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  • Star Trek: Axanar Project Enlists Legal Defense Against CBS

    After Paramount and CBS filed a lawsuit against the production of Star Trek: Axanar, Alec Peters of Axanar Productions has enlisted legal defense.

    (225) by Chris Agar
  • Star Trek Beyond Set Videos Offer New Details & ‘Retro’ Uniforms

    A set visit to Star Trek Beyond reveals new retro uniforms and a few other interesting secrets from the upcoming film.

    (37) by Andy L. Kubai
  • 10 Amazing Movies You Won’t Believe Were Made

    Every blockbuster sparks a wave of imitators. And as these foreign movies prove, sometimes the knockoff is even better than the original.

    (6) by Andrew Dyce
  • Star Trek: CBS Has No Creative Control Over New Streaming Series

    CBS Entertainment’s new president, Glen Geller, reveals the network’s surprising hands-off approach to its streaming service and new Star Trek series.

    (108) by Valerie David
  • 10 Most Impractical Movie Weapons

    Someone really didn’t think these weapons through.

    (16) by Stuart JA
  • No William Shatner Appearance in Star Trek Beyond

    Despite being reportedly written in Star Trek Beyond’s original script William Shatner confirms that he will not return as old Captain Kirk.

    (38) by Rob Keyes
  • Star Trek: Axanar Team Issues Response to Paramount & CBS Lawsuit

    According to an official statement from Star Trek: Axanar executive producer Alec Peters, Paramount Pictures and CBS sued without warning.

    (140) by Sean K. Cureton
  • Star Trek: Axanar Production Being Sued By Paramount & CBS

    Paramount Pictures and CBS are suing the crowdfunded Star Trek: Axanar production over a claim relating to copyright infringement.

    (61) by Sean K. Cureton
  • 10 Movies That Stole Sounds From Other Films

    Who says movie easter eggs are seen, not heard? We bet you didn’t catch these famous movie sound effects reused in newer films!

    (1) by Andrew Dyce
  • 10 Worst Episodes of Great TV Series

    This list is a look back on some of those episodes that were subpar in comparison to the rest of the show’s entries in an otherwise fantastic series.

    (7) by Bobby Anhalt
  • 10 Best Movie Prequels of All Time

    Movie sequels can go only so far before hitting diminishing returns. Hence: the movie prequels! Here are some of the better ones.

    (10) by Danijel Striga
  • 13 Characters Who Were Rejected by Audiences

    Viewers had little time for these annoying characters, from dull doppelgangers to bothersome bad guys, bumbling blondes to bumbling amphibians.

    (10) by Kevin Wilson
  • 10 Special Effects Fails in Popular Movies

    Even big budget films can suffer from bad special effects. Here are the worst of the worst from big budget movies.

    (5) by Molly Freeman
  • Star Trek Beyond Director On the Film’s Trailer & Idris Elba’s Villain

    Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin discusses the movie’s trailer and teases the alien villain Krall (played by Idris Elba).

    (76) by Sandy Schaefer
  • 10 Biggest Clues from the Star Trek Beyond Trailer

    Our very first analysis of what the “Star Trek Beyond” experience will have in store for audiences next summer.

    (62) by Marc N. Kleinhenz
  • 10 Great Movies Inspired By Star Wars

    Star Wars has influenced many directors and film-makers since it was released, inspiring compelling characters and stories across genres!

    (4) by Margaret Maurer
  • Star Trek Beyond Teaser Trailer: Find Hope in the Impossible

    The first Star Trek Beyond trailer highlights alien friends and foes that the Enterprise crew encounter in Justin Lin’s action-packed installment.

    (298) by Sandy Schaefer
  • 11 Reboots That Reinvigorated a Franchise

    This list celebrates the reboots that got it right, and in the process, successfully reinvigorated their respective franchises.

    (1) by Bobby Anhalt
  • Star Trek Beyond Trailer to Premiere with Star Wars 7

    Star Trek Beyond is slated to have its first trailer attached to prints of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens in theaters.

    (39) by Sandy Schaefer
  • 10 Hidden Movie Cameos You Missed

    You wouldn’t believe just how many movie cameos from A-list stars you’ve missed in some of your favorite movies. Find them all here!

    (13) by Andrew Dyce