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  • 12 Non-Superhero Movies You Didn’t Know Were Based On Comic Books

    Not every comic book movie is superhero-based, and we’ve found twelve movies that you may not know where based on comic books.

    (22) by Paul Young
  • Whiteout Review

    Short version: While far from perfect, Whiteout does manage to keep you guessing until the end and ultimately doesn’t leave you feeling ripped off. Screen…

    (45) by Paul Young
  • Screen Rant’s 2009 Fall Movie Preview

    Sure, Summer blockbuster movie season is over, but you might be surprised at the great films left to see this year.

    (26) by Mike Wilkerson
  • New Posters: Saw VI, Extract, Gamer & Lots More

    Question: What do the movies Saw VI, Extract, Gamer, A Serious Man, Whiteout, The Hole, and Law Abiding Citizen have in common? They all have…

    (31) by Ross Miller
  • ‘Whiteout’ Trailer Brings the Heat

    Ahh the clear white snow of virgin trailers here at Screen Rant… Last week’s pre-Comic-Con news brought us a full-fledged trailer for a new Kate-Beckinsale-filled…

    (20) by Mike Wilkerson