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  • Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane Offers Movie Reboot Update

    Spawn creator Todd McFarlane provides an update on the script for his planned feature film reboot of the comic book character and property.

    (22) by Sean K. Cureton
  • Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane Finishes New Movie Script

    Todd McFarlane reveals that he has finished a script for a new Spawn movie and hopes to be able to direct it as well.

    (36) by Jeremy Clymer
  • 11 Best Non-Marvel & DC Superheroes

    Despite Marvel & DC’s massive success, did you know that some of the greatest superheroes come from neither of them?

    (126) by Casey Haney
  • The Best Superhero/Supervillain Rivalries of All Time

    A great rivalry often makes for a great story, and these legendary arch-nemeses certainly prove that. Check out the very best comics has to offer.

    (48) by Corey Hutchinson
  • 12 One-Time Superhero Actors Who Never Got a Sequel

    Sometimes, a planned franchise falls apart after one film, so here’s a list of actors who never got to star in sequels to their own superhero movies.

    (49) by Alan Randolph Jones
  • The 25 Best Supervillain Movie Costumes

    Just because they’re bad doesn’t mean they can’t look fabulous – Here are the 25 best comic book supervillain movie costumes.

    (130) by Paul Young
  • ‘Spawn’ Reboot: Todd McFarlane Talks DIY Approach; Not Happy with Jamie Foxx

    We interviewed ‘Spawn’ creator Todd McFarlane about his intention to write, produce, direct and self-finance a movie reboot, but what could this plan mean for Spawn’s future?

    (152) by H. Shaw-Williams
  • Summer 2013 Movie Awards – SR Underground Ep. 107

    We present Screen Rant’s Summer 2013 Movie Awards, offer updates on the ‘Spawn’ movie, discuss which superhero we would kill-off in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ as well as answer listener e-mails.

    (51) by Ben Kendrick
  • ‘Spawn’ Reboot Aiming for 2014 Shoot; Will be a Horror Movie, Not a Superhero Movie

    ‘Spawn’ creator Todd McFarlane plans to begin filming in 2014, and says that he plans to make a horror movie rather than a big-budget superhero movie.

    (105) by H. Shaw-Williams
  • Confirmed: Jamie Foxx Wants to Play ‘Spawn’ in Movie Reboot

    It’s official: Jamie Foxx is not only interested in portraying ‘Spawn’ in a movie reboot, but is ‘aggressively pursuing’ getting the film off the ground.

    (135) by Andrew Dyce
  • Rumor Patrol: Karen Gillan’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Role is Angela from ‘Spawn’

    A new ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ rumor points to ‘Doctor Who’ star Karen Gillan playing a bounty hunter named Angela – who was originally featured in the comic book ‘Spawn.’

    (54) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Todd McFarlane Says an Oscar-Winning Actor is On Board For the ‘Spawn’ Reboot

    After offering an update on a ‘Spawn’ reboot, creator Todd McFarlane has hinted which actor may be chomping at the bit to play the indie comic icon.

    (91) by Andrew Dyce
  • Michael Jai White Wants to Return for a Hard-R Rated ‘Spawn’ Movie

    Michael Jai White (Mortal Kombat: Legacy) discusses why he’d like to reprise the role of Todd McFarlane’s ‘Spawn’ in a new live action movie – i.e. to produce a dark and violent take on the fan-favorite character.

    (27) by Ben Kendrick
  • Todd McFarlane Still Talking Spooky Indie ‘Spawn’ Movie

    The comic book ‘Spawn’ has reached its 200th issue, which means creator Todd McFarlane has yet another chance to talk about a new ‘Spawn’ movie.

    (33) by Kofi Outlaw
  • McFarlane Talks Indie Spawn Movie

    Todd McFarlane is once again talking up the possibility of a new Spawn movie, and it seems he’s serious about doing it through a small independent studio

    (33) by Ben Kendrick
  • Todd McFarlane Going Solo With Spawn 2?

    Todd McFarlane talks Spawn 2 revealing that he’s 80% done the script and that he’s willing to finance himself as an option of going the indie studio route doesn’t work out.

    (43) by Rob Keyes
  • Spawn Animated Series Update From Todd McFarlane

    Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has been talking A LOT lately about everything Spawn – a new Spawn movie (sort of), but more importantly, the Emmy-winning…

    (16) by Kofi Outlaw
  • New Animated Spawn Series Coming Next Year!

    In recent months, Screen Rant reported on some updates for the new Spawn feature film in development. One report was on the topic of who…

    (19) by Rob Keyes
  • Todd McFarlane Writing ‘Creepy, Scary’ New Spawn Movie

    Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has been talking about the next Spawn movie ever since the 1997 film adaptation of the popular comic book hit theaters….

    (35) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Todd McFarlane Wants Leonardo DiCaprio for ‘Spawn’ Reboot

    With films like The Dark Knight and Iron Man leading a new wave of successful and critically acclaimed comic book adaptations, it’s safe to say…

    (36) by Rob Frappier