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Liam Neeson Taken 2 Taken 2 Review

The sequel is dominated by eye-rolling character moments, disjointed plot lines, and mostly underwhelming onscreen action. As a result, it’s unlikely that moviegoers will be quite as Taken.

Liam Neeson is back as retired CIA Operative, Bryan Mills in Taken 2. In 2008, director Pierre Morel, working from a Luc Besson script, helped cement the actor’s credibility as a go-to action star with the original Taken. Unlike his heroic adventures in franchise films like Star Wars: Episode 1 and Batman Begins, Taken put Neeson front and center in a storyline that would succeed or fail based on the actor’s ability to remain likable and engaging – while his character ruthlessly killed and/or tortured a steady stream of bad guys. A smart story, paired with Neeson’s charm and Mills’ unrelenting brutality proved to be a winning combination for audiences.

Can director Olivier Megaton capture the same balance of thrilling action and engaging character drama – dispelling concerns that Taken 2 is an unnecessary sequel attempting to extend an already thin set-up?

Unfortunately, Taken 2 is mostly an empty retread that, despite some high-octane action scenes, fails to live up to the successes of its predecessor in every single way. The story is less engaging, character dynamics are less believable, and (worst of all) action set-pieces are less thrilling. Where as the original allowed for a steadily unfolding mystery, Taken 2 features a dizzying back and forth mishmash of story beats that fail to deliver a satisfying climax – and rely heavily on “flashy” moments that lack any real substance. That said, the film isn’t a total misfire and despite underwhelming connections to the original, action fans who merely want to see Neeson snap necks and crash cars will likely find the Taken sequel to be a competent thriller.

Taken 2 builds directly on the story from Taken – forcing a face to face confrontation between Mills and the fathers/brothers of the countless Albanian human traffickers that he killed in the first franchise outing. After his daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace) and ex-wife Lennie (Famke Janssen) are abandoned by Lennie’s husband, Stuart (Xander Berkeley in the original film), Mills plans for the pair to meet him in Istanbul – after he completes a high-paying security job. However, when Kim and Lennie arrive, Murad Hoxha (Rade Šerbedžija), Chief of the Albanian Mafia, uses the family vacation as an opportunity for revenge – kidnapping Mills and his loved ones.

Liam Neeson Maggie Grace Taken 2 Taken 2 Review

Liam Neeson and Maggie Grace in ‘Taken 2′

As mentioned, instead of progressing the Bryan Mills story and character forward – Taken 2 actually undercuts the nuances of the original film and turns the lethal family man into somewhat of a cliche this round, evidenced by nearly every scene he shares with Kim and Lennie before the abduction. This isn’t to say that Neeson doesn’t deliver or that Mills is no longer likable but, instead of showing audiences a continuation of the unique family dynamic established in Taken, Taken 2 repackages the characters into a “tidier” set of circumstances – to sell Mills’ heightened desperation this round.

Similarly, instead of upping the ante, forcing Mills to save both his daughter and Lennie creates more narrative hurdles than it succeeds in paying off. The result is a disjointed narrative ride that moves characters around haphazardly – causing a lot of physical backtracking and, as indicated earlier, a climax that falls short of excitement established in earlier scenes (as well as leaves one precarious thread dangling). In an effort to expand the stakes and the scope of the film, Megaton undermines one of the fundamental strengths that audiences responded to in the original – that, through sheer will, training, and drive, Mills succeeded in finding his way from point A to B to C. This time, while the character rushes around creating and putting out fires, a number of the plot points are actually remedied by convenience and chance.

The expanded roles for both Grace and Janssen offer little in the moment to moment enjoyment of the film – as the larger family story is often melodramatic and relies heavily on familiar platitudes. Viewers who thought Grace was too old in 2008 to be playing a naive teenager will have an especially difficult time rectifying her personal story this round (now that the actress is 29) – i.e. driving lessons and her first serious boyfriend. The initial introduction of her arc has promise (as she attempts to remember “being normal”) and some of the Mills/Kim action sequences add a fresh dynamic to the “one man army” approach of the first movie but, considering all the screen time dedicated to Kim, most audiences will quickly tire of the film’s attempt to utilize Grace – since watching Neeson is significantly more interesting. Janssen’s Lennie is even less compelling – with little to do but serve as the film’s living macguffin.

