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  • 30 Movies That Deserve A Sequel

    Hollywood makes a lot of bad sequels but here are 30 fan-favorite films that actually deserve a follow-up!

    (142) by Rob Keyes
  • 15 Best Space Operas That Aren’t Star Wars or Star Trek

    Star Wars and Star Trek are arguably the best space operas ever made, but what are some of the other great sci-fi epics?

    (58) by Rose Moore
  • ‘Stargate’ Reboot Finds Its Screenwriters

    Screenwriters Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods have reportedly signed on to pen the script for the ‘Stargate’ reboot, with Roland Emmerich back on board to direct.

    (49) by Robert Yaniz Jr.
  • Dean Devlin: ‘Stargate’ Movie Reboot is a Remake; Confirms ‘Independence Day 3′ on Hold

    Producer Dean Devlin confirms that ‘Independence Day 2′ and ‘3’ are not shooting back – and claims that the ‘Stargate’ reboot is actually a remake of the original!

    (22) by Ben Kendrick
  • A Million Ways to Die in the West – SR Underground Ep. 146

    We review ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West’ and discuss Edgar Wright leaving ‘Ant-Man’, a ‘Stargate’ movie reboot, as well as the ‘Reading Rainbow’ Kickstarter.

    (25) by Ben Kendrick
  • ‘Stargate’ Reboot To Be Directed By Roland Emmerich; Trilogy Planned

    A ‘Stargate’ reboot has officially been announced, with creators Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin at the helm of not just one film, but a brand new trilogy.

    (93) by Andrew Dyce
  • Now You’re Thinking with Portals: Our 10 Favorite World-Hopping Movies

    ‘Thor: The Dark World’ features jumping between the various alternate worlds of the Marvel Universe. Here are a few more of Screen Rant’s favorite movies about stepping through a portal and into another universe.

    (20) by Kyle Hembree
  • Roland Emmerich Planning ‘Stargate’ Movie Reboot, Possibly a New Trilogy

    Director Roland Emmerich is planning to reboot the ‘Stargate’ movie franchise, possibly giving rise to a new trilogy of films down the line.

    (83) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Dean Devlin Gives an Update on ‘Independence Day 2′ & ‘Stargate’ Sequel

    ‘Leverage’ executive producer Dean Devlin gives an update on ‘Independence 2′ as well as expresses interest in a big screen sequel to ‘Stargate.’

    (71) by Ben Kendrick
  • NASA Announcement: In Which Alien Category Does It Belong?

    NASA made an announcement that they’ve found a new lifeform here on Earth which DOESN’T share our DNA – and that’s fantastic news. So let’s refresh our memories with a look at the various alien movie types.

    (72) by Paul Young
  • MGM/Propworx Official ‘Stargate’ Prop and Costume Auction

    Propworx and MGM will hold a massive auction this weekend for ‘Stargate’ fans everywhere. Join the event online and bid from your couch on iconic memorabilia.

    (6) by Mike Eisenberg
  • NBC’s Spin on Stargate Universe Ratings Falls Short

    All we ever hear from NBC when it pitches Stargate Universe is how it beat Stargate Atlantis in some fashion.  They keep trying to equate…

    (142) by Bruce Simmons
  • Sci Fi to Syfy: Syfy Has Its Best Year Ever

    When Dave Howe stepped up to the plate at Sci Fi, took the reigns of the network and started heading them towards their new future,…

    (55) by Bruce Simmons
  • Stargate Movie News: It Has A Working Title

    For most of this year, I’ve been hovering and watching for any news about any Stargate movies.  Various articles or snippets around the internet suggested…

    (55) by Bruce Simmons
  • What TV Shows Do You Want More Coverage Of?

    We here at Screen Rant are here to cater to you, the reader. Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to be bringing over any…

    (170) by Anthony Ocasio
  • Stargate Universe Premiere Overnight Rating Numbers

    We’ve been discussing our experiences about the Stargate Universe premiere in our review and discussion thread on Friday’s episode and I’ve been enjoying the different…

    (87) by Bruce Simmons
  • Stargate Universe Premiere: Review & Discussion

    The Stargate Universe premiere seems to have split peoples’ opinions – Some say it’s not Stargate at all, while others think it’s a great change of pace. What do YOU think?

    (106) by Bruce Simmons
  • Reminder: Stargate Universe Premieres Tomorrow

    Dust off your portal, dial in the symbols and make sure the seventh chevron is locked (sometimes it sticks) because Friday, October 2nd marks the…

    (19) by Anthony Ocasio
  • Stargate Universe Sneak Peek Preview

    A 4 minute sneak peak from the premiere of Stargate Universe has been released by Syfy. It’s a moment in the show when the attack…

    (9) by Bruce Simmons
  • Amanda Tapping Says Stargate SG-1 Movie Is A Go

    A few weeks back, I was rummaging around IMDB (The Internet Movie Database) working on a small task and I noticed something very interesting.  Actors…

    (16) by Bruce Simmons