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  • 20 Great TV Shows Canceled After One Season

    TV shows come and go all the time, but some are gone too quickly. Screen Rant discusses 20 great TV shows that were only given one season.

    (496) by Kevin Yeoman
  • What Does ‘Veronica Mars’ Kickstarter Mean for Other Canceled TV Favorites?

    ‘Veronica Mars’ was resurrected by a revolutionary Kickstarter campaign, but should fans of dead shows like ‘Firefly’ and ‘Terriers’ pop champagne yet?

    (91) by Jason Tabrys
  • Shawn Ryan Bringing Back ‘Terriers’ as a TV Movie

    Producer Shawn Ryan recently revealed he’d like to revive the critically acclaimed, but canceled FX detective drama,’Terriers,’ in the form of a TV movie funded through Kickstarter.

    (25) by Kevin Yeoman
  • ‘Terriers’ put down: FX Cancels Show After First Season

    Despite critical acclaim and a small but dedicated fanbase, Shawn Ryan’s FX’s private-eye drama ‘Terriers’ has unfortunately been canceled after only a single season.

    (23) by Michael Crider
  • Fall TV 2010: New Shows Preview & Premiere Dates

    We take a look at over 20 new TV shows premiering this fall, including Hawaii Five-0, No Ordinary Family, The Event and Undercovers, to let you know which series are a hit… or a miss.

    (22) by Anthony Ocasio