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  • The Knick Season 3: Cinemax Discussing How the Series ‘Might Continue’

    Cinemax has reportedly ordered a script and outline for season 3 of The Knick, the acclaimed hospital drama from Steven Soderbergh.

    (12) by Hector Cruz
  • The Knick Season 2 Recovers From a Case of Sophomoritis With an Ambiguous Finale

    After a season of diffuse story lines, The Knick wraps up season 2 with a dark, ambiguous finale that leaves the series’ future in question.

    (6) by Kevin Yeoman
  • Why You Should Be Watching The Knick

    Though its prospects for a third season are slim, The Knick is still around for another four weeks, and it’s better than ever.

    (30) by Alan Randolph Jones
  • The Knick Season 2 Remains a Singular Viewing Experience

    With season 2 of The Knick, director Steven Soderbergh maintains the show’s impressive singular vision, and attempts to take it a step further.

    (1) by Kevin Yeoman
  • Emmys 2015 Predictions: Who Will Win and Who Should Win

    Who should win and who will win, at the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards? Screen Rant takes a swing at predicting the winners.

    (15) by Kevin Yeoman
  • TV News Wrap-Up: Prison Break Star Open to Return, The Knick Season 2 Trailer & More

    Sarah Wayne Callies may return to Prison Break, Mary Elizabeth Winstead joins BrainDead, Cinemax releases a new trailer for The Knick and more.

    (2) by Agustin Guerrero
  • 2015 Golden Globes Award Winners List – Did Your Favorites Win?

    Check out the complete list of winners for the 2015 Golden Globes Awards ceremony. Did your favorite movies and/or TV shows walk away victorious… or empty-handed?

    (45) by Sandy Schaefer
  • The Best TV Shows of 2014 – ‘Broad City’, ‘Happy Valley’ & More

    As the year winds to a close, we count down the best television series of 2014.

    (47) by Kevin Yeoman
  • 2015 Golden Globes Nominations: ‘Boyhood’, ‘Birdman’ & ‘True Detective’

    Did you favorite movie/TV show get recognized by the Hollywood Foreign Press? Read the full list of nominations for the 72nd Golden Globes and find out.

    (36) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘The Knick’ Season 1 Finale Review – Blood Making & Blood Breaking

    Season 1 of ‘The Knick’ comes to a close with many of its characters finding they can go deeper than rock bottom in episode 10: ‘Crutchfield.’

    (3) by Kevin Yeoman
  • ‘The Knick': Desperate Hours

    Thackery continues to suffer from withdrawal, while various members of the hospital staff gather to help him in ‘The Knick’ season 1, episode 9: ‘The Golden Lotus.’

    (3) by Kevin Yeoman
  • ‘The Knick': Rest Your Bloodshot Eyes

    Thackery’s personal and professional addictions become apparent in the wake of a drug shortage in ‘The Knick’ season 1, episode 8: ‘Working Late a Lot.’

    (4) by Kevin Yeoman
  • ‘The Knick’ Undergoes a Character Transformation

    After a cop is killed, an angry mob sweeps through the city and the hospital in ‘The Knick’ season 1, episode 7: ‘Get the Rope.’

    (6) by Kevin Yeoman
  • ‘The Knick': I Can Do Strange Things

    Discoveries are made that serve medical science, as well as formerly hostile relationships in ‘The Knick’ season 1, episode 6: ‘Start Calling Me Dad.’

    (2) by Kevin Yeoman
  • ‘The Knick': Allow Me to A-cyst You

    Thackery and Edwards learn a little something about and from one another in ‘The Knick’ season 2, episode 5: ‘The Capture the Heat.’

    (1) by Kevin Yeoman
  • ‘The Knick': Can the Pig Be Less of a Swine?

    Lucy Elkins takes an interest in Dr. Thackery’s extracurricular activities, while the tension between Edwards and Gallinger rises in ‘The Knick’ season 1, episode 4: ‘Where’s the Dignity?’

    (1) by Kevin Yeoman
  • ‘The Knick’ Handles the Unexpected

    The limitations of science and of society are examined as characters work to overcome obstacles in very different ways in ‘The Knick’ season 1, episode 3: ‘The Busy Flea.’

    (2) by Kevin Yeoman
  • ‘The Knick': From the Outside Looking in

    Thackery and the rest of the hospital staff are up against obstacles that go beyond the surgical in ‘The Knick’ season 1, episode 2: ‘Mr. Paris Shoes.’

    (5) by Kevin Yeoman
  • ‘The Knick’ Series Premiere Review – A Bloody Good Time

    Steven Soderbergh and Clive Owen bring the ambition and the horrors of early 20th century medicine to television in the new Cinemax series ‘The Knick.’

    (2) by Kevin Yeoman
  • TV News Wrap Up: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Final Season Teaser, ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Promo & More

    ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and ‘Sleepy Hollow’ teasers are released; Cinemax renews ‘The Knick’ for season 2; FOX cuts the final season of ‘Glee’ to 13 episodes; and more.

    by Daniel Johnson