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  • Movie News Wrap Up: ‘Jem and the Holograms’, ‘Magic Mike 2′, and More

    ‘Magic Mike 2′ might have a new title, the ‘Jem and the Holograms’ movie starts filming soon, Key and Peele will produce ‘Police Academy’ and more!

    by Anthony Taormina
  • Movie News Wrap Up: April 14th, 2012

    Our wrap up of various movie news items we may have missed this week, including Ken Jeung joining Michael Bay’s ‘Pain and Gain'; Dwayne Johnson in ‘Lore,’ Adran Lyne directing John Grisham’s ‘The Associate,’ and more.

    (2) by Niall Browne
  • Tony Scott Can’t Decide What Film To Make Next

    It’s decision time for Tony Scott. Will the veteran director make The Associate, Hell’s Angels or Potzdamer Platz?

    (8) by Niall Browne
  • Mid-Week Movie News Wrap Up – Feb. 19, 2009

    This week: Get ready to meet the Little Fockers; Don Johnson burns Nash Bridges; Monahan helps Shia LaBeouf become an Associate; Warner Bros. lighten the…

    (3) by Niall Browne
  • Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: December 07, 2008

    It’s hard to believe that we are now into December. It seems like only yesterday I was talking about the big summer releases – and…

    (12) by Niall Browne