Liam Neeson Fight Taken 2 Taken 2 Review

Father of the Year Bryan Mills (Neeson) in action.

As mentioned, despite failing to hit the bar set in the original, and downright undercutting some of the more interesting character and story dynamics, Taken 2 does include its fair share of slick action. An alleyway care chase is easily a standout sequence as is a lengthy fist fight between Neeson and one of the primary antagonists. In these moments, Taken 2 manages to lock into some of the Taken magic – presenting the audience with memorable onscreen action. Still, while Neeson is convincing in his choreographed scenes, the fistfights are harder to enjoy this time – since Megaton chose to employ a lot of shaky cam and second-to-second action cuts. Ultimately, few of the film’s fight shots last longer than a second – delivering a pretty choppy experience even during the better set pieces.

Taken 2 is by no means a bad film. However, in an attempt to cash in on a successful standalone movie, the filmmakers have stretched the straightforward Taken premise and delivered an entirely unnecessary sequel. Action lovers may find enough to like in Taken 2 but, for moviegoers expecting a smart continuation on par with the original Taken, the sequel is dominated by eye-rolling character moments, disjointed plot lines, and mostly underwhelming onscreen action. As a result, it’s unlikely that moviegoers will be quite as Taken by the experience this time.

If you’re still on the fence about Taken 2, check out the trailer below:


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Taken 2 is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, and some sensuality. Now playing in theaters.

Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5
(Fairly Good)

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  1. 2.5 … oh no. :’(

  2. I knew this would not be so good. They should have left it with one movie only.

  3. I loved the first one, but it was an 18 and I own the extended ‘harder’ cut of the film. I am a bit concerned that this has been watered down to a 12A here in the UK.

    Hope this won’t take away too much from any of the fight scenes and action.

  4. He uses a secret phone he has stashed to call his daughter to instruct her where to find him, show me a phone without gps these days or the ability to simply call the police. Should be one star for the terrible editing, how do they all die again ?

    • Just came back and loved it. I wasnt going to go after hearing the reviews and im glad i did. If you liked the first, youll like this one!

  5. Ben Cancels Taken 2

    • TV isn’t the only entertainment medium where stories get drawn out and stretched too far!

  6. Well, this is a disappointment. Not what I was expecting.
    One should think there is no excuse for not having
    an engaging story and consistent good action.

    Some of the miscues seem obvious and
    you wonder why not obviously avoided.

    Anyway, less than three from you Ben
    means I can wait and since it is Neeson
    I will catch this down the road at home
    when I can easily be in a forgiving mood.

    • Yah, you could totally see this one at home and be just fine. It’s not terrible but it’s a downgrade in nearly every way.

      • It is harder to dismiss the film’s shortcomings after the
        time, effort, and cost of going to a theater to see it.
        I guess this will likely kill any Taken franchise notion.

        Thanks for keeping things in balance as always, Ben.
        So many reviewers love to use a movie’s faults to
        bash it losing sight of the overall perspective.

        The film does have some strengths and in the right
        setting enough to justify a rental viewing later on.
        Particularly for someone who is a fan of Neeson.

    • I watched it,and it was good !
      All I can tell you is,stop listening to critics and go out there and make your own mind up about it !

      Think for your self,and do not people let tell u what to think !


      • So you liked it and it was good. And just who the hell are you?
        I do think for myself, thank you, and no one tells me what to think.

        Ben Kendrick is a voice I trust best on a long history of reading
        his superb reviews and your voice, one that insults strangers
        to justify his own opinion, is not a voice worth listening to.

        • Dear Elvis,

          not insulting anybody here,but
          reading you already shows how aggressive you are !
          “Who the hell are you?”
          and how little you think of other peoples idea or opinion.
          Reading you as well,shows how ignorant you are,and your true character
          in telling me..my voice is not worth to be heard.

          I am someone who is watching movies as well,the audience the movie is communicating too,i am that very person.
          Every thing has more then one side,and more then one view,
          and thats what I am doing and saying.

          My post was not there or here to insult or attack you,so relax,and try to respect others and their opinion and not just a single persons view.
          Glad you can agree with him,and glad you can trust his view. Good for you !

