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  • New Mutants: It’s The Perfect Time For This X-Men Spinoff

    X-Men producer Simon Kinberg provides a status update on New Mutants. Who will be in it and why is it a perfect fit for the franchise right now?

    (37) by Rob Keyes
  • Fox Dates 2 New X-Men Movies, Alien: Covenant and Predator

    Twentieth Century Fox adds a pair of untitled Marvel/X-Men movies to their release schedule and assigns dates to Alien: Covenant and Predator.

    (36) by Rob Keyes
  • Deadpool Writers Discuss Character’s Future With X-Force & X-Men

    The Deadpool writing team recently revealed that they’ll likely be involved with the X-Force film, as well as any other movie Deadpool appears in.

    (21) by John Casteele
  • 25 Actors Who Could Play Cable in Deadpool 2

    Deadpool 2 is currently being written and will include the time-travelling X-Men soldier Cable. Here’s who the studio should look to cast.

    (264) by Rob Keyes
  • X-Men Producer Simon Kinberg Says R-Rated X-Force Movie Could Happen

    Speaking at a preview screening of Deadpool, producer Simon Kinberg believes an X-Force movie could be R-rated.

    (35) by Jeremy Clymer
  • Deadpool 2: Stephen Lang Campaigns For Role as Cable

    Avatar’s Col. Quaritch, Stephen Lang, wants to be your new Cable in the upcoming Deadpool and X-Force films.

    (163) by Andy L. Kubai
  • X-Force Is A ‘Priority’ for Deadpool’s Future Says Ryan Reynolds

    While promoting Deadpool Ryan Reynolds teases future movies with more X-Men connections and namedrops X-Force as his top priority.

    (36) by Rob Keyes
  • Ryan Reynolds Hopeful For R-Rated X-Force

    Ryan Reynolds talks about Deadpool’s R rating and how it’ll hopefully lead to more edgier team movies too, like an R-rated X-Force film.

    (21) by Rob Keyes
  • X-Men: Rob Liefeld Says Jon Hamm is ‘Dream Future Cable Pick’

    X-Force co-creator Rob Liefeld has thrown his support behind Jon Hamm (Mad Men) to play Cable, should the X-Men spinoff movie get made.

    (36) by Rudie Obias
  • Rumor Patrol: Does X-Force Artwork Reveal The Movie’s Character Lineup?

    New concept art based on Jeff Wadlow’s X-Force movie script reveals a lineup that includes Cable, Warpath, Domino and more.

    (27) by Rudie Obias
  • New Bryan Singer X-Men Movie Shooting in Montreal For 2018 Release

    The Montreal studio where X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse were made will host Bryan Singer and co. again for a 2018 X-Men movie.

    (130) by Rob Keyes
  • How Deadpool Fits in X-Men Universe and What Comes Next

    Deadpool’s writers and director talk about fitting into the X-Men universe and their hopes for introducing Cable in the sequel.

    (20) by Rob Keyes
  • 10 Hidden Details in Superhero Movies

    With decades of comic book history to draw on, these are just a few of our favorite superhero blockbuster easter eggs, references and more.

    (24) by Andrew Dyce
  • After ‘Deadpool’, Ryan Reynolds Wants to Join ‘X-Force’ With Cable

    Ryan Reynolds hopes to see ‘Deadpool’ in an ‘X-Force’ movie under the leadership of Cable, and we explore the potential future of the X-Men franchise.

    (32) by Rob Keyes
  • Can An X-Men Movie Reboot Succeed Without Marvel?

    Rumor is that Fox will soon reboot the X-Men movie universe – but we wonder if a Marvel Studios connection needed for a move like that?

    (168) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Hugh Jackman Putting Wolverine Claws Back On Just ‘One Last Time’

    Hugh Jackman shares a photo of him sporting Wolverine claws and reveals he’s playing the chracter ‘just one last time’ in the X-Men movies.

    (87) by Rob Keyes
  • Over 40 DC & Marvel Movies Will Hit Theaters In The Next 6 Years [Updated]

    With Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios announcing years worth of theatrical release dates, we take a look at ALL of the DC and Marvel films coming between now and 2020.

    (411) by Rob Keyes
  • Did ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Change Fox’s ‘X-Force’ Movie Plans?

    ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ is on the way, but Rob Liefeld hints that its announcement may have led to ‘X-Force’ being stalled or even cancelled.

    (115) by H. Shaw-Williams
  • Hugh Jackman Wants Another Stab At Wolverine Fighting Deadpool

    Hugh Jackman changes his tune and is looking forward to much more Wolverine in the future, and another chance at sharing the screen with Deadpool.

    (102) by Rob Keyes
  • Is ‘Wolverine 3′ The End of Hugh Jackman’s ‘X-Men’ Career?

    Hugh Jackman talks about his future in the ‘X-Men’ film franchise and hints that ‘Wolverine 3′ will be his last outing.

    (74) by Rob Keyes