‘Taken 2′ International Trailer: This Time, Liam Neeson’s Wife Is Taken

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The Luc Besson-backed thriller Taken was a surprise hit back in 2008, which cemented Liam Neeson’s second-wind career run as a badass of the big screen. Four years later, and Taken 2 is (not surprisingly) on the verge of being released in theaters.

Taken 2 catches up with (sorta) retired CIA operative Bryan Mills (Neeson) as he spends some time with his ex-wife (Famke Janssen) and daughter (Maggie Grace) overseas in Istanbul. What was meant as a relaxing vacation for Mills’ loved ones turns into a nightmare real fast, after the father of one of the Albanian kidnappers (Rade Sherbedgia) – who Mills killed during his rampage across Europe in the first film, enacts his planned revenge against the patriarch of the (broken) Mills family.

In a previous interview, Neeson seemingly confirmed that Mills will actually be the one “taken” in this sequel. However, the new international trailer for the film focuses more on our hero’s attempts to rescue his wife (who is taken hostage) by working together with his daughter. Assuming this preview isn’t an example of misdirection – which could be the case – it seems that Mills will only be a hostage himself for a limited portion of Taken 2.

For the remainder of the film’s running time, Mills will undoubtedly be doing what he does best: snapping necks, firing guns, and smashing any baddie who threatens the safety of his family (quite the kick-ass dad, that guy).

liam neeson bryan mills taken 2 Taken 2 International Trailer: This Time, Liam Neesons Wife Is Taken

Bryan Mills is back in 'Taken 2'

Early footage from Taken 2 suggests that director Olivier Megaton (Transporter 3, Colombiana) should once again deliver on the action side of things – with Neeson also bringing his customary depth to Mills, while still convincing as an unstoppable force of nature in human form. As is to be expected, though, the plot beats and character moments that make up the sequel’s “down time” look like little more than a standard rehash of the first movie, simply sufficing as filler until Neeson starts pummeling the bad guys once again.

Still, co-writers Besson and Robert Mark Kamen have pretty much mastered the art of keeping the proceedings lively – and the pacing crackling – with their special brand of Europe-set action/thrillers. So, all things considered, Taken 2 could give moviegoers their fix of thrills and Neeson killing stuff, even if the film fails to reach the heights of its predecessor.

Taken 2 hits theaters around the U.S. on October 5th, 2012.


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  1. I REALLY liked “Taken” but am sorry to see that it’s time to recruit another family member into the flux capacitor of shooting, elbow-dislocating, quick-snap-pan pace. I could be wrong, but – hey – if I am, then we’ve got his maid, his cousins, the regular pizza delivery kid, the neighbors, the JWs that stop by on holidays, etc etc etc. Shakes head.

    • Agree Mike. I don’t understand why some film makers desire to incorporate the family members of action-oriented characters into the movies. It was perfectly fine for the first movie, but I would prefer that, in sequels, they move away from it and introduce a storyline more relevant to their jobs. It seems Die Hard is also going to be taking this approach, with McClane’s son playing a prominent role. It all just smacks of some degree of ridiculousness.

      • When I saw the headline that said it was his wife that gets taken, I thought “Pass.” But when they go on to say that it is in revenge from the father of one of the guys killed by him in the last film? I’m totally on board. It actually makes sense. Why do we hardly ever see revenge or retribution for characters in sequels? Die Hard With a Vengeance is the only film I can think of off the top of my head that ever had that as a plot thread.

        • Yeah, all I could think at the end of Taken was that after all that happened, he would have to always and forever watch his and his family’s back…even from the grave…

    • Who is this Mike guy???????????

      Every now and then I quite like a no-brainer film, yer know, just sit there with a bottle of JD and coke, and get smashed watching someone kick the crap out of bad guys.

      I couldn’t care less about the story.

      …and Mike, get a hair cut :).

  2. OMG I so can’t wait to see this film the first one was amazing, one of the best films i have ever ever seen, i have watched it over and over again, if this one is half as good as the first one it will deffo be worth seeing :D xx

  3. Isn’t the villain that the guy from “the most interesting man in the world” commercials?
    It was a beer commercial but I can’t remember the brand. ;)

    • Haha, it’s Dos Equis and no. It’s that dude who plays the token Russian dude in movies. He was in Snatch, X-Men: First Class, Mission Impossible II, and a bunch of other movies that needed a bearded Russian guy.

      • Don’t forget about “homeless man” in Batman Begins, Gregorovitch in Harry Potter 7 pt 1, and for those 24 fans, Dimitri Gredenko (I think season 6)

        • Boris the Blade from Snatch

          “heavy is good, heavy is reliable…..if it doesn’t work you can always hit him with it”

          Boris selling a gun to tommy.

          awesome movie and an awesome role haha

      • Don’t forget “The Saint”

    • Dos Equis… Stay Thristy my Friends!

      • “Stay vengeful my friends”

        • haha. nice.

  4. I liked the first one, but this is a little disspointing to me. I like the concept of the criminals getting revenge on Mills, but when he was on the phone to his daughter saying her mum was going to be taken, from there onward it just felt like more of the EXACT same. Think I will skip this seems a little lazy and uncreative of them.

