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  • The Whole Truth Exclusive: Keanu Reeves Explains Why People Lie

    The Whole Truth sees the release of an exclusive clip that features Keanu Reeves as a lawyer, explaining why people always lie under oath.

    by Sean K. Cureton
  • Canceled Or Renewed: 2010 TV Status Update Guide

    Unsure about the fate of your favorite show? We’ve put together a comprehensive list detailing which series will return and which have already been canceled.

    (53) by Anthony Ocasio
  • The Whole Truth Series Premiere Review & Discussion

    Can ABC’s new legal drama, ‘The Whole Truth,’ live up to their promises of bringing a new kind of legal drama to television? Or, is it the typical procedural drama in a different wrapper?

    (30) by Anthony Ocasio
  • Fall TV 2010: New Shows Preview & Premiere Dates

    We take a look at over 20 new TV shows premiering this fall, including Hawaii Five-0, No Ordinary Family, The Event and Undercovers, to let you know which series are a hit… or a miss.

    (22) by Anthony Ocasio