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  • 15 DC/Marvel Superhero Team-Ups We’d Love To See

    With the two most famous comic publishers-Marvel and DC-having previously crossed over in comics already, here is Screenrant’s 15 DC/Marvel Team-Ups!

    (49) by Casey Haney
  • David S. Goyer Talks ‘Constantine’, Justice League Dark & DC TV Show Crossovers

    ‘Constantine’ writer and showrunner David S. Goyer discusses the possibility of more occult DC characters showing up on the series in the future.

    (13) by Sandy Schaefer
  • 8 Legendary Directors We Wish Could Have Made Comic Book Movies

    Dare to dream as Screen Rant presents a list of all-time great directors we wish could have made comic book movies – but definitely never will.

    (64) by Kyle Hembree
  • Our 10 Favorite Heroic Modernized Monsters

    Inspired by the release of ‘I, Frankenstein,’ Screen Rant counts down our favorite heroic reinterpretations of classic monsters from myths and movies.

    (23) by Kyle Hembree
  • ‘Swamp Thing’ Movie On Hold?

    According to Splice director Vincenzo Natali, a Swamp Thing movie won’t be happening anytime soon due to legal issues.

    (4) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘Splice’ Director Taking On Swamp Thing?

    The director of the upcoming sci-fi horror flick ‘Splice’ is interested in directing an adaptation of the comic book series ‘Swamp Thing’ as his next project.

    (1) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Producer Talks ‘Lobo,’ ‘Jonah Hex,’ ‘Swamp Thing’ and More

    Akiva Goldsman, the screenwriter/producer who has brought us such gems as Batman & Robin, Lost in Space, The Da Vinci Code, Hancock and I am…

    (5) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Swamp Thing Sludging Our Way In 3D!?

    Well it’s time once again to put on my cynical hat, a hat that I find myself reaching for more and more lately. It’s not…

    (12) by Paul Young