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  • It’s Screen Rant’s 10th Anniversary!

    Screen Rant turns 10 years old! Join us for a look at our site over the years, and for a little history about the site.

    (142) by Vic Holtreman
  • Welcome To Screen Rant v5.0

    Just in time for Christmas, we’re rolling out a bright, shiny new Screen Rant for your enjoyment. :)

    (182) by Vic Holtreman
  • No, We Haven’t Been Ignoring You

    Here at Screen Rant we pride ourselves at having a personal touch when it comes to our visitors. We get involved in conversations in the…

    (11) by Vic Holtreman
  • Help Screen Rant Pick A New Tagline!

    We have a request to make to our loyal readers… When I started Screen Rant over six years ago, I never dreamed it would grow…

    (43) by Vic Holtreman
  • Screen Rant Is Upgrading To A New Comment System

    Hey folks, I just want to let you know that we’re upgrading to a new user comment tool. If comments seem to have vanished, don’t…

    (93) by Vic Holtreman
  • Screen Rant Featured on the JoBlo Podcast

    Well for the second time in as many weeks, I was invited to be a guest on another movie site’s podcast. Last time it was…

    by Vic Holtreman
  • Screen Rant on The Movie Blog Podcast

    Hey gang, yesterday John Campea of was kind enough to invite me to be a guest on his Movie Blog Podcast. John’s podcast is…

    (32) by Vic Holtreman
  • A Friendly Response To Variety’s (Anti-)Blogger Article

    Mike Fleming, one of the seasoned veteran entertainment reporters over at Variety posted an op-ed piece yesterday where he talked about the good, the bad…

    (26) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Screen Rant Technical Stuff

    Hey folks. We’re going through a transition here on the site so at some point tonight I’ll be shutting down commenting so that we don’t…

    (7) by Vic Holtreman
  • Love Screen Rant? Vote For Us!

    Well I’m not sure how this happened exactly, but has nominated Screen Rant as one of what they consider to be the five most…

    (26) by Vic Holtreman
  • Trying Out Google Friend Connect On Screen Rant

    In the interest of trying to increase the community feel here at Screen Rant, I’ve added Google Friend Connect to the right sidebar here on…

    (9) by Vic Holtreman
  • Perspectives On Running A Movie Website

    This has been percolating in the back of my mind for a while now – like an itch I couldn’t quite scratch, but today it…

    (19) by Vic Holtreman
  • Welcome to Screen Rant 2.0 (Beta)

    It may seem like we just went through a redesign, but that was not only not that different from the one before, but was purely…

    (31) by Vic Holtreman
  • Comments Going Offline For Site Upgrade

    Hey gang, just a quick note that the comment feature will be turned off at approximately 11AM PST / 2PM EST today so we can…

    (1) by Vic Holtreman
  • Another Server Move

    (4) by Vic Holtreman
  • Screen Rant Server Upgrade

    (3) by Vic Holtreman
  • Merry Christmas From Screen Rant

    (21) by Vic Holtreman
  • Screen Rant Site News

    (11) by Vic Holtreman