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  • Star Wars 8: Bel Powley Rumored for Key Role

    A Star Wars 8 rumor indicates actress Bel Powley is in the running to replace Gugu Mbatha-Raw as one of the film’s new female leads.

    (68) by Chris Agar
  • Star Wars: 10 Funniest Moments in The Force Awakens

    Before The Force Awakens, Star Wars fans had to endure a lot of humor befitting a lowly nerf herder. But Episode VII boasts some real comedy!

    (9) by Kevin Wilson
  • Star Wars 7: J.J. Abrams Responds to New Hope Rip-Off Claims

    In a recent interview, J.J. Abrams responds to criticisms that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a ‘rip-off’ of Star Wars: A New Hope.

    (171) by Mike Jones
  • Star Wars 9: Fans Petition for George Lucas to Direct

    Star Wars fans have signed an Internet petition to get George Lucas to replace Colin Trevorrow as the director of Star Wars: Episode IX.

    (240) by Chris Agar
  • Star Wars 7: TR-8R Stormtrooper Backstory and Name Revealed

    Learn the story behind “TR-8R,” the stormtrooper who fights Finn on Takodana in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.

    (43) by Chris Agar
  • Star Wars 7: 10 Things From The Force Awakens That Were Inspired By The Expanded Universe

    The Force Awakens borrows a lot of ideas from the Expanded Universe. Here’s 10 references to Star Wars books, games and comics found in the new movie.

    (25) by Matthew Loffhagen
  • SR Pick: Star Wars 7 Gets A Chinese Theme Song & Music Video

    Ahead of the Chinese release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, pop sensation Lu Han has released a theme song and music video for the film.

    (11) by Becky Fuller
  • Rumor Patrol: Star Wars: Rogue One Story & Character Details Revealed

    A new (unconfirmed) report hints at what Star Wars fans should expect from the Galaxy Far, Far Away’s first spin-off movie, Rogue One.

    (45) by Ben Kendrick
  • Box Office Prediction: Star Wars 7 vs. The Revenant

    Our box office predictions for the weekend of January 8 – 10, 2016, where Star Wars: The Force Awakens faces off against The Revenant.

    (14) by Chris Agar
  • Star Wars 7 Tops Avatar’s U.S. Box Office Record

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens has surpassed Avatar at the U.S. box office and aims to top James Cameron’s film at the global box office too.

    (48) by Mike Jones
  • 10 Star Wars 7 Spoiler Rumors We Wish Were True

    With ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ in theaters, we know false spoilers from real ones – but we wish these 10 rumors had been true.

    (78) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Star Wars 7: Samuel L. Jackson Shares His Force Awakens Thoughts

    Samuel L. Jackson recently shared his thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens with plenty of his characteristic snark and skepticism.

    (53) by Sean K. Cureton
  • Hasbro Will Add Rey to Star Wars Monopoly

    Hasbro has announced a future edition of Star Wars Monopoly will include Rey, after the character’s exclusion from the board game caused controversy.

    (25) by Chris Agar
  • 10 Reasons To Watch The Star Wars Prequels Before The Force Awakens

    There is light to be found in these films! Let’s see why the prequels are worth watching before The Force Awakens! Let the hate flow through you.

    (14) by Casey Haney
  • Star Wars 7 Cable TV Rights Land At Starz

    Starz has landed the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premium cable TV rights, though the film may stream on Netflix in Canada.

    (6) by Molly Freeman
  • Meet The New Actor Playing Chewbacca Alongside Peter Mayhew

    Peter Mayhew, the actor responsible for our favorite friendly fuzzball, had some help playing Chewbacca during Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

    (43) by Andy L. Kubai
  • New Star Wars 7 IMAX Poster Teases Lightsaber Duel

    The fourth Star Wars: The Force Awakens IMAX poster from AMC Theaters features the lightsaber duel between Finn and Kylo Ren on Starkiller base.

    (49) by Chris Agar
  • 10 Amazing Movie Scenes You’ve Never Seen

    Some of our favorite movies almost ended completely different – but would these alternate scenes or endings have been better or worse?

    (9) by Andrew Dyce
  • 10 Most Impractical Movie Weapons

    Someone really didn’t think these weapons through.

    (10) by Stuart JA
  • Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer to Debut With Captain America 3?

    A new rumor indicates that the first Star Wars: Rogue One trailer will be attached to Captain America: Civil War this summer.

    (17) by Chris Agar