          And the last thing,I am not a stranger,I have been on this site for many years,and post for many years,I read many of your comments,
          and in many post we share comments,..so again,if you would open your eyes a bit from your focus,you would see that there are people here talking and sharing opinions and ideas !

          Thanks,wish you enjoy what ever movie you are watching,

          • You were the aggressive monkey, sunshine, attacking me.
            I think little of your opinion not respecting your opinion only.
            That does not mean I do not respect the opinions of others
            you claim, another insult, along with now calling me ignorant.

            You also insulted the reviewer by the way you insulted me
            thinking he was a “critic” who should not be listened to.

            You attempt to speak for others her in reference to me.
            You are not qualified to do so and you speak only for yourself.
            As far as character is concerned, I am happy you exposed yours.

            • Haha…you are so cute !
              You just proved my point !
              And that was exactly what I was talking about when saying you seem ignorant ! In that second comment..I tried to insult you,yes true !You caught it ! Well done :)

              You think little of other peoples opinion,or nothing at all…so that’s why I said Ignorant !
              You said not others,but I am just one of many..I am Legion !

              And reading further now,I could add arrogant to it as well!
              But where does it leads us ?

              Lets stop wasting time,we both have better things to do !

              So yes,Who are you to tell people for what they are qualified my dear ?
              Nobody is !

              You not,I am not qualified as well,and i really hope and want you to have your own mind and thoughts,thats the beauty of live.

              if you are that easy to be insulted for not accepting another ones view of things,or just another opinion,I am sorry !
              I wish you peace brother..you will need this !

              I respect the critics view here,again..not trying to insult him..God,your word is not the only one we should listen to.
              I just don’t agree with it !
              And its important to make it clear out there,that there are people out there who feel different about the movie.
              People who liked it..cause to many people just listen to what they here. I always think ,people should make up their own mind…and thats all I wish you,an open mind..and peace to make your own thoughts !

              Everybody can state there mind and point,that’s how it is.

              You are using words like “hell” and “Monkey”…to adress me,can’t you see how clear thats pointed at me ?

              Getting insulted by others opinion,that’s really aggressive,please relax ! Its really not worth to waste your energy about it ! About a MONKEY as you called me.

              Just Please,try to respect other opinion,even its not yours,and please try not to tell others what people are qualified in doing or not ! We are something worth..same as you !

              Have a good nite..:)

              • Aww, little ios gets called out for his insults and
                little ios just cannot deal with it and insults again.
                Little ios cannot take responsibility and lashes out.
                Little ios needs to cling to his feelings of superiority.

                This is because little ios is hopelessly immature and needs
                to insult posters and reviewers to feel good about himself.
                Insulting posters and reviewers violates Screen Rant rules.

                And just who the hell are you? A voice not worth listening to.

                • Dear Robert,
                  reading you…maybe you are talking about your self ? :)

                  I know that One comment let to another !

                  As I said,my first comment was not meant as an insult at all,more as a motivation,or encouragement for you to make up your own mind,as I wrote !

                  The second comment was meant as an insult,in response to your comment,to make a point,and show you the difference between if i want to insult and no insult !

                  And the last longer comment,was not even seriously and a bit more sarcastic,but in words you might have not get it !

                  Lashing out,or insulting people,at you or the reviewer…having words firing at each other,doesn’t make me feel good ! Why you think so ? Does it work for you ?
                  I am not here to give negative energy,I wanted to encourage you ,nothing else !

                  And since when is having an opinion and insult ?
                  Live is like this,people disagree..especially on art,Music or Movies and its totally alright !

                  Some people like it some not ,that’s the beauty of it !

                  Robert,you don’t need to listen to me or to what i say,and you don’t want,and thats why you ask me who the hell I am,because you are not listening..you don’t know me,so its kinda funny to read your conclusions about me!

                  But that’s totally ok,that’s what I am talking about !
                  Just listen to what you think,but stay open to others opinion..that’s the whole point here!

                  I wish you peace ,and wish you find many many good movies you enjoy ! No need to fight !


              • ios –

                Wow. I’ve never seen Robert P get this fired up! While we don’t agree on this film, I think we can all agree that everyone has a right to their own opinion. If you liked the movie, great.

                That said, with all due respect, discouraging people from reading critic reviews “stop listening to critics and go out there and make your own mind up about it” – makes it hard to feel as though you practice the same respect you’re preaching. I also remember you posting similar comments in reviews you disagreed with – such as this one in Kofi’s Green Lantern review “critics have mostly just there own idea and watch movies with there own little mind.”

