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  • How X-Men Origins: Wolverine Screwed Up Deadpool

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine did a lot of things wrong, but one of its biggest blunders was its poor portrayal of a live action Deadpool.

    (105) by Stephen M. Colbert
  • 12 Movies To Watch Before Deadpool

    The upcoming Deadpool movie promises to be violent, irreverent, and weird. To get ready, here are 12 movies to see before it hits theaters.

    (27) by Matthew Loffhagen
  • Channing Tatum Wants to Play Gambit in a Future ‘X-Men’ Film

    Channing Tatum has expressed an interest in playing Gambit in a future ‘X-Men’ film. But will the mutant character return to the big screen anytime soon?

    (111) by Robert Yaniz Jr.
  • Movie News Wrap Up: ‘Transformers 4,’ ‘Star Trek 2,’ ‘The Hobbit’, & More

    A ‘Resident Evil’ actress joins ‘Transformers 4,’ how Abrams and Co. kept the ‘Star Trek’ villain a secret, Peter Jackson teases an end for ‘The Hobbit,’ and more in this week’s wrap up.

    (8) by Anthony Taormina