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  • 10 Other Superheroes Who Could Beat Superman

    The Man of Steel can be defeated by anyone with a certain radioactive meteor. But in a straight up fight, be sure to put your money on these guys.

    (38) by Mark Zambrano
  • Batman V Superman: How Zack Snyder Told One of Superman’s Greatest Stories

    In the Batman V Superman debate, one fact got lost: Zack Snyder actually gave the Man of Steel one of most ambitious stories in years.

    (416) by Andrew Dyce
  • 14 Best DC Movie Villains

    Some would say that a superhero is only as good as the supervillain that opposes them. DC clearly has some amazing heroes in their stable.

    (1) by Spencer Coriaty
  • 12 Characters Other Than Clark Kent Who Wore Superman’s Symbol

    Clark Kent isn’t the only person to proudly wear the famous S symbol on his chest. We list 12 other characters that have the same fashion sense.

    (5) by Ben Browne
  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Metropolis

    Everyone knows that Metropolis is Superman’s home, but how much is known about the city itself? Here are a few things you should know about Metropolis

    by Ben Browne
  • 12 Worst Superman Stories of All Time

    You may not be loving what Zack Snyder’s done with Superman so far, but these stories are far, far worse.

    (11) by T Campbell
  • 13 Characters Inspired By Superman

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Let’s just say Superman has been flattered a lot. Here’s a list of those Superman wannabes.

    (12) by Kevin Wilson
  • Bruce Campbell on How Ash Would Defeat Superman, Batman & More

    Does Bruce Campbell believe that Ash could defeat either Batman or Superman in a fight? Yes he does, and they’re not the only ones.

    (12) by Michael Kennedy
  • The Real Science Behind Superman’s Super Powers

    Love Superman but not sure how the Man of Steel gets his powers? We breakdown the real science (fiction) that fuels Superman’s coolest abilities.

    (8) by Ben Kendrick
  • Batman V Superman: Every Easter Egg & Hidden Detail

    We break down each and every Batman V Superman easter egg, comic book nod and reference to fully appreciate the Justice League set-up.

    (145) by Andrew Dyce
  • Batman V Superman: Justice League Cameos & Connections Explained

    Batman V Superman launches DC’s shared universe, but to grasp how much was revealed, let us to break down the Justice League cameos and connections.

    (41) by Andrew Dyce
  • Batman V Superman: Biggest Dawn of Justice Spoilers & Reveals

    Now that Batman V Superman has opened in theaters, we review the biggest spoilers, surprises, and reveals in Dawn of Justice.

    (63) by Ben Kendrick
  • All Of The Batman And Superman Movies, Ranked

    With Batman and Superman finally facing off on the big screen, we took on the task of ranking all of their individual films.

    (5) by Zak Wojnar
  • Coolest Superman Powers in Comic Books & Movies

    Superman is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC comic book universe but, after 80 years, which of the Man of Steel’s abilities are the coolest?

    (21) by Ben Kendrick
  • Cancelled Superman Video Game Footage Revealed

    Gameplay footage of a cancelled Superman game by developer Factor 5 reveals what could have been a rival to Batman’s Arkham series.

    (10) by Peter Harris
  • Batman V Superman: How the Dark Knight Wins Even if He Loses

    With fans wondering who will win in the battle between Batman V Superman, we suggest how the Dark Knight will still win even if he loses the fight.

    (45) by Ben Kendrick
  • How Superman Returns Screwed up the Man of Steel

    Bryan Singer’s take on the Big Blue Boyscout was a let down in more ways than one. We took a look back at where the movie went wrong.

    (170) by Jack Delaney
  • Why You Should Watch The Adventures of Superman

    With Batman V Superman on the way, let’s take a fond look back at one of the most beloved versions of The Man of Tomorrow, The Adventures of Superman!

    (20) by Zak Wojnar
  • 15 Hip-Hop Artists With Superhero Alter-Egos

    It’s a bird… It’s a plane… No, it’s… Your favourite rapper with a superhero alter-ego!

    (5) by Jack Delaney
  • 12 Moments That Changed Comic Book History

    These twelve moments, whether they happened within the comic universe or in the “real” world, are ones that forever altered the future of comics.

    (3) by Rose Moore