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  • 10 Best Horror Movies Of The 1960s

    In the 1960s, horror sat right down next to the audience. It stopped being about the thing under the bed and became about the person next to…

    (2) by Scout Tafoya
  • ‘The Birds’ Remake from Platinum Dunes Gets a New Director

    Universal’s remake of ‘The Birds’ – from Michael Bay’s studio Platinum Dunes – will be helmed by Dutch director Diederik Van Rooijen.

    (13) by H. Shaw-Williams
  • ‘The Birds’ Remake Gets A New Director?

    The last time we reported on the completely unnecessary remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic The Birds, it looked to be dead on the ground, at…

    (11) by Ross Miller
  • ‘The Birds’ Remake Is (Hopefully) Not Happening

    It was reported ages ago that Hollywood was adding The Birds to their list of remakes. The idea of remaking Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 classic was…

    (17) by Ross Miller
  • Another Bad Remake Idea: The Birds

    (6) by Vic Holtreman