  5. Taken got a big boost in 2008 because of it’s awesome trailer when Neeson was on the phone with the kid-napper. And it actually turned out to be a pretty cool action flick.
    They tried to capture the same vibe in this one but it didn’t work as well. But that’s ok, I’ll still watch this when it hits Blu-ray…

  6. This feels like such a forced sequel. When he got on the phone with Kim I wouldn’t have been surprised if he said, “Your mother’s going to be taken…too.” And then looked at the camera.

    • LOL thats a brill comment, I have laughed for like 5 minutes XD

  7. You know what to expect and you get the expected.
    A guarantee of sorts you will not be disappointed.
    I won’t be. Liam always meets expectations.

    • …except when he led his men toward, rather than away from, a wolves den in The Grey. :)

      • I did expect a good movie and The Grey was and Liam did not disappoint. :D

      • i don’t think he was trying to go to the den, he just happens to find it

        • My point was his character did the exact unexpected and wrong thing to do, as rather than leading his men away from the den, they were walking right toward it. The irony…

  8. Normally I’d agree that involving the family could be a terrible mistake, but if they write it correctly it might not be (daughter decided to learn to defend herself following her own abduction/struggling with ptsd making her an unstable teen wrecking machine)…it could work.

  9. I was worried that this would ruin how good the first was but that worry is gone. And I think some of the people on here already complaining about his daughter being recruited, I think yall are just trying to be critical of the sequel without seeing it. Most likely what will happen is that she helps him escape and then he makes sure she is safe while he goes after his (ex?)wife. Was there anything in the first film that will make you think that his daughter will go female Rambo along with her father? No so stop over thinking and just wait for either more trailers or the film.

  10. I really want to like this film but so far the trailer has had no effect on me. just seems like a watered down version of the first film. some films should never have sequels, its the difference between good and great.

  11. Looks cool to me…
    I just hope the story will be good enough so that this doesn’t just feel like a rehash of the first one.

  12. Hell yeahh liam neeson kicking some ass again gonna be awesome first taken was so bad ass

  13. That is Great that he’s on the phone AGAIN when she gets taken. Only this time, it’s his wife. Big mistake. I’m sold on this one.

  14. Eh…It would’ve been neat if they used the character again but the whole Taken Again thing is a bit much.

  15. The first flick was entertaining, exciting, but fell short of being a great flick ’cause it was just too short. Another twenty mins of story and character development, making us know a bit more about the players and shucking off the distracting way everything just fell together for Neeson’s character, would have elevated Taken another notch. I’d love to think they are going to avoid this trap in the sequel — but not holding my breath. I *am* glad all the bad guys in this franchise are not going to be rogue Americans, which pretty much seems to be the case with the Bourne films. Always nice for Hollywood to remind us that it’s not only the US gov’t that can do bad things.

  16. looks sweet! I didn’t know it was coming out this early but its a pleasant surprise!

  17. It’ll be cool if they do something like The Raid, where he is the one that gets taken, and finds himself on the highest floor of an apartment building, and he has to fight his way to the first floor to escape.

  18. Ugh. I would much prefer that they just make his character a professional abduction solver. They could milk that as long as they want.

  19. I can foresee what Taken 3 or Taken 4 will be about:

    the president’s daughter is kidnapped and being held in (name some as-yet unused in any former film, but highly improbable destination) and they have to call on Neeson’s character as the “only man capable of getting her out”.

  20. Looks good to me. Saw the first one bak in 2008 not expecting too much but fell in LOE with. It. Easily one of my favorite films of all time.

    And is just me or is Maggie grace incredibly hot. Also talented but very hot.

    • she has been way hot since Lost!

  21. as long as they keep the realistic and brutal tone of the 1st one everything should be fine, that’s what made the 1st so damn good – it was realistic, true to real life scenarios (people smuggling) and one hell of an action movie which showed us that old people can kick a** to :D

    i just hope he doesn’t cliché this one by including moments that where present in the 1st one, or by going down the road of from paris with love and including every action cliché possible (damn that movie sucked).

  22. i really wish he looked straight at the camera when he said “you mum is about to be taken”

  23. I saw the first “Taken” probably 10 times already. Great film!!! This one looks just as engaging and with Liam Neesom kicking major butt here (at 50 something years old), I’m there!!! Can’t wait for it to ‘drop’.

    • Not 50 something, he just had his 60th birthday! Good to see an older guy doing some good martial arts and action.

  24. Listen to me carefully. Your aunt’s second husband is going to be taken. It is possible they will also come for your second cousin and nephews. Lucky for them I have a particular set of skills that I have honed recently in two very similar situations. I will get them back.

  25. Not one time was I engaged in this trailer. I mean… I knew it was going to be similar to the first one, but it seems like it could be EXACTLY the same. They need to have him with his buddies kicking butt somewhere.

  26. That’s enough reason for me to see it.

  27. Hey, I was right, the son was the guy he electrocuted, or is it electricuted, bah it doesn’t matter. I already decided I was seeing this movie even before I knew the storyline, let alone after seeing the trailer. Neeson rocks!

  28. So, am I the only one that thinks the title of this movie should be “Taken 2: No Take-Backs”?

  29. Sold!