act as a bait or decoys or the interface between Bryan and the authorities putting them in the picture as to whats happening and where.

  13. No, make it so Jamie(her boyfriend) wants to get out of the family business(sex trafficking) and lead a normal life. His father gets angry, so he runs away. *Flash-forward One Year* Jamie and Kim are on a date, when they reach the middle of a bridge, Jamie gets down on one knee and proposes. Right then, A black van skids to a stop, and people in black masks abduct him and Kim. +Switch Point of View+ Bryan is walking home one night, when he sees his daughter and her boyfriend on a bridge about 4 blocks away. He watches as Jamie proposes, apparently he now approves of him, and he see them be abducted. Now he, and an old CIA partner, who is on the inside of the operation, race against time to get Jamie and Kim back.

  14. Some good ideas here! But i would like to see the mother and daughter save brian mabe with some help from sam!!!

  15. I would love to see another Taken movie. Taken and Taken 2 are very good movies. Love the action and real life drama it can portray. Can’t wait.

  16. I love both TAKEN and TAKEN 2. I think the boyfriend of his daughter is the grandson of one of the brothers killed, and he’s plotting something special for her in TAKEN 3.
    We’ll see. I can’t wait for TAKEN 3 !!! I loved the first and 2nd in the trilogy.

  17. Best bet is the family of the fat guy he killed on the boat in the first movie. He was wealthy and im guessing they will use mercenaries to try and kill bryan. Bryan will have to be assisted by his friends and go to war. Just my thoughts.

  18. yes totally loved taken 1&2 altbough the first one was better but the first movie is always better when producers or directors make it. I would so watch taken 3

    • I loved Taken and so please with the sequel of Taken 2. I have read all of the suggestions but do not agree on most of them the one thing I agree on is that Kim develops the skills that her father has and she does more with that skill. Leave the boyfriend out of being one them that would be a horrible idea. Most the comments were about grandsons , but at end of Taken 2 was not asking about grandsons , but about two other sons. I think they need to let Brian and his ex-wife get back together knowing now what she knows what he went through the first go around she becomes more tougher because of the ordeal she experienced in Taken 2. They have already shown that the daughter had gained pose to take after her father when she is determine to find him. If they want this to be the installment then it should be a three hour movie packed with non stop action. As the taken part would be the last two sons having no children of their own and could be several plots having to be about the Mills years latter with friends of them all have been taken and find out that it involves the two sons not knowing they are about meet the Mills family to end the family last two sons from drugs, selling women go from there.

  19. It’s interesting that’s for sure. I like the idea of Brian’s colleagues being more involved in the story for this instalment. I disagree about Kim becoming an agent, I mean she has two nasty ordeals so I think Brian wouldn’t want to put her through all that again he would want her safe.

  20. I’d love to see more with the CIA guys (Sam!!) but I’d also really like some development for the ladies, they don’t have to be pushed to the side for a sausage fest. Maggie Grace is really just there to look pretty, but Famke Janssen is a solid actress, so hopefully Taken 3 will give her more to do than cry and play dead.

  21. Now that “Taken 3″ is close to release, I’ll weigh in. My best hope for this franchise is that it accomplishes what “Die Hard” failed to do–transfer the action to the next generation. In the case of “Taken” that would mean using this next film as a set-up for Maggie Grace to star in future movies, as a kick-ass, Female Action Hero. Maggie Grace is young enough and has the physical stature to be believable as an Action Star. Plus, she good-looking and has a fan base because of her work in “Lost” and “Twilight”. I’m hoping.

  22. Taken 1 really made me want more… as The 3 movies progressed, each movie really made you made you want more and more of the stories…. I REALLY HOPE THAT THEY MAKE Taken 4 — very strong possibility… especiallly with Kim expecting a child…. :)

  23. I loved Taken,Taken2, and Taken3 they were all awesome and would lobe more of them. I love Liam Neeson he is just a great actor.