                We see a lot more movies than most people have the time to see – so, frankly, not everyone can make up their own mind by seeing everything that comes out.

                If Robert trusts our reviews as a way of sorting through the 4 or 5 movies that open each week, does that mean that he can’t make up his own mind? No. It just means that he’s found reviewers that he generally agrees with – it doesn’t mean he won’t still go see ‘Taken 2′ if we was really excited about it.

                Flat out, at SR we try and approach each movie from a general moviegoer’s perspective. Our reviews tend to be more open to fun over-the-top action movies and tongue-in-cheek comedies than traditional critics. I suppose that means sometimes we’ll agree but we’re not high-brow critics, we’re movie lovers like you – and, for me, Taken 2 was a middle-of-the-road film. 2.5/5 is hardly a bad score given how the film is performing in the larger review community.

                If you think we got it wrong, write your own review and I’ll gladly read it.

                • Dear Ben,

                  Thanks for your long reply and taking the time !
                  Maybe the use of my English is not always the best,as I am not a native speaker of it,so it could happen that I use wrong words at times. My Apologizes for that !

                  Honestly,i did not mean to insult anybody here,not Robert P. and for sure not you !

                  I like reading your reviews,and you are definitely right about that to many movies come out ,so some people can not make up their own mind,that’s 100% correct !

                  And if Robert P. trust you and your taste in it,I am glad you can share this !

                  You are right about me posting something similar in Green Lantern,for sure you know !

                  And what I mean with little mind is a review is written by a Professional,a Critic,such as you are !
                  Who is watching movies everyday,has an understanding of them,or their making,and pays attention to many little details. And there is the difference between many of the general public watching a movie,and a reviewer or critic.
                  You Guys have a different eye looking at things !
                  I think even you try the closer to viewer approach,but still..its in your blood to see things some don’t ! Because you are good in what you do.

                  I know you Guys try to write reviews more fun and more open,thats why I am here,and like your site so much !

                  Most people I know,if their entertained,and having a good time for 2hours,thats all they care about,not some details stuff a critic deemed bad !

                  I have seen,and I know taste is such a matter for each his own,many good movies,Bombed at the Box Office,because people read reviews,and did not go to watch it :(

                  And after that…they caught up with it on DVD,and they Loved it..but no Sequel ,cause the numbers were not right !
                  I really dislike that,thats where my comment came from !

                  Thats why I suggested Robert P. to make up his own mind,
                  not as an insult.
                  But yeah, one comment let to another..and it heated up and insults where made ! As we all saw !

                  Lastly,I think Taken 2 is a good movie,as I said yes !
                  Is it better then the First one ? NO !
                  It’s fun ? Yes !

                  Thanks for offering to read a review i would write,
                  but I am not as good as you in this Ben :)
                  I like reading your points,and I like having another set of thoughts about it,but the final verdict I would like to make for my self !

                  So Thanks for being am objective voice in this,appreciate it !


  7. I have seen Taken 2 and this review is just plain wrong in everyday. I first expected a halfed baked story but I walked out pleased and suprised how much of the story improved from the first. Every film in Hollywood has it’s cliches so why attack one film for this, as if you know a lot about films. The script was underwhelming at most times but it still brought justice to the story, it keeps you wanting more to see what’s next or waiting to see the next action piece. The action pieces were bigger and like I said improved from the first film. Both the style of action on display with Megaton’s unique filming is truly a remarkable experience similar in style to previous films “The Raid” and “End of Watch”, like a combination mixed with some Bourne style action also. Liam Neeson and the rest of the cast was great, it was chemistry once again pulled off on the big screen, there was times when you felt the characters were actually you and the amount of pain on display makes your heart bleed for them. Great editing, Grace being one of the main focuses on the film was a perfect choice as she did it with a great sense of surroundings throughout. The villains were more than clever, another chemistry as that was also improved from the first film to make them less stale. Over all it’s a great action piece among the likes of The Dark Knight Rises. It’s an opera of talent and Neeson on display. 4 Stars for me. Go see this film people it’s a must!

    • There was no chemistry between any of the cast members.
      Liam’s scenes with Maggie were creepy at best.
      This film was nothing like the raid redemption.
      This film is nothing like TDKR
      An opera of talent???… stay off the mescaline.

    • i would say he (ben) does indeed know alot about films, as he does a lot of the reviews on here. YOU, however, seem to post comments that are always the opposite of whatever direction the story/review is about, so i would say it is you that does not know alot about films. thats just the impression i get from all your comments. maybe i’m wrong.

      • I do know alot of about films, I am a very important critic in Hollywood among high outstanding ranks of Honor. I have won many awards of high quality critique and others in the field of judgement based on vision. I have been praised by many to be a self educated man with my amount of outstanding intelligence beyond anything.

        • lol

        • LOL! :)

        • i don’t know if you’re for real or being sarcastic or what, but your english teacher should be fired. wait, what? you were self educated? hmmm…

      • Cheers!

    • Well, JerseySchindler, it is at times unclear whether you
      are being sarcastic but sarcasm does require a certain
      sophistication of mind the nuances of which you have
      failed to demonstrate you possess in your comments.

      You have crossed the line in insulting the reviewer
      as being wrong and not knowing a lot about movies,
      a charge not only uncalled for but patently absurd.
      You did not help your case with your own thoughts
      on the film which are, sadly, essentially incoherent.

      I am sure my impression will have little effect
      on your thinking and you will continue on
      remaining a legend in your own mind.

  8. i didn´t even watched taken. i haven´t excepted much more stars.

  9. Well, I guess it’s Looper or End of Watch this weekend for me. Thanks Ben.

    • Go see end of watch! Saw it yesterday what a pleasant surprise. the chemistry of the leads is phenomenal and I enjoyed every minute of it. (Unless you have a problem with curse words)

      • Saw it today. Yeah, the F-bomb was floating around nearly every sentence and I really hated the constant shaky-cam. But it was a pretty good movie. I also saw Looper yesterday; good movie but seemed to drag a bit in the middle.

  10. i suspect the dvd release will be an unrated version and i will wait for that. the only difference i saw in the 2 versions of taken was the torture scene. in the pg13 version, he hooks the jumper cables to the chair, and there are no nails in his thigh, like the unrated version. i just dont see why the nails were cut out of the theatrical version. was it too graphic? i didn’t think so. to me, raiders/lost ark was more graphic with the face melting than the whole of taken, but what do i know.
    i was hoping this would get a better review, guess it will be a rental for me

  11. I’ll pass.

  12. This didn’t even warrant a sequel – just the same old cash in that we get nowadays in the movies

  13. I had a feeling this wasn’t going to be very good. It’s awesome to watch Neeson beat the snot out of people, but the actor deserves substance. As soon as this was announced I had a feeling they were just going to rehash the concept of the first film and water it down.

    This is what happens when a studio celebrates too hard the success of a sleeper hit. Taken was a hit for many reasons, all of which seem to have been lost to Megaton and company. This is what happens when you try and milk a farrow cow.

    This review is spot on. I love Liam Neeson, but Taken was crapola!
    The dialogue during the “Happy family” scenes was unrealistic,
    Famke is still charming, but her acting [overacting] was laughable..
    especially the crying scenes…
    the scenes where Oscar Schindler is fighting the poorly coordinated albanians in hand to hand combat were so poorly edited, I could clearly see which scenes were Liam, and which were the stunt-double.

    The nonsense about “throw a grenade” with Maggie GRace – [who really needs to move on from those damsel in distress roles] was unbelievably unrealistic.

    you expect us to believe that Liam can tell how far he is from the map by listening to the sounds of grenade explosions? but get this… it gets worse…. she’s running around in istanbul chucking grenades left and right , and no one dies… no repercussions, she’s practically a one-woman insurgency and attracts no attention?

    and she conveniently finds the smoking chimney and throws the guns down just in time..
    then jumps over rooftops like super mario…


    and poor Famke.
    after her lousy “we’re all a happy family” scenes she’s left only to hang upside down and slowly die \ faint \ sleep \ wake up \ cry on command.

    and what about the silly car chase scene…?
    all the dialogue was

    LIAM: “Come on”
    MAGGIE: “I Can’t”

    talk about forgetful dialogue…
    and why the heck did they have to drive into the embassy?
    the soldiers in the real world would have turned that benz into swiss cheese

    and the friend is conveniently there to answer his call on the golf course..

    and what about the final duel with the guy with the cool tracksuit & sneakers..
    I almost said

    “Cool tracksuit bro”

    talk about cheese.

    sadly, I was checking my iPhone for time every 20 minutes.. and I never do that.
    I almost ran out as soon as the credits began to roll.
    so glad I caught a 10pm show instead of a midnight show…

    who’s gonna stay up to watch this sorry crap?
    It’s not going to do well once word of mouth picks up.

    I wasn’t a huuuuge fan of the first, it played like a C thriller, or a good made for TV special.
    i didn’t feel it had enough depth or character development to be a movie.

    I thought it was weak, but entertaining. sadly this version is not even up to that poor film’s standards..

    sorry for the rant, but that has to be one of the worst films I’ve seen all year.
    No wonder when John Stewart asked him if there’d be a Taken 3 he gave the “No” gesture…

    there was no need for this movie to be made.
    no wonder Luc Besson didn’t take on Director credit.

    what rubbish!! I should have watched End of WAtch , or even seen Looper for the 4th time,
    or maybe stayed home and watched my Iphone bootleg of TDKR. any of those films is a far better use of time than this.

    I actually want part of my money back!

    • my bad … should have put up spoiler tags…:(

      • Got ya covered!

    • This. This is how I feel.

  15. wow.. some people actually gave the movie 5 stars ??

    • The film was truly amazing, read my review above in the comments

      • LMAO!

  16. Figures, only the idiots I know talk about Taken as a good movie.
    It’s sad that people had high hopes for this movie when the first one was garbage.

  17. Maybe I won’t see this one it doesnt sound all that good

  18. This could have been worthwhile. Maybe they should have gotten back Morrel for this film, instead of a man who, is not only named Megaton, but who also had the climax of his last movie (Columbiana) have a toothbrush fight. F^#(ing idiot.

  19. I went to see it and loved it as well.
    Along with all the great fights and shootouts
    It has the best fight scene of all year near the end(youll say “is liam neeson batman?)
    Liam Neeson is new action god.

    • Yah, I think I mentioned that fight in the review – definitely a cool sequence.

    • Saw it, liked it more. That is all.

  20. No spoilers:

    Just came back from checking this out. I had hopes (not high ones) and I was a bit disappointed. Ben, not sure where you got the Oliver Megaton director part. I saw Luc Besson as director and co-writer credited. Which, by the way, DID get my hopes up considering his history.

    Sadly, there were way way way too many close ups. who shows the middle of a steering wheel during a chase scene? At times I had to close my eyes to shake the up close quick cuts.
    Now I understand why people complain about shaky cams. And the mom…. Good grief! How about you act like you’re being abducted and not out for a Sunday stroll?

    It wasn’t a horrible flick. I’d say it was decent. Rewatchable? Heck no. Wait for it to hit demand? well, I’d say do a matinee.

    • http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1397280/

      Director: Olivier Megaton
      Writers: Luc Besson (screenplay), Robert Mark Kamen (screenplay)

      I forgot about the close-up of the steering wheel. lol :)

      I thought I might have been a bit harsh on the film, but reading your review is bringing on the nightmares once again :)

      • Random Guy,

        I know I wasn’t high when I saw Luc’s name as director when it came on. I know I put a lot of flavoring on my popcorn.. but dang!

        I said to my wife, “ah, Luc Besson directed this. He’s the cat that did ‘The Transporter’ so I should be tight!”

        those were the exact words I said between slurps of my 44 ounc Sprite/Hi-C mixed soda.

        When the credits rolled, his named popped up again but with Co-writer props.
        I’m not tempted to go see it again to prove my eyes weren’t f’n with me. LOL

        • “It..it should be tight.” sheesh. sorry, I’m watching the original “Deathsport” on EPIX. the 1978 David Carradine “movie” and brain keeps trying to shut down because it thinks we’re being tortured.

        • LOL, I’m with you 2 Cents, we’re gonna have to wait til it’s on Netflix to really know for sure!
          sad thing is, even a movie I don’t particularly like, I’ll go see again for a different perspective, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna waste another 13.50 on this one…

          • LOL..

            Oh hell no! When I close my eyes I still see the after image of the Mercedes emblem from the middle of the steering wheel.

            • +1. Best comment thread ever.

              Maybe Olivier Megaton saw the final film and just swapped Besson’s name in the credits ;)

  21. your comment that this film lacks some of the originals strong points has me especially worried — I enjoyed the first film; love “dad to the rescue” stories, flicks, etc. (Especially in our day in which the “dad” is usually the ineffectual dolt of the family, followed by mom, both of whom have to be educated, rescued, etc. by their all knowing teenagers. Anyway … my problem with Taken was it was strikingly too short. Needed another twenty minutes at least of story/character development. He arrives in France and tracks down his daughter much too easily — compulsively listen to a cassette recording of the bad guy’s voice, hang around the airport for ten minutes and spot a key player, buy a foreign language dictionary, talk to a hooker or two,voila!! Next thing you know you’re on a perverted sheik’s ship dispatching his body guards and delivering your daughter.If the plot of the sequel is thinner than that??? Yikes. (P.S. Maggie Grace is sooooooooo miscast as his late teen daughter it’s almost comical. Who made that decision??)

    • about the cassette recording of the guy’s voice…
      all I’ve gotta say about that is two words….



    • Unfortunately, I felt like a lot of the character dynamics that made the first one unique were mostly abandoned this round in favor of “skilled assassin/father saves family.”

      I still think some fans of the original will enjoy this one – but it seems like a lot of people agree (though plenty disagree) that it was a step down.

  22. all i wanted ot know is if it had fast cuts and shaky cam, and you gave me the answer to both great job ben :)

    i’ll be skipping this b/c from the very beginning i knew this would simply be made for money and that the same formula wouldn’t work a second time around. they should have made it about him and his friends doing private security in cuba or something and his mates get kidnapped or killed and he has to find out who and why s*** is going down, that would have made for a much more engaging movie as opposed to ’1st we took your daughter now we’re gonna take you wife’ :P

    • Cheers! Glad it helped!

  23. I was taken by the movie and did enjoy it. I really enjoyed TAKEN and was glad they made TAKEN 2. Will there be a TAKEN 3 ???

    • … but were you AS taken this time? ;)

  24. Liam Neeson should really look into getting his family microchipped.

    Best tweets about Taken 2 http://bit.ly/QM5OJH

  25. Liam Neeson is a brilliant dramatic actor. His character Bryan Mills often looks like he is ready to kill the bad guys. I thoroughly enjoy his performances but I also love to laugh. Noone wants to laugh at a man who could so easily beat you up. Comedy is important even with an action movie in order to keep the concept refreshing.

    Earlier this year another man from Northern Ireland auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent and received a lot of laughter. Budding actor Paul Curran performed the famous Taken speech and also did some improvisation for Simon Cowell. It is great when someone can make another person smile because gunplay can become repetitive and predictable.

  26. I went and seen this movie last night. I thought it was pretty good myself. Not as good as the first, but a very good movie none the less I didnt see too much of a problem with character development as they did a pretty good job of that in the first film. I this one they got what point they needed to get accros and it worked for me. Although I think the movie should have had a more exciting ending battle. The whole shaky cam filming style has never bothered me in any movie. I actually kind of like it, I think it makes some of the bad choreography look more believable. Liam looks great, but some of the people he was fighting with maybe not so much, so the shaky cam helped. If you enjoyed the first Taken then this movie is definitely worth going to the theater to see. I know you all have your own opinions, but most of you expect may too much. I’m on the forums quite a bit and review most of these movies as well. Most of your comments on here are ridiculious. You act like every movie made should be 5 star quality. Sequels almost NEVER live up to the original. So stop crying that it’s not as good, it just a little more of what you enjoyed the first time around, so just go watch it and have a good time and quit nit picking every little flaw of the movie. Geeeez!!

  27. Wow. this is surprising… Taken 2 is doing well, and probably will top the BO this weekend.
    if it wins next weekend, who knows…. we might see a Taken 3 in the near future???


  28. Taken 2 was surprisingly awesome. Funny review of it here too:


  29. Taken 2 is a tough movie to love. In my review, I pointed out a lot of negatives, but I did manage to find a couple of positives as well. The problems come from Taken 2 selling itself short in so many ways in my opinion. The bad stuff overshadows the extremely small amount of good things to see here.