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  • 10 Least Successful Science Fiction TV Spinoffs

    Sci-fi is a natural fit for spinoffs, this but not every new series can be ratings hit.

    (33) by Danijel Striga
  • Hopping Screens: The Best Movie to TV Adaptations

    Movies that become TV shows can be a disaster – but they can also be great. We look at 10 great shows that were once films.

    (23) by Michael Kennedy
  • ‘Stargate Universe’ Series Finale Review & Discussion

    The latest and possibly last entry in Syfy’s Stargate franchise concludes tonight. Does ‘Stargate Universe’ end with a solid episode, or does it leave the franchise hanging?

    (500) by Michael Crider
  • Syfy Spring Lineup: SGU Ends, ‘Sanctuary’ Returns & Terminator Reruns

    Syfy announced their spring lineup up with the final 10 episodes of ‘Stargate: Universe’ airing in March and ‘Sanctuary’ returning in April.

    (19) by Michael Crider
  • SyFy Cancels ‘Stargate Universe’

    Today, after much speculation, SyFy revealed that they will not be picking up ‘Stargate Universe’ for a third season. Will the Destiny crew receive a proper sendoff?

    (212) by Anthony Ocasio
  • Exclusive: Stargate Universe Images & Video For “Awakening”

    Check out our exclusive images and behind-the-scenes video for tomorrow’s episode of ‘Stargate Universe’ as well as a sneak peak clip.

    (6) by Rob Keyes
  • SyFy Channel Episode Previews: ‘Stargate Universe’ ‘Caprica’ & ‘Ghost Hunters’

    Look at clips from upcoming episodes of the SyFy Channel series ‘Stargate Universe’, ‘Caprica’ and ‘Ghost Hunters’.

    (25) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Stargate Universe Season 2 Premiere Review & Discussion

    ‘Stargate Universe’ returns with its premiere of season 2 tonight. Read our review and see why you need to watch to learn more about the power struggles aboard the Ancient ship known as the Destiny.

    (20) by Rob Keyes
  • New Stargate Universe Season 2 Trailer & Clip

    A second trailer and a new clip from the first episode of ‘Stargate Universe’ season 2 have been released by Syfy to prep you for tomorrow’s premiere.

    (13) by Paul Young
  • Stargate Universe Season 2 Trailer

    The official trailer for ‘Stargate Universe’ season 2 has been unveiled by Syfy and it’s a must-watch.

    (13) by Rob Keyes
  • Stargate Universe Season 2 Will Have Many Awesome Guest Stars

    ‘Stargate Universe’ season 2 brings in a plethora of talented and recognizable TV stars to play familiar faces of old, to entirely new characters.

    (8) by Rob Keyes
  • Comic Con 2010: Stargate Universe

    Robert Carlyle, Ming Na and David Blue dish out on what is in store for season 2 of Stargate Universe and even talk about a bit about season 3.

    (26) by Paul Young
  • Stargate Universe/Stargate: Atlantis Crossover Confirmed

    Some of the characters of Stargate: Atlantis will be making their way over to Stargate Universe in its second season.

    (30) by Rob Keyes
  • Comic-Con 2010 Friday Schedule: Our TV Panel Picks

    We examine the Day Two schedule for Comic-Con 2010. Check out our TV panel picks for Friday, July 23rd.

    (1) by Anthony Ocasio
  • NBC’s Spin on Stargate Universe Ratings Falls Short

    All we ever hear from NBC when it pitches Stargate Universe is how it beat Stargate Atlantis in some fashion.  They keep trying to equate…

    (142) by Bruce Simmons
  • Sci Fi to Syfy: Syfy Has Its Best Year Ever

    When Dave Howe stepped up to the plate at Sci Fi, took the reigns of the network and started heading them towards their new future,…

    (55) by Bruce Simmons
  • Syfy Renews Stargate Universe For a 2nd Season

    Knowing how everyone is in love with Stargate Universe, I thought I’d share the news that Syfy has given the green light for a 2nd…

    (36) by Bruce Simmons
  • Stargate Universe Ratings: The Story Unfolds

    Fans of the prior Stargate TV shows are leaving the latest series, but are new fans coming in to take their place?

    (228) by Bruce Simmons
  • Stargate Movie News: It Has A Working Title

    For most of this year, I’ve been hovering and watching for any news about any Stargate movies.  Various articles or snippets around the internet suggested…

    (55) by Bruce Simmons
  • Syfy Has Historic Month Of October Ratings

    Syfy had themselves a record-setting month in October. The 5th season of Ghost Hunters is averaging 3 million viewers. The much debated Stargate Universe is…

    (11) by Bruce Simmons