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  • 16 Ways Spider-Man 3 Ruined The Character

    Spider-Man 3, aka “The one where Peter Parker shakes his hips, dances in a jazz club and wears emo bangs.” Yeah, we tried to forget about it, too.

    (2) by Jared Canfield
  • 10 Spoilers Hidden At The Start of Movies

    Moviegoers try to avoid spoilers as best they can, but sometimes the studio can’t contain themselves. Here are 10 films that spoil themselves.

    (20) by Chris Agar
  • 10 Great Scenes in Bad Superhero Movies

    Even inside some of the most terrible comic book movies ever made, there are scenes that are pure gold. Here are ten of the best.

    (44) by Stuart JA
  • Topher Grace Defends Spider-Man 3 and Director Sam Raimi

    Topher Grace, who played Eddie Brock/Venom in Spider-Man 3, has defended the film and its director Sam Ramie’s Spider-Man trilogy as a whole.

    (67) by Matthew MacNabb
  • 10 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

    With rumors of Avengers: Infinity Wars, Part 1 and 2 having $1 billion budget, we decided to take a look at the most expensive movies of all time.

    (4) by Margaret Maurer
  • 10 Superhero Movies You Don’t Need to Watch Twice

    Not every superhero movie deserves a second viewing – here are the 10 comic book films you probably only need to watch once during your lifetime.

    (178) by Paul Young
  • Sam Raimi Talks ‘Spider-Man 3′, Says It ‘Just Didn’t Work Very Well’

    Eight years after the film’s theatrical run, Sam Raimi is talking about where he thinks he went wrong making ‘Spider-Man 3′.

    (147) by Andy Crump
  • Final ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Posters Embrace a Darker Tone

    Comparing the final one-sheets of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ to its predecessors and the Sam Raimi trilogy, it’s clear the direction Sony and director Marc Webb desire to take the film.

    (40) by Rob Keyes
  • Could Villain in Spider-Man Reboot Be The Lizard?

    The villain for Sony’s 3D Spider-Man Reboot is rumored to be The Lizard but who will play him? It’s too bad Dylan Baker didn’t get the chance in Spider-Man 4.

    (61) by Rob Keyes
  • Confirmed: Marc Webb is Directing Spider-Man Reboot

    Despite mixed feelings towards the rushed reboot of Sony’s Spider-Man franchise, it is happening. Spider-Man 4 was canned and a reboot is on its way,…

    (16) by Rob Keyes
  • Spider-Man 4 & Reboot Updates: Taylor Lautner?

    Hello Marvel Movie fans! (I’m going to avoid using the term “Marvelites”). With Iron Man 2 kicking off this summer, Thor officially in full production…

    (63) by Rob Keyes
  • Spider-Man 4 Cancelled! [Updated]

    All rumors floating around Spider-Man 4 can be laid to rest: It’s dead – but there’s something to replace it.

    (220) by Rob Keyes
  • John Malkovich Confirms Vulture in Spider-Man 4?

    With the mess that is the delay and behind-the-scenes dispute over villains between Sony and director Sam Raimi, it looks like we just may have…

    (45) by Rob Keyes
  • Confirmed: Spider-Man 4 Delayed [Updated]

    There have been all kinds of rumors floating around Spider-Man 4 – here’s some official news at last.

    (59) by Rob Keyes
  • Spider-Man 4 Delayed?

    Yesterday was quite a day in the world of comic book movies with more viral marketing for Iron Man 2, the Iron Man 2 trailer…

    (60) by Rob Keyes
  • Spider-Man 4: Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin is Done

    In recent weeks, there’s been some chatter as to what characters, or more specifically, villains, we will see in the upcoming fourth installment to the…

    (48) by Rob Keyes
  • Is The Lizard Spider-Man 4’s Only Villain?

    According to our Spider-Man 4 villain poll, The Lizard is who you want in the next film – will you get your wish?

    (115) by Rob Keyes
  • Dr. Curt Connors Confirmed For Spider-Man 4

    Speculation, here we come! Dylan Baker, the actor who played the minor role of Dr. Curt Connors in the last two Spider-Man movies has confirmed…

    (50) by Rob Keyes
  • Will Sam Raimi Direct Spider-Man 5 & 6?

    It’s been a big week for Sony’s Columbia Pictures and fans of the Spider-Man franchise. A mere week ago we found that the studio has…

    (45) by Rob Keyes
  • Sam Raimi Discusses Spider-Man 4 Villains

    Sam Raimi has some ideas for the villain(s) in Spider-Man 4 – what about you?

    (158) by Rob Keyes