Latest 'spider-man 6' News

  • Marc Webb Consults James Cameron about Spider-Man 3D

    Could Spider-Man end up looking like the Na’vi? Marc Webb talks to James Cameron about how to film the Spider-Man reboot in 3D.

    (28) by Paul Young
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks Spider-Man Reboot

    With (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb being selected as the man in charge of helming the Spider-Man reboot, one of the first and…

    (32) by Rob Keyes
  • Spider-Man Reboot Budget & Origins

    It was just announced but it needs to get going ASAP, some Spider-Man reboot details are already surfacing.

    (48) by Rob Keyes
  • Confirmed: Marc Webb is Directing Spider-Man Reboot

    Despite mixed feelings towards the rushed reboot of Sony’s Spider-Man franchise, it is happening. Spider-Man 4 was canned and a reboot is on its way,…

    (16) by Rob Keyes
  • Tobey Maguire as Bilbo in The Hobbit? Just Wait

    Now that Spider-Man 4 has come to an end and the rumors have finally seized for that franchise… oh wait, they’re rebooting the rumor mill…

    (12) by Rob Keyes
  • Spider-Man 4 & Reboot Updates: Taylor Lautner?

    Hello Marvel Movie fans! (I’m going to avoid using the term “Marvelites”). With Iron Man 2 kicking off this summer, Thor officially in full production…

    (63) by Rob Keyes
  • Spider-Man Reboot: The Votes Are In

    The delays and rumors surrounding the production of the next Spider-Man and the disagreements between director Sam Raimi and Sony Pictures led to Spider-Man 4…

    (27) by Rob Keyes
  • Marc Webb To Direct Spider-Man Reboot? [Updated]

    It’s looking like it’s down to two directors for the Spider-Man reboot, and they couldn’t be more different from each other. Which one would YOU pick?

    (59) by Rob Keyes
  • Story For Spider-Man Reboot Already Exists

    The major news item yesterday was the shocking but not-too-surprising report and confirmation that Spider-Man 4 was cancelled. No Sam Raimi, no Tobey Maguire, no…

    (60) by Rob Keyes
  • Spider-Man 4 Cancelled! [Updated]

    All rumors floating around Spider-Man 4 can be laid to rest: It’s dead – but there’s something to replace it.

    (220) by Rob Keyes
  • Confirmed: Spider-Man 4 Delayed [Updated]

    There have been all kinds of rumors floating around Spider-Man 4 – here’s some official news at last.

    (59) by Rob Keyes
  • Spider-Man 4 To Feature A Certain Red-Haired Baby…

    I bet your Spidey sense is tingling from that headline and your first thought may be that Mary Jane and Peter Parker spawn a love-child…

    (36) by Rob Keyes
  • Will Sam Raimi Direct Spider-Man 5 & 6?

    It’s been a big week for Sony’s Columbia Pictures and fans of the Spider-Man franchise. A mere week ago we found that the studio has…

    (45) by Rob Keyes
  • Venom Updates: How Will It Tie Into Spider-Man Franchise?

    SCI FI Wire had an exclusive interview with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writers behind next month’s Zombieland flick (which looks great!) and they…

    (64) by Rob Keyes
  • Writer Hired For Spider-Man 5 & 6

    According to Variety, James Vanderbilt has been picked up by Sony Pictures Entertainment to pen the scripts to another two Spider-Man films. What’s interesting about…

    (42) by Rob Keyes