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  • 14 Most Controversial TV Finales of All Time

    It can be hard to reach the fans’ expectations in the end. Love them or hate them, here are the most controversial TV Finales ever.

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  • 15 Best TV Weddings of All Time

    TV weddings are often considered to be just as valuable, emotional, and iconic as the ones that we attend in our real lives. So we take a look at some of television’s best fictional weddings!

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  • Weekly TV Wrap Up – July 2nd 2009

    Today we’re going to talk a little bit about House’s next season, plus casting news about Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty. We’ve got contract news…

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  • Weekly TV Update – April 23rd, 2009

    It is Thursday yet again. How’s your week been so far? We’re doing good here at Screen Rant. Today we’re chatting a little about CBS’s…

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  • Weekly TV Wrap Up – January 29, 2009

    Here is yet one more edition of Thursday’s Weekly TV Wrap Up on Screen Rant! This week we have news on new shows that FOX…

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