Latest 'The Forever War' News

  • Channing Tatum to Headline ‘Forever War’ Film Adaptation

    Multiple studios are vying to acquire ‘The Forever War’, the classic sci-fi book adaptation that has Channing Tatum attached to star.

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  • ‘Wolverine 3′, ‘Fantastic Four 2′, ‘Taken 3′ and More Get Release Dates

    20th Century Fox has set release dates for ‘Wolverine 3′, ‘Taken 3′, ‘Fantastic Four 2′, an untitled Marvel film, a Ridley Scott feature, and more!

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  • Ridley Scott Talks ‘Prometheus 2′, ‘Blade Runner 2′, ‘Exodus’ and ‘The Forever War’

    There are several Ridley Scott projects in development right now, starting with ‘Exodus’ scheduled for release in 2014. Read to learn what film may follow.

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  • Ridley Scott’s ‘Forever War’ Adaptation Lands ‘All You Need Is Kill’ Writer

    Ridley Scott has been looking to adapt Joe Haldeman’s sci-fi novel ‘The Forever War’ for almost 30 years. The project is now being scripted by Dante Harper.

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