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  • World War Z 2 Writer Offers Script Development Update

    Screenwriter Steven Knight (Eastern Promises) has completed his first script draft for the upcoming World War Z movie sequel.

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  • ‘World War Z’ Sequel Arrives in 2017; ‘Big Fat Greek Wedding 2′ Opens in 2016

    The ‘World War Z’ sequel will arrive mid-217, while ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2′ will face ‘Batman v Superman’ when it opens in 2016.

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  • ‘World War Z’ Sequel Starting with a ‘Clean Slate’, Aiming for 2016 Release

    The ‘World War Z’ sequel may begin shooting this year, and writer Steven Knight says he’s working from a ‘clean slate’ on the globe-trotting zombie film.

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  • ‘World War Z’ Sequel Gets an Oscar-Nominated Screenwriter

    Oscar-nominee Steven Knight (Eastern Promises) has been recruited to write the ‘World War Z’ sequel, with Brad Pitt once again starring.

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