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  • 15 Most Ridiculous Horror Movies Ever Made

    Take a look at Screen Rant’s list of some of the most ridiculous horror movies ever made for less scary, more weird alternative Halloween viewing.

    (27) by Andy Crump
  • 9 Reasons M. Night Shyamalan Is a Great Filmmaker

    M. Night Shyamalan has gotten a bad rap – not without good reason – but there’s actually much more to the filmmaker than meets the eye.

    (41) by Marc N. Kleinhenz
  • What’s Happened To M. Night Shyamalan?

    We look back over the past 15 years of M. Night Shyamalan’s filmmaking career, in hopes of figuring out how it has veered so far off course.

    (225) by Sandy Schaefer
  • 2008 Razzie Award Nominees Anounced

    The Oscars attempt (emphasis on the word, “attempt”) to recognize cinemas greatest achievements each year. The Razzies, on the other hand,  recognize cinema’s greatest underachievements…

    (23) by Kofi Outlaw
  • End Of Year Discussion – December 31, 2008

    It’s Wednesday so it’s time for our weekly open discussion, but as it happens this one is hitting on the last day of 2008! Can…

    (91) by Vic Holtreman
  • Review: The Happening

    Find out if ‘The Happening’ puts director Shyamalan back on top or continues his losing streak

    (31) by Vic Holtreman
  • Red Band ‘The Happening’ Trailer Wants To Prove It’s Rated R

    There’s a gory new trailer out for M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘The Happening’

    (12) by Vic Holtreman