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  • 10 Scariest Post-Apocalyptic Scenarios

    With Fear the Walking Dead on the bleak horizon, we’ve been thinking a lot about whether or not we’d really want to survive the apocalypse.

    (9) by Adam Pockross
  • Our Apocalypse Survival Movie Dream Team

    The apocalypse has taken center stage in films around the world. If it strikes us, here are the movie heroes we’d want at our side.

    (41) by Andrew Dyce
  • ‘The Road’ Review

    ‘The Road’ examines a three-part history of murder and supernatural terror connected to one cursed stretch of road. Is the film a bold spin on a familiar story, or a forgettable B-movie? Read our review.

    (8) by Kofi Outlaw
  • 2010 Scream Award Nominations

    The 2010 Scream Awards nominations celebrate the more fan-friendly type of movies and TV shows than the Oscars and the Emmys.

    (29) by Ross Miller
  • DVD/Blu-ray Breakdown: May 25, 2010

    There isn’t a lot to look at in the Breakdown of DVD and Blu-ray releases this week, but what is coming is sure to appeal to a variety of fans.

    (4) by Mike Eisenberg
  • 2010 Oscar Race Update: Producers Guild & SAG Award Winners

    This past weekend the race for 2010 Oscar got just a bit more debatable, with some surprise winners walking away from both the Producers Guild…

    (2) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Poster Friday Pt.1: Avatar, The Road & Tons More!

    Happy Friday everyone! For our first Friday of of the last month of 2009, and our biggest Poster Friday collection ever (separated into two parts),…

    (12) by Rob Keyes
  • The Road Review

    The Road taps the power, beauty and horror of Cormac McCarthy’s novel and gives us a movie that is both gorgeous and gut-wrenching.

    (70) by Kofi Outlaw
  • The Road Behind The Scenes Featurette

    My favorite book of last year has become my favorite film of this year. I’m talking of course about the big-screen adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s…

    (6) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Poster Friday: Youth in Revolt, Invictus, Heavy Metal & More!

    Happy Friday everyone! For the last Friday of October before Halloween weekend, we’ve again gathered the latest posters to come out for this week’s poster…

    (7) by Rob Keyes
  • Weinstein Employees Not Immune To Job Loss

    I’m sure the Weinstein Brothers have told their employees which ones are being let go, because finding out via a movie blog that you need…

    (5) by Paul Young
  • Viggo Mortensen To NOT Quit Acting

    Collider recently caught up with acclaimed actor Viggo Mortensen (A History of Violence) during the premiere of his upcoming film The Road at the Toronto…

    (12) by Kofi Outlaw
  • TIFF 2009 Must See Films: ‘Get Low’, ‘Precious’ & ‘The Road’

    The madness continues at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival. The talk of the festival right now is the performance of Oscar-winner Robert Duvall in…

    (11) by John Foote
  • Screen Rant’s 2009 Fall Movie Preview

    Sure, Summer blockbuster movie season is over, but you might be surprised at the great films left to see this year.

    (26) by Mike Wilkerson
  • ‘The Road’ Delayed…Yet Again

    (Sigh) Slash Film has learned from sources at Dimension Films that the big-screen adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road will be delayed, yet again –…

    (15) by Kofi Outlaw
  • New Posters: The Road, 2012, Where The Wild Things Are & More!

    Happy Friday everyone! Today we have gathered the latest biggest and best posters for this week’s poster round-up. Screen Rant’s wall this week now includes…

    (11) by Rob Keyes
  • The Road: New Clips & An Early Review

    A whole bunch of new clips from the big-screen adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s (No Country For Old Men) Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Road have appeared…

    (7) by Kofi Outlaw
  • The Weinstein Company Tampered With ‘The Road’ Trailer

    What was added to the trailer for The Road to convince you to go see it, but misrepresents the film?

    (34) by Kofi Outlaw
  • First Trailer for ‘The Road’ Misses The Mark

    One of my favorite books of the last few years has to be Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, the story of a father and son’s harrowing…

    (27) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Viggo Mortensen To Quit Acting?

    Now this may seem like another April Fool’s joke, but as the date of this article will tell you, it’s not. It appears that Lord…

    (22) by Ross Miller
  • Charlize Theron Is A Tourist

    All has been quiet on the Tom Cruise future project front lately, however have no fear! We finally have an update! Charlize Theron is “in…

    by Niall Browne
  • New Photos From ‘The Road’

    Some brand new photos from the upcoming movie adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Road have hit the web and Screen Rant has…

    (12) by Kofi Outlaw
  • New (Dirty) Pic From The Road

    There’s a new photo of Viggio Mortensen and young Australian actor Kodi-Smit McPhee from the upcoming film adaptation of author Cormac McCarthy’s already-classic (and stunning)…

    (10) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Mid-Week Movie News Wrap Up – Oct. 16, 2008

    I swear that one day I’ll get this out on a Wednesday. This week: Dick Donner talks The Goonies 2; the film version of The…

    (7) by Niall Browne
  • First Photos From The Road

    New pictures from Cormac McCarthy’s The Road hit the web, and it’s looking good

    (24) by Kofi Outlaw