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  • The Leftovers Season 3 Will Move to Australia

    The Leftovers, HBO’s critically acclaimed drama from Damon Lindelof is heading down under for its third and final season.

    (4) by Kevin Yeoman
  • Critics’ Choice Awards 2016: Mad Max: Fury Road and Fargo Win Big

    Check out the list of winners for the 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards. Did your favorites make the grade?

    (20) by Becky Fuller
  • 15 Best TV Performances of 2015

    With 2015 at an end, let’s take a look at the best television performances of the year!

    (5) by Megan Walsh
  • Screen Rant’s Top 5 Favorite TV Shows of 2015

    The Screen Rant editors chime in with the TV shows that were their personal favorites in 2015. See how your favorites match up with ours!

    (130) by Kevin Yeoman
  • The Leftovers Renewed For Season 3, But It Will Be The Last

    HBO has announced the “third and final” season of The Leftovers, from novelist Tom Perotta and Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof.

    (7) by Jeremy Clymer
  • The Leftovers Makes Believers Out Of Everyone With Its Outstanding Season 2 Finale

    The Leftovers brings its exceptional second season to a close with a terrific, tension-filled hour that is beautiful nonetheless.

    (20) by Kevin Yeoman
  • The Leftovers Sets Up A Surprising Endgame

    As it approaches the season 2 finale, The Leftovers switches perspective once more, adding another layer of character to an already outstanding season.

    (6) by Kevin Yeoman
  • The Leftovers Seeks Answers in a Risky But Engaging Episode

    The Leftovers seeks answers to questions posed last week by going somewhere it has never gone in one of the series’ riskiest and exciting episodes.

    (9) by Kevin Yeoman
  • The Leftovers Explores Desperation and Last Resorts

    In a fast-paced episode of The Leftovers, Kevin finds himself struggling to be free of his situation, only to wind up caught time and again.

    (7) by Kevin Yeoman
  • Death Note: Leftovers Star Margaret Qualley in Talks to Join the Cast

    The Leftovers star Margaret Qualley is in talks for the female lead in Adam Wingard’s latest horror film, Death Note.

    (16) by Robert Yaniz Jr.
  • The Leftovers Plays the Blame Game in a Compelling Place-Setting Episode

    Nora and Erika take center stage in another strong episode of The Leftovers that explores the need to seek understanding by assessing blame.

    (8) by Kevin Yeoman
  • The Leftovers: Another Chapter in the Life and Times of Matt Jamison

    The Leftovers takes another unflinching look into the life of Matt Jamison, which is bolstered by the performance of Christopher Eccleston.

    (8) by Kevin Yeoman
  • 10 Most Underrated HBO Shows

    HBO is known for great original programming, but here are 10 shows that haven’t received the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

    (48) by Daniel Johnson
  • The Leftovers Relives the Terror of Its Premise

    Another terrific episode of The Leftovers digs deeper into its characters’ headspaces by exposing them to their worst fears.

    (3) by Kevin Yeoman
  • The Leftovers Continues to Surprise in Season 2

    In its third episode, The Leftovers steers away from its new setting to visit Laurie Garvey and remind everyone the Guilty Remnant still exists.

    (10) by Kevin Yeoman
  • The Leftovers Looks at Season 2 From a New Perspective

    The Leftovers asks a fundamental question of one of its main characters, lending the season a sense of focus amid all the mystery.

    (7) by Kevin Yeoman
  • The Leftovers Season 2: A Very Good Show Flirts with Becoming a Great One

    The Leftovers is given an overhaul in season 2 that improves the show without losing everything that made it special in the first place.

    (12) by Kevin Yeoman
  • The Leftovers Season 2 Trailer #2 & Poster: A Miracle Gone Wrong

    HBO’s The Leftovers season 2 gets a new trailer, indicating the ‘fresh start’ for those left behind might not be what it appears.

    (1) by Robert Yaniz Jr.
  • ‘The Leftovers’ Season 2 Trailer: A Town Called Miracle

    ‘The Leftovers’ season 2 gets a full-length trailer that introduces the town of Miracle, which may not be as blessed as its name suggests.

    (5) by Sean K. Cureton
  • ‘The Leftovers’ Season 2 Teaser Heads to Texas

    HBO has released the first teaser for ‘The Leftovers’ season 2, offering a glimpse at a Texas town that experienced zero departures.

    (6) by Michael Kennedy