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  • 80s & 90s Cartoons that Could be Great Blockbuster Movies

    We take a look at 10 cartoon series from the 1980s and 1990s that could make for great live-action blockbuster movie adaptations.

    (290) by Ben Kendrick
  • James McAvoy Wants to Play Lion-O in a ‘ThunderCats’ Movie

    ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ actor James McAvoy wants to see ‘ThunderCats’ brought to the big screen and explains why he’d like to play Lion-O in the movie.

    (55) by Ben Kendrick
  • 9-Minute Preview of New ‘ThunderCats’ Cartoon Leaks

    The new ‘ThunderCats’ debut in less than a month, but a 9-minute demo reel has leaked beforehand. Check out new character designs and the new world of Thundara.

    (26) by Michael Crider
  • Complete Comic-Con 2011 TV Panel Schedule [Updated]

    Find out when and where your favorite television show will be appearing at Comic-Con 2011 with our complete guide to the TV panels.

    (7) by Anthony Ocasio
  • Cartoon Network Unleashes New ‘ThunderCats’ Trailer

    Cartoon Network debuted a new trailer for the revived ‘ThunderCats’ cartoon at WonderCon this past weekend. Does the new series measure up to the original?

    (26) by Michael Crider
  • ThunderCats Movie Footage is Dead on Arrival

    Despite being shelved, we’ve got a look at test footage from director Jerry O’Flaherty’s CGI ‘ThunderCats’ movie – raising the question: will we ever get a modern ThunderCats feature film?

    (56) by Ben Kendrick
  • New ThunderCats Animated Toy Offers First Look at Snarf

    Cartoon Network’s new ‘ThunderCats’ cartoon from Studio 4°C is on schedule for its 2011 premiere – toys included. Check out the latest box art of the Thunder Tank which includes a first look at Snarf.

    (29) by Ben Kendrick
  • New ‘ThunderCats’ Trailer, Concept Art And Synopsis [Updated]

    The cartoon reboot of ‘Thundercats’ is well on its way to production and Cartoon Network is giving fans a first look at the new character designs.

    (48) by Michael Crider
  • Fresh Details On The New ‘Thundercats’ Animated Series

    New details have emerged on the upcoming, reimagined, animated ‘Thundercats’ series for the Cartoon Network.

    (28) by Roth Cornet
  • New Thundercats Cartoon Series Coming Next Year…HO-O-O!

    Cartoon Network and WB Animation are bringing us a new version of the Thundercats cartoon. Check out the concept art and poster.

    (37) by Paul Young
  • Movies & TV Shows Geeks Pretend Don’t Exist

    Prepare to face the dark side as we revisit the painful memories of movies and TV shows so awful that many geeks refuse to acknowledge them.

    (143) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Thundercats Movie Still Alive? Script Details Emerge

    What appears to be a copy of the Thundercats movie script has hit the internet; Screen Rant confirms that two drafts have been turned in by writer Paul Sopocy.

    (62) by Paul Young
  • Thundercats Movie Not Happening?

    The last time we posted about the gestating Thundercats movie it was to reveal some early concept art for it, which (especially if you’re a…

    (21) by Ross Miller
  • A Look at the Delayed Thundercats Movie

    Another inevitable film that will arise from the classic 80s cartoons genre following the successes of Transformers (and undoubtedly next week’s G.I. Joe: The Rise…

    (17) by Rob Keyes
  • (Fan-Made) Thundercats Trailer! Ho!

    For those out their who have been eagerly awaiting for the upcoming Thundercats movie to arrive, we have a special holiday treat for you: the…

    (13) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Thundercats to the CGI Screen

    Find out the latest on the upcoming Thundercats movie

    (26) by Bruce Simmons