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  • 10 New Vampire Movies To Make You Forget About Twilight

    Suddenly vampires were moon-eyed teenagers spouting about love. Thankfully, a few vampire movies made it safe to be vicious and bloodthirsty again.

    (1) by Scout Tafoya
  • 15 Sexiest Horror Movies of All Time

    Films in the horror genre always seem to contain sex or nudity of some kind, but we compiled a list of 15 horror flicks that actually are sexy.

    (4) by Julia Tilford
  • 2010 Scream Award Nominations

    The 2010 Scream Awards nominations celebrate the more fan-friendly type of movies and TV shows than the Oscars and the Emmys.

    (29) by Ross Miller
  • Comic-Con Panel for Thirst: The Anti-Twilight?

    (This article was written by Screen Rant guest contributor Ryan Connors). As the crowd thinned out after the Kick-Ass panel (which really did kick-ass), only…

    (6) by Rob Keyes
  • Chan-wook Park’s Vampire Film ‘Thirst’ Gets U.S. Release Date

    Korean director Chan-wook Park’s latest film entitled Thirst has finally been given a U.S. release date by Focus Features, the studio which owns the U.S….

    (5) by Ross Miller