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  • The Walking Dead Producer on the Internet-Melting Season 6 Finale

    Walking Dead executive producer David Alpert recently spoke about the season 6 finale, saying it will ‘melt the Internet.’

    (15) by Kevin Yeoman
  • Bruce Campbell on How Ash Would Defeat Superman, Batman & More

    Does Bruce Campbell believe that Ash could defeat either Batman or Superman in a fight? Yes he does, and they’re not the only ones.

    (12) by Michael Kennedy
  • The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln Discusses Negan’s Big Entrance

    The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln discusses the highly anticipated debut of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the villainous Negan.

    (9) by Matthew MacNabb
  • The Walking Dead’s Negan Gets Teaser Photo

    Negan will finally debut on The Walking Dead during the season 6 finale. Check out a new poster teasing his arrival.

    (15) by Sarah Moran
  • The Walking Dead Works Hard to Set Up That Finale

    The Walking Dead puts the survivors in danger and teases another possible death as it heads towards an inevitable finale.

    (65) by Kevin Yeoman
  • The Walking Dead Season 6: First Look at Negan and Lucille

    A new promo for the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead teases the imminent arrival of arch-villain Negan and his ‘sidekick’ Lucille.

    (43) by Matthew MacNabb
  • The Walking Dead Creator Talks Negan’s Season 6 Finale Debut

    Robert Kirkman has discussed Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s debut as the villainous Negan in the upcoming finale to The Walking Dead season 6.

    (5) by George Simpson
  • The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Details Reportedly Leaked

    A new report suggests the ending of The Walking Dead season 6 will leave fans in an uproar and clamoring for season 7.

    (124) by Kevin Yeoman
  • The Walking Dead Will Stay ‘Faithful’ To Negan’s Comic Book Entrance

    The Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple promises a version of Negan that will honor the character’s intimidating presence in the comics.

    (59) by Matthew MacNabb
  • The Walking Dead: 12 Characters Most Likely To Die By The End of Season 6

    The end of the sixth season is drawing near and everyone wants to know who won’t make it. Negan is coming, so who will he be taking down?

    (32) by Brock Cooper
  • Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 3 Debuts In 2016

    Telltale has announced plans to begin season 3 of its hit Walking Dead game series later in 2016. p

    (7) by Peter Harris
  • The Walking Dead Proves Winning Streaks Always Come to an End

    After a string of good episodes, The Walking Dead serves up a disappointing installment that hints at an ongoing weakness in the series.

    (36) by Kevin Yeoman
  • The Walking Dead: 12 Differences Between The Comics and The TV Series

    How do the characters from the television series compare to their comic book counterparts?

    (16) by Margaret Maurer
  • The Walking Dead: Steven Yeun Teases ‘Awesome’ Negan Arrival

    Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun teases the arrival of the series’ next big bad – Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

    (25) by Sarah Moran
  • The Walking Dead Questions Who Has the Power in the Next World

    The Walking Dead looks at what Rick and his survivors have become by looking at them through a different set of eyes.

    (33) by Kevin Yeoman
  • The Walking Dead Getting Year-Round Attraction at Universal Studios

    Universal Studios Hollywood has announced an all-new year-round attraction based on AMC’s The Walking Dead, which is set to open in Summer 2016.

    (1) by Adele Ankers
  • 12 Most Irritating Fake-Out Deaths on TV

    What’s worse than saying goodbye to a character you care about? When your fav is fine and their death was all just a ruse to bring in ratings.

    by Christopher Isaac
  • The Walking Dead: Rick The Destroyer Is Now Making House Calls

    Rick and the rest of his crew go on the offensive against the Saviors in a solid, action-packed episode of The Walking Dead.

    (19) by Kevin Yeoman
  • The Walking Dead Fan Calculates Total Number of People Left Alive On Earth

    A Walking Dead fan calculated the number of people still alive in the show’s universe — it’s a staggeringly low number.

    (68) by Michael Kennedy
  • The 12 Stages of Your Love/Hate Relationship With The Walking Dead

    Despite the roller coaster ride of excitement and gradual lagging in episodes, you can’t help but look forward to The Walking Dead. Right?

    (2) by Chrissy Bobic