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  • Why You Should Watch The Adventures of Superman

    With Batman V Superman on the way, let’s take a fond look back at one of the most beloved versions of The Man of Tomorrow, The Adventures of Superman!

    (20) by Zak Wojnar
  • 10 Things You Need To Know About Lex Luthor

    Superman’s greatest foe, Lex Luthor is an evil genius with one of the greatest minds in all of comics. Learn more about the calculating killer here!

    (1) by Casey Haney
  • Geoff Johns Reveals That DC Comics: Rebirth is Not a Reboot

    DC’s mysterious hush-hush Rebirth comics event is apparently not a reboot, according to Geoff Johns – so what is it, then?

    (24) by Bob Chipman
  • Superman Has a New Power in DC Comics

    The Man of Steel gets another new upgrade to his super-arsenal in the latest big change for DC’s ongoing ‘Truth’ Superman comic book storyline.

    (41) by Bob Chipman
  • Superman: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Fortress of Solitude

    Check out some little-known facts about Superman’s famous Fortress of Solitude!

    (1) by Casey Haney
  • Batman V Superman: Biggest Test Screening Spoilers & Details

    Massive Batman V Superman plot spoilers have spilled out of a rumored test screening – we break it all down for fans who need to know!

    (140) by Andrew Dyce
  • 10 Ways That Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Could Disappoint Fans

    Comic book fans are divided over the Batman v Superman movie hype. Will the movie overcome these potential flaws, or will fans end up disappointed?

    (19) by Matthew Loffhagen
  • Who Did It Better? Supervillain Casting Decisions

    Many iconic supervillains have been portrayed by different actors – let’s put ten of them side by side to determine who did it best!

    (15) by Megan Walsh
  • Stephen Amell: Batman and Superman Could Come to Arrow & The Flash

    Could Stephen Amell’s Arrow and Gran Gustin’s The Flash cross paths with Batman and Superman one day? Amell says it’s a possibility.

    (116) by Matthew MacNabb
  • Batman V Superman: Doomsday’s New Origin Explained

    The Batman V Superman trailer confirmed Doomsday, but fans likely missed the hints to his new origin – and how it ties back to Man of Steel.

    (272) by Andrew Dyce
  • Batman V Superman Trailer Analysis & Discussion

    There was far more revealed in the new Batman V Superman trailer than most fans will catch – let us break down the coolest hints and details.

    (227) by Andrew Dyce
  • 10 Villainous Versions of Superheroes

    All superheroes have enemies, but some have carbon-copies! Check out these 10 Superhero Counterparts!

    (2) by Casey Haney
  • 11 Weirdest Supergirl Stories

    It’s finally time for Supergirl to shine on her new CBS series, but let’s take a look at some of the stranger stories from her back catalogue…

    (15) by T Campbell
  • 25 Worst Movies in Film History

    For every award-contender, there’s a terrible movie to maintain balance in Hollywood. Here are our picks for the worst movies in film history.

    (154) by Ben Kendrick
  • Batman V Superman Producer Teasing Extended Director’s Cut?

    ‘Batman V Superman’s producer confirms new footage coming soon, hinting that an extended version of the movie could be planned as well.

    (78) by Kelly Kauffman
  • 10 Best Movies NEVER Made

    Who knew some of Hollywood’s most amazing movies and team-ups were scrapped before they even began filming?

    (20) by Andrew Dyce
  • Superman Will Return to the Supergirl TV Series

    Supergirl is about to get another visit from her super cousin, as the Man of Steel himself is featured in a new promo for an upcoming episode.

    (43) by Matthew MacNabb
  • 10 Great Scenes in Bad Superhero Movies

    Even inside some of the most terrible comic book movies ever made, there are scenes that are pure gold. Here are ten of the best.

    (44) by Stuart JA
  • 10 Craziest Items of DC Merchandise

    Rodent superhero capes to Batman-shaped water pistols : these are the pieces of DC merchandise too bizarre for even the most die-hard collector.

    by Stuart JA
  • Who Did It Better? 17 Superhero Casting Decisions

    When two actors play the same superhero, who comes out on top? Read on for 17 characters who have been played by multiple actors.

    (172) by Rose Moore