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  • Director Bob Orci Says ‘Star Trek 3′ Story Is Part of the 5-Year Mission

    ‘Star Trek 3′ director Roberto Orci talks about the future of the starship Enterprise, teasing new antagonists on the crew’s 5-year mission.

    (55) by Anthony Vieira
  • ‘Star Trek 3′, ‘Transformers 5′ & More Planned for 2016 Release

    ‘Star Trek 3′, ‘Hansel and Gretel 2′, ‘Transformers 5′ and ‘G.I. Joe 3′ are just a few of the sequels that Paramount has lined up for 2016.

    (41) by H. Shaw-Williams
  • ‘Star Trek 3′: Roberto Orci is Set as Director

    Roberto Orci is reportedly set to direct the next ‘Star Trek’ installment, after having co-written the last two films in the series – good news?

    (75) by Sandy Schaefer
  • The 10 Greatest Chairs in TV & Film History

    Heroes and villains are all well and good, but what if their furniture is even more iconic? Check out our favorite movie and TV chairs to see what we’re on about.

    (33) by Andrew Dyce
  • Will Roberto Orci Direct ‘Star Trek 3’?

    A new report suggests that writer Roberto Orci could be a frontrunner for the ‘Star Trek 3′ movie director’s chair.

    (35) by Ben Kendrick
  • Our 10 Favorite Killer A.I.’s in Movies

    With the darker side of artificial intelligence playing a role in several upcoming films, we look back at the best AI villains in film.

    (55) by Andrew Dyce
  • 10 Movie & TV Weapons We Want Science To Create

    As science marches on, we dare to dream: could our favorite movie and TV weapons be made real before long?

    (40) by Andrew Dyce
  • 12 Awesome Movie Technologies We Want Science to Actually Create

    Movies dream-up a lot of cool science fiction devices and ideas. Here are 12 that we actually want scientists to create.

    (47) by Paul Young
  • ‘Jack Ryan’ Interview: Lorenzo di Bonaventura Talks Chris Pine Casting & ‘Star Trek’ Comparisons

    Screen Rant chats with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura on the set of ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ about its stars and other potential Tom Clancy reboots.

    by Niall Browne
  • ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ Interview: Chris Pine on Playing A Hero

    Screen Rant visits the set of ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ and chats with star Chris Pine about the reboot and potential sequels.

    (1) by Niall Browne
  • ‘Attack the Block’ Director Joe Cornish Won’t Helm ‘Star Trek 3′

    Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) is no longer in contention to direct ‘Star Trek 3′; who will captain the U.S.S. Enterprise’s next mission?

    (28) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘Star Trek 3′ Gets Three Writers; Aiming for 2016 Release Date

    Roberto Orci is still co-writing ‘Star Trek 3′, but his partner Alex Kurtzman has been replaced by two newcomer writers – good news?

    (115) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘Star Trek Into Darkness': Why J.J. Abrams Regrets Khan Secrecy

    In a recent interview, J.J. Abrams made some comments about why he wishes he hadn’t been so secretive about the identity of the villain of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’.

    (63) by Andy Crump
  • J.J. Abrams Talks ‘Almost Human'; Says CBS Not Interested in ‘Star Trek’ TV Show 

    J.J. Abrams talks about the future of ‘Almost Human,’ and a ‘Star Trek’ TV show.

    (34) by Anthony Vieira
  • ‘Attack the Block’ Director Joe Cornish Being Considered for ‘Star Trek 3′

    ‘Attack the Block’ director Joe Cornish is rumored to be Paramount’s top contender to direct ‘Star Trek 3.’ Does he have the experience needed to take over the franchise?

    (70) by Rob Frappier
  • New York Comic-Con 2013 Recap – SR Underground Ep. 113

    We recap New York Comic-Con 2013 and discuss new ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ rumors as well as the possibility of a new ‘Star Trek TV’ show.

    (26) by Ben Kendrick
  • Roberto Orci Meeting With CBS For New ‘Star Trek’ TV Show [Updated]

    Writer and producer Bob Orci confirms inquiring to CBS about the rights for ‘Star Trek’ to potentially bring a new television series to the small screen.

    (283) by Rob Keyes
  • Thor 2: Alan Taylor Compares Malekith to ‘Star Trek’ Villain

    Director Alan Taylor discusses and compares the motivations of Malekith the Accursed in ‘Thor: The Dark World’. Is he working for someone else?

    (26) by Rob Keyes
  • Spoiler Alert: Is Franchise Filmmaking Killing Dramatic Tension?

    With the recent announcement of Lucas Black signing on for three future ‘Fast & Furious’ installments, we analyze the lack of dramatic tension in several big budget franchises, why it’s a problem, and what can be done to fix it.

    (69) by Chris Agar
  • The New Sci-Fi Boom: 10 Best Sci-Fi Films of The Last 5 Years

    In honor of Neill Blomkamp’s highly-anticipated film, ‘Elysium’, we offer our picks for the best science-fiction movies of the last 5 years.

    (183) by Chris Agar