Latest 'the cobbler' News

  • Screen Rant’s Worst Movies of 2015

    We look back at the Worst Movies of 2015 to highlight the year’s unfunny comedies, not-very-scary horror movies, and snooze-inducing action films.

    (157) by Ben Kendrick
  • 13 Movie Endings That Angered Audiences

    The list that disappointment built. Explore with us some of the saddest excuses for movie endings the world has ever seen.

    (65) by Matt DiGiulio
  • ‘The Cobbler’ International Trailer: Adam Sandler Makes Magic Shoes

    Adam Sandler plays a cobbler who can transform into other people by wearing their shoes in the trailer for ‘The Cobbler’.

    (20) by Hannah Shaw-Williams
  • Movie News Wrap-up: ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay,’ Will Ferrell Prison Comedy & More

    ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ adds cast, the ‘Ninjago’ movie finds a director, Adam Sandler circles ‘The Cobbler,’ Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell prepare for prison & more!

    (1) by Anthony Taormina