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  • 15 Best Space Operas That Aren’t Star Wars or Star Trek

    Star Wars and Star Trek are arguably the best space operas ever made, but what are some of the other great sci-fi epics?

    (58) by Rose Moore
  • Star Trek Into Darkness: Damon Lindelof Admits Khan Secrecy Was a ‘Mistake’

    Star Trek Into Darkness co-screenwriter Damon Lindelof speaks to the ‘mistake’ that was trying to mask Benedict Cumberbatch’s role as Khan.

    (42) by Sean K. Cureton
  • 10 Amazing Movie Clues You Missed

    Everyone loves a shocking twist or surprise ending, but you won’t believe some of these clues and hints dropped in hit movies.

    (32) by Andrew Dyce
  • J.J. Abrams: Star Trek Into Darkness Had Too Many Wrath of Khan Nods

    J.J. Abrams admits that the Wrath of Khan references were an issue with Star Trek Into Darkness, and discusses his love of lens flares.

    (86) by Rudie Obias
  • 10 Movies That Stole Their Sets From Other Films

    You won’t believe how many of your favorite movies reused the same iconic sets and locations – and you’ll never miss them again!

    (15) by Andrew Dyce
  • 12 Most Controversial TV Episodes Ever Aired

    Television can be a sensitive subject for many. Here are 12 episodes of TV that startled the nation.

    (67) by M. Carter
  • 13 Most Offensive Pieces of Movie & TV Merchandise

    Human Centipede families, Death of Spock tree ornaments and Twilight… well, all kinds of Twilight. The 13 most tasteless pieces of TV & Movie merch!

    (1) by Rose Moore
  • Star Trek: The Complete Guide to the Movie & TV Series

    With a new “Star Trek” on the horizon, it’s time to recap all 30 seasons, 727 episodes, and 13 films.

    (18) by Marc N. Kleinhenz
  • J.J. Abrams Reflects on Star Trek Into Darkness Problems

    J.J. Abrams recently remarked on certain past failures leading up to Star Wars, including problems experienced in making Star Trek Into Darkness.

    (96) by Sean K. Cureton
  • Movies That Stole Footage From Other Films

    It turns out not every movie moment is an original – sometimes it’s faster, easier or cheaper to just steal a shot from another movie.

    (36) by Andrew Dyce
  • New Star Trek TV Show Officially in the Works for 2017 Premiere

    CBS has confirmed that a new Star Trek TV show is being developed, with Alex Kurtzman executive producing and a 2017 premiere in mind.

    (127) by Jason Hamilton
  • 10 Most Powerful Movie Villains

    Movies villains! They’re not just diabolically evil with a capital ‘E’, they’re hugely entertaining too. Here’s ten of the meanest.

    (52) by Tim Butters
  • 10 Movies That Actually Predicted The Future

    ‘Back to the Future 2’s date of October 2015 has finally arrived: where does it rank in movies that actually predicted future technology?

    (18) by Andrew Dyce
  • Star Trek the Cruise Sold Out; Final Cabin Set Aside for Contest

    Star Trek the Cruise sold out faster than warp ten, but one lucky fan can still win a chance to beam aboard the last available cabin.

    (6) by James Roberts
  • 10 Hidden References in Amazing TV Shows

    Sometimes the people making TV shows are the ones looking for opportunities to reference their own favorite series – here are some of our favorites!

    (5) by Molly Freeman
  • 10 Hilarious Rip-offs Of Hollywood Movies

    When a blockbuster movie takes American box offices by storm, overseas rip-offs follow close behind. Here are some of our favorite foreign rip-offs.

    (28) by Andrew Dyce
  • Star Trek Beyond Release Date Moves Back 2 Weeks

    Director Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond will arrive slightly later in 2016, so that more IMAX theaters will be available when it launches.

    (7) by Matthew MacNabb
  • 10 Most Lovable TV Doctors

    Love ’em or hate ’em, doctors are everywhere on TV. Here are the ten we love.

    (1) by L Adams
  • Star Trek Axanar Fan Film Raises $500,000 on IndieGoGo

    Axanar, the fan-funded return to form for Star Trek, has officially raised over $1 million via various crowd funding efforts.

    (43) by James Roberts
  • Star Trek Beyond Behind the Scenes Video Teases New Alien

    Simon Pegg and the rest of the Star Trek Beyond cast reveal new mysterious alien creature teased in their latest Omaze set video.

    (15) by Alice Walker