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  • Snow White’s Sister Movie Rose Red Being Developed by Disney

    Disney is developing a live-action movie about Snow White’s sister, Rose Red, based on a pitch from the writer of Snow White and the Huntsman.

    (20) by Bob Chipman
  • Movie Theories That Completely Change Disney Films

    Fans of Disney’s universe have come up with some incredible theories to make the animated stories even more amazing – here are our favorites!

    (5) by Andrew Dyce
  • Recycled Movie Scenes in Disney Films

    There’s no one better at making magical movies than Disney – so why start from scratch when they can just reuse the same animations?

    (4) by Andrew Dyce
  • Dark Disney: The REAL Stories Behind Popular Disney Films

    Disney movies are known for having a happy ending, but some of the studio’s most famous animated fairy tales have some pretty dark origins.

    (18) by H. Shaw-Williams
  • ‘Snow White and the Huntsman 2′ Gets a Director Shortlist; May Arrive in 2016

    Universal is looking at some noteworthy candidates to direct the ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ sequel, which is now targeting a 2016 release.

    (16) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘Bourne 5′ in Active Development; ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Sequel by 2015?

    Universal Chairman Adam Fogelson says the studio is ‘actively working’ on ‘Bourne 5′, and intends to release the ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ sequel by 2015.

    (32) by Sandy Schaefer
  • 3 Problems With Fairy Tale Movies Like ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’

    Why have fairy tale movies like ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ and ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ failed to meet expectations? We narrow the issue down to 3 problems.

    (18) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘Bourne 5′ and ‘Snow White’ Sequel Updates; ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ in Summer 2014?

    Universal Chairman Adam Fogelson updates the next ‘Bourne’ movie, talks the ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ sequel and says ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ could release next summer.

    (27) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Kristen Stewart Confirms ‘Snow White and the Huntsman 2′ Return

    In a recent interview, Kristen Stewart expressed lively interest in reprising her role as Snow White in the upcoming sequel ‘Snow White and the Huntsman 2.’

    (60) by Kyle Hembree
  • Kristen Stewart In For ‘Snow White’ Sequel; Director Rupert Sanders Not Returning

    Kristen Stewart is reportedly set to return for the ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ sequel/spinoff. However, director Rupert Sanders will not be back.

    (29) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Sequel is Moving Forward

    Universal is moving ahead with a followup to ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’. The sequel is being written by David Koepp (Spider-Man) and will reportedly focus more on the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth).

    (44) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Disney Halts ‘Snow White’ Martial Arts Movie, ‘Order of the Seven’

    Walt Disney Pictures has indefinitely delayed the martial arts flick ‘Order of the Seven’, starring Saoirse Ronan (Hanna). Read on to learn more about the project, which was inspired by ‘Snow White’.

    (10) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Behind the Scenes Footage & Clips

    There is much to see in today’s roundup of ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ material, including new clips from the film and behind-the-scenes video of the movie’s epic production.

    (22) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Summer Movie Images & Posters: ‘G.I. Joe 2′, ‘Expendables 2′, ‘MIB3′, ‘Spider-Man’ & ‘Snow White’

    In this Summer movie image gallery, we have an ‘Amazing Spider-Man’, an edgier ‘Snow White’, action movie badasses together onscreen in ‘G.I. Joe 2′ and ‘The Expendables 2′ and more.

    (8) by Sandy Schaefer
  • David Koepp in Talks to Write ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Sequel

    Universal Pictures may recruit David Koepp (Jurassic Park, Spider-Man) to pen a sequel to ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, with the intention of bringing back Rupert Sanders to direct.

    (3) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Japanese Trailer & ‘Roll Call’ TV Spot

    Check out the latest international trailer and TV spot for ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, which proclaims ‘This is no fairy tale.’ Judging by the footage, that’s an accurate statement.

    (4) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Images & International Poster [Updated]

    The latest batch of ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ images – along with the French poster – offers a better look at the dark fairy tale adventure’s main players.

    (24) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘Snow White’ Sequel Could Focus More on the ‘Huntsman’

    Universal Chief Ron Meyer says that ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ could kick off a franchise, with future movies focusing on the latter character (played by Chris Hemsworth).

    (19) by Sandy Schaefer
  • New ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Featurette & ‘Dark Shadows’ TV Spot

    The latest behind-the-scenes clip for ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ focuses on the Evil Queen’s throne room, while the fourth ‘Dark Shadows’ TV spot offers a mix of Gothic horror and comedy.

    (3) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘Dark Shadows’, ‘Snow White’ and ‘Prometheus’ TV Spot Roundup

    Supernatural hijinks, fantastical dark adventure, and unnerving sci-fi horror are on display in the new 60-second TV promos for ‘Dark Shadows’ and ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, along with a third TV spot for ‘Prometheus’.

    (7) by Sandy Schaefer