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  • The Walking Dead Season 6: So That Happened. But Did It Really?

    The Walking Dead delivers its first shocking death of season 6, in a devastating moment that nonetheless feels dubious.

    (132) by Kevin Yeoman
  • The Walking Dead: Comics vs. TV Character Guide

    Learn how the primary characters in AMC’s The Walking Dead differ from their counterparts in Robert Kirkman’s comic book series.

    (9) by Gregg Katzman
  • 12 Best Episodes of The Walking Dead

    With Season 6’s premiere last Sunday, Screen Rant takes a look back at the 12 Best Episodes of The Walking Dead!

    (37) by Casey Haney
  • The Walking Dead Finds an Interesting Way to Mask the Show’s Sameness

    The Walking Dead delivers a familiar storytelling beat, but also tries to turn the corner on revealing a bigger, more interesting picture.

    (53) by Kevin Yeoman
  • The Walking Dead: 10 Reasons the TV Show Is Better Than the Graphic Novels

    How did the “Walking Dead” television series make a good story out of the terrible comic books? Let’s count the ways.

    (101) by Marc N. Kleinhenz
  • The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman Reveals The Character He Won’t Kill

    Which Walking Dead character does series creator Robert Kirkman now say he could never kill off? The answer may surprise you.

    (76) by Michael Kennedy
  • 10 Underrated Zombie Movies as Good as The Walking Dead

    Can’t get enough blood, guts and brains on TV with The Walking Dead – then check out these 10 underrated zombie films.

    (44) by Paul Young
  • The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere Makes a Spectacle of Itself (In a Good Way)

    The Walking Dead season 6 begins with a self-assured premiere that goes big on spectacle in a surprisingly effective way.

    (153) by Kevin Yeoman
  • 10 Hidden References in Amazing TV Shows

    Sometimes the people making TV shows are the ones looking for opportunities to reference their own favorite series – here are some of our favorites!

    (5) by Molly Freeman
  • Robert Kirkman: Walking Dead Season 6 Is Most Intense Yet

    The Walking Dead series creator Robert Kirkman discussed the tone of season 6, Negan’s introduction, and the success of Fear The Walking Dead.

    (10) by Alice Walker
  • 10 Facts You Need To Know About The Walking Dead

    ‘The Walking Dead’ is one of TV’s biggest hits and continues to get bigger with every season. As the new batch of episodes get closer, this a look behind the scenes at some of its most interesting facts.

    by Jack Grant
  • Fear the Walking Dead Producer: Walking Dead Crossover ‘Isn’t Logical’

    Fear the Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd has addressed why a crossover with The Walking Dead simply isn’t practical for the zombie shows.

    (59) by Matthew MacNabb
  • 10 Things We Want To See In Fear The Walking Dead Season 2

    That’s a wrap on the Season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead. We’re pumped for the next season, but here are some ways the show can improve. Check it out!

    (18) by Jared Canfield
  • 12 Best Moments From Fear The Walking Dead Season 1

    This Sunday ‘The Walking Dead’s’ spin-off, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ wraps its first season on AMC and this is a look back at the best moments from its run.

    (20) by Jack Grant
  • Zombies, Vampires and Stockbrokers: New TV & Movies Available To Stream

    It’s finally October, and with that here’s a look at the best horror-centric and genre-based offerings on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

    by Rob Trench
  • The Walking Dead Season 6 Promo; Andrew Lincoln On Rick’s Mindset

    Andrew Lincoln teases that Rick may be (marginally) tamer in The Walking Dead season 6, though promos for the season seem to suggest otherwise.

    (3) by Eliana Kirshenblat
  • The Walking Dead Season 6 Featurette Teases What’s On the Way

    A new featurette for The Walking Dead Season 6 shares the cast and crew’s expectations for what the characters will face next.

    (7) by Matthew MacNabb
  • The Walking Dead Season 6: Tom Payne Cast As ‘Jesus’

    Tom Payne (Waterloo Road) will bring comic book character Paul ‘Jesus’ Monroe to life on The Walking Dead season 6.

    (19) by Conner Schwerdtfeger
  • 5 TV Plot Holes That Might Never Be Explained

    Not every question raised by a TV show gets a satisfying answer. These plot holes and mysteries don’t ruin the fun – but they’re hard to ignore.

    (18) by Andrew Dyce
  • Walking Dead Season 6 Using Digital Effects for Scarier Zombies

    Reports from The Walking Dead producers say season 6 zombies are so decayed, certain effects need to be created digitally.

    (10) by Eliana Kirshenblat