The Spectacular Spider-Man (2017)

Not Yet Rated
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
release date
Jon Watts
Tom Holland



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    All in all, this movie feels like a step in the right direction for the rebooted Spider-Man franchise – hopefully leading to better installments in the future.

    (234) by Sandy Schaefer
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    As a film seeking to justify its own new beginning, Amazing Spider-Man ends up being a solid relaunch, rather than a good or (wait for it) amazing one.

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Plot details are unknown at this time, but the film will be the first solo Spider-Man vehicle in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the new iteration of the character is introduced in a prior MCU production. Marvel and Sony are said to be looking for a young Peter Parker, and reports have indicated that Tony Stark will appear to test Spider-Man and see if he’s ready to be an Avenger. Art work is from the 2002 Spider-